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Fatal Voyage (Temperance Brennan, #4) Investigating A Plane Crash In The Smoky Mountains In North Carolina, Forensic Anthropologist Temperance Brennan Discovers In A Most Disturbing Way That The Evidence Doesn T Add Up Tripping Over A Coyote Chewed Leg At The Crash Scene, She Performs A Little Mental Arithmetic And Realizes That This Victim Wasn T On The Plane Once Again, Brennan S High Tech DMORT Snaps Into Action Faster Than You Can Say Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team The Author Of Death Du Jour Serves Up Another Exquisite Meal.

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    This was not one of her better books got really bored with this one

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    My husband is a fan of the television show Bones and I inevitably end up watching the series with him I occasionally roll my eyes at the unlikely social ineptitude and maturity level of these scientists but it s fun to watch Oddly, my least favorite character is Temperance Brennan, while my favorite is Boothe Go figure Bac

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    This series just keeps getting better and better Reichs truly knows how to write a novel that keeps you trapped and glued to each page Tempe is a very down to earth character that is relentless at finding out what happened You literally feel all her emotions No matter how bad things seem, no matter how much it looks like anyone woul

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    I keep picking up this series because I like the show Bones Sadly I would say the show is nothing like the books They are completely different Makes me wonder if Kathy Reichs had anything to say about how the show went They basically took Brennan s name and occupation and made a completely different personality to go with what they wanted The

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    Eh The story was interesting, but I had trouble really getting into it Everything started out with such promise the opening few chapters drew me in quick unfortunately, as the pages turned, I grew less and less interested Partially, I guess, because I didn t really understand Dr Tempe Brennan, the main character, and partially because Kathy Reich s wri

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    Okay I will admit that I am a nightmare for reading books out of sequence its not something I go out actively looking to do but its just something I have a natural talent for, well this book is no different so it would seem, but I didn t plan it this way, honest.Well the book itself was picked up at random and even though I have followed the TV series which I kn

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    It s Dr Brennan vs the airplane crash Once again we get to meet an old acquaintance for the first last time When the woman s friends aren t in mortal danger, you can bet your booty that Brennan is You d think that perhaps she d take to carrying a gun We also get another encore of the needlessly complex fraught ridden relationship she has w Detective Ryan I m starting to w

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    I have read other books by Kathy Reichs and enjoyed them This one, however, I did not It has two main flaws 1 the plot is just too complicated Too many names and tiny details to remember After awhile, I didn t care 2 Time after time the running dialogue of single sentences spoken between two characters is written in such a way that you can t tell who is saying what I actually had t

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    Tempe is back, this time investigating an airplane crash I have to confess that I took particular creepy delight in reading Reichs fourth book while waiting for my flight to Las Vegas the week after 9 11.The book opens with a somewhat confusing description of bodies scattered through a forest At first I thought it was a dream sequence of some sort, it was so weird Then the situation became c

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