Death: High Cost of Living + Death: Time of your Life

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Death: High Cost of Living + Death: Time of your Life This is the ultimate death collection! Death is my favourite character from The Sandman series and quite possibly my favourite comic book character of all time I just think she’s brilliant and this book here is a celebration of her It collects all the issues she’s present in The Sandman along with her own individual stories There’s so much fantastic artwork in here too It’s just a great collection Death The High Cost of Living Gaiman’s Sandman is such a brilliant and creative series; yet, for all that Dream does not have much personality Death is a far better character “It's no harder to be nice than it is to be creepy And it's muchfun.” I love what Gaiman has done with her Death is the end, but she is also something we will all have to accept with open arms There’s no escaping her and perhaps that’s why she is so welcoming here It is fate that we will one day meet her And she’s so likable; she has a big smile and an even bigger heart The people she meets cannot resist her charm and easy going manner They like her They want to be around her and one day they will be forever In these issues a young boy wishes for her He is a typical teenager, broody, moody and full of selfloathing He hates his life and he wants it all to end Death appears Instead of taking him she makes him realise that life is, in fact, worth living His attitude was wrong He failed to see beyond his own situation and understand that others were farunfortunate than him Death taught him a lesson: she taught him that life must come first It always ends That’s what gives it value Death The Time of Your Life I have a bit of a thing for Death I really like the concept behind the character so much, and, well, I think she’s rather lovely Rather than death becoming an idea associated with negativity; it is something to be embraced and accepted It is a natural part of life; thus, she is relaxed and very mellow She does not need to give those at their end much coercion to go with her Her calming presence is all they need She’s also rather wise:“People don’t bore me, I like people.” “Really? All of them” “All of them.” “Even the creepy ones?”“Nobody’s creepy from the inside, Hazel Some of them are sad, and some of them hurt, and some of them think they’re the only real thing in the whole world But they’re not creepy.”And then there's this: As great as she is, she took a backseat in this story and did not feel very present like she did in the previous volume It felt like she was appearing in someone else’s story rather than her own This needed farof her for it to truly belong to her.Final ThoughtsSo you’ve probably gathered that I like these comics, a lot There’ve been a good break from The Sandman series which I will be picking up again soon to finally finish it off That being said though, I’d love to see Gaiman writeDeath comics in the future One can live (and die) in hope. This book represents the collected stories of Death the Sandman's sister and one of the seven endless The character was first introduced in the Sandman stories and eventually got to star in her own stories (she has appeared elsewhere including another Sandman spin off series Lucifer) These stories range from short one off stories to quite an involved and multithreaded story about Foxglove (no spoilers as you no doubt realise) The stories I think are very sensitively handled after all here you have a persona which has a job to do collecting the dead and yet is both sympathetic and gentle In fact there is quite a point made that every 100 years she becomes human to walk among us to remind herself what it is like to be human So on one hand you have as I say one of the endless and on the other you have someone who is willing to engage with us and talk to us I think there is an amusing comment in one of the stories where she introduces herself and the come back is that they thought death was taller, thinner and enjoyed playing chess with Scandinavians.I will admit that I think that there is only so much you could do with a character like this after all the dead would still be needed to be collected however what you have here is a fascinating new take on a old character. You don't need this book It's absolutely unnecessary That said, unnecessary things can often be extraordinary The book collects together the various stories of Death, older sister of Dream, and frequent player in Gaiman's classic Sandman series The physical book, as with the four volumes of Absolute Sandman, is a glorious thing hardcovered in a slipcase, oversized, stunningly designed Unlike the Sandman books though, the contents are on the slender side The first two stories about Death already appear in the Absolute Sandman books, and what's left are a couple of slender graphic novels, and single strips To bulk the book out, there's a massive collection of art, and other miscellany It's a completist's piece If you stumped up for the Absolute Sandman, this is a fine way to bookend that collection.The stories themselves are lovely things, quite different from Sandman It's in the name Dream is a massive, extraordinary concept, around which anything can happen Death is aprivate, lonely thing, and these tales reflect that They're personal, intimate vignettes in some ways, crafted together with Gaiman's flair for blending language, storytelling, humour, and the macabre I loved them, and thankfully most are available in cheaper editions elsewhere Personally, I like beautiful unnecessary things, and this edition makes me very happy. This series is EVERYTHING I have ever wanted from a graphic novel series andI first fell in love with Death when we met her in Sandman Preludes and Nocturnes and I was thrilled to discover this whole series was about her The story is absolutely fascinating and I fell inin love with Death, she is absolutely fascinating and such an amazing character Special mention goes out to all the artists who were a part of this series as well because the art here is absolutely STUNNING I’ve never seen anything like it or enjoyed artwork , it is seriously BEYOND amazing! Well that was just a tiny bit wonderful :) Who am I kidding? It was brilliant!Death: The Deluxe Edition is an accompaniment of the Sandman series by master storyteller Neil Gaiman I loved Death in the original Sandman series how just and fair she was and of course her depiction (in most artwork she is stunning) so when I found out that he was bringing out a volume entirely dedicated to her, I knew I had to read it This volume did not disappoint! I was a fan of most of the artwork and the Death gallery at the end was superb! To actually see how so many other talented illustrators depicted her was a feast for the eyes The two longest stories in this collection were The Time of Your Life and The Cost of Living I thoroughly enjoyed both of these and whilst they were not exactly actionpacked, I appreciated them for what they were: wellwritten, poetic and quite beautiful pieces Gaiman has a real flair for language, for sentiment and feeling and this is evident in all of his work but especially in the Sandman The shorter works I had already read before but it was lovely to reread them again and fall in love with Death and Gaiman's style Simply put, a must for Sandman fans 5 stars. Death: The Deluxe Edition: That perky gothpunk girl named DeathOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureI’ve loved rediscovering the world of mature comics thanks to one of its most beloved and wellrespected series, Neil Gaiman’s 75volume SANDMAN epic What to do when done, though? When I first picked up Sandman: Overture in Deluxe Hardcover last Christmas, I noticed an understated volume next to it simply called Death Sounds fairly grim, I thought But the cover artwork (by Dave McKean) was intriguing, muted colors, a darkhaired women in profile, with the hint of a dark wing behind her, some blue roses superimposed, and other unidentifiable but haunting images On the back it simply said “You’ll See Her Again,” with a white ankh symbol floating in darkness Since there was a 3for2 sale going on, I grabbed this just to make 3 (the other one was Alan Moore’s Watchmen), knowing only that Gaiman wrote it and guessing it had some relation to the SANDMAN series.I’m really glad I got it It turns out to be a collection of stories that focus on perhaps the most popular member of the Endless other than Dream Normally people think Grim Reaper, black cloak and hood, skeleton face, and sickle in hand Well, hand it to Gaiman to come up with somethingoriginal, and muchfun After all, Death is generally a serious subject and we shouldn’t be flippant about it Most people don’t want to think about or confront death, other than the cheap thrills of horror films or the guilty relief that we feel hearing news reports of car accidents, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters How tragic, we think How terrible for the victims’ friends and families And thank goodness it wasn’t us or anyone we know That last thought is rarely vocalized, but I think it’s generally there.In any case, Death of the Endless is hardly what any of us expect to meet when our time comes First off, she is a woman Second, she is young, spikyhaired, attractive in a punk/goth way, and has a knowing and wistful smile Initially those she encounters try to pretend they don’t recognize her, but they know And despite having an extremely busy schedule, she doesn’t seem to be rushing at all Just a gentle insistence, given with a glance, that your time is up, as you look at your prone body, and her outstretched hand She will listen to the usual questions, like “Why now?”, “Can’t I havetime?”, “What Happens Next?”, “Am I going to Heaven or Hell?”, etc But don’t expect a detailed answer You have to punch your ticket to find that out, folks.This collection contains a number of wellknown stories about Death that have previously appeared in the main SANDMAN series, such as “The Sound of Her Wings” (from Volume One: Preludes and Nocturnes), “Facade” (from Volume Four: Dream Country), and “Death and Venice” (from Sandman: Endless Nights) But it also includes two major independent story arcs, “The High Cost of Living” and “The Time of Your Life” that feature characters from SANDMAN They are definitely of interest to anyone who is a fan of either Death or SANDMAN It even contains a very extensive gallery of different artists’ renditions of Death — she sure is popular! And last but not least, a little sex education from Death with a cameo by Constantine A bit awkward, but better safe than sorry!Read as a whole, our cute gothpunk goddess represents a very different philosophical view of Death After all, all living things die at some point, and most of us do not control the timing or circumstances of our death But Gaiman is keen to explore the varied responses of people, both mortal and slightly , when their number is called Some are upset, some accepting, most anxious and uncertain, but what unites them all is that, deep down, although they think they know what is coming, actually they don’t Sure, all the religions of the world claim to know about the afterlife (if there is one), and generally teach that your behavior and beliefs during life will determine if you get a deluxe room for eternity or perhaps something a bit less comfy Some people live their lives in trepidation of this, many millions have been terrorized with images of burning hellfires and tortures for the sinners and damned Others believe they will reenter the cycle of reincarnation, with karma from the most recent life determining your position in the next And yet others think that’s end of the line Finito Done.I don’t pretend to have the faintest idea, but I certainly wouldn’t have pictured such a sweet and understanding escort to the Sunless Lands Because it seems that Lady Death is mainly in charge of coming to fetch you and escorting you there, but after that it’s still a big question mark The 60 million dollar question And the answer is probably not 42, I’m afraid You’ll have to read this volume to draw your own conclusions, but all I will say is that maybe we’re asking the wrong question Instead of worrying about death and what happens afterward, perhaps we should spendtime thinking about living a meaningful life instead I’m just sayin’. From the pages of Newbery Medal winner Neil Gaiman's THE SANDMAN comes fanfavorite character Death in a new deluxe hardcover edition collecting her solo adventures!The first story introduces the young, pale, perky, and genuinely likable Death One day in every century, Death walks the Earth to better understand those to whom she will be the final visitor Today is that day As a young mortal girl named Didi, Death befriends a teenager and helps a year old homeless woman find her missing heart What follows is a sincere musing on love, life and of course deathIn the second story, a rising star of the music world wrestles with revealing her true sexual orientation just as her lover is lured into the realm of Death that Death herself should make an appearance A practical, honest, and intelligent story that illuminates the miracle of deathThis new hardcover collects the DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING and DEATH: THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE miniseries, a must have for any fan I know some will hate me for this but I gave up on Sandman It’s not necessarily horrible or anything, I read the first absolute collection and liked it but the second one went downhill IMO However I was still interested in Death I mean, who the hell wouldn’t be interested in a cute, sweet but sometimes snarky grim reaper (and before anyone has questions, yes I’m literally attracted to Death)? So yeah I still decided to read this and am really glad I did.What’s it about?This book collects miscellaneous adventures of the Sandman universe’s personification of Death.Pros:The story is pretty interesting It’s very fun but morbid at the same time which is pretty cool IMO It’s also very creative at times.The art is very well done throughout by multiple different artists It seems to mostly stick to that cartoony but not SUPER cartoony style that a lot of 80s and 90s comics have but I like that art style so it works for me.The characters are interesting The most interesting is obviously Death IMO but some of the others are interesting too.The pace works well What I mean is that this is not as action filled as most of the stuff I’m into, it’s a bit slower of a story however it didn’t bore me, it works well for the kind of story that it is.The comic relief is good It is typically slightly dark humor but then again I like dark humor very much (just look at the fucked up memes I upvote on Reddit or the comedy I watch or the fact I laugh at deaths in movies that the rest of the audience gets terrified by) so yeahThere’s a surprisingly fun, informative and nice PSA bit about STDs Normally PSA kinda things in comics annoy the shit out of me but it’s so fun and well written here.The social commentary in this book works well It’s not forced (hell some may not even notice) and it feels natural to the story.Cons:The dialogue is sorta iffy It’s not bad but some of it doesn’t seem relevant and it’s justwordy than it really needs to be.The stories are pretty predictable.The cursive in the last story chapter is annoying In all fairness I have a problem with cursive I am capable of mostly reading it but it does strain my eyes a little and it can occasionally be hard to make out what certain words are meant to be so I don’t like heavy amounts of it.The ending of the final story is a bit unsatisfying.Overall:I enjoyed this book It gave me a mostly satisfactory final adventure with this adorable little personification of Death (Is it weird that I called Death adorable multiple times in this review? Perhaps but look at who’s review it is and the fact that I’m talking about a Vertigo comic written by Neil Gaiman) It’s a fun, creative story with great art, an interesting character, some slightly dark comic relief andSure, I had a few minor issues but this book is still a hell of a good time Recommended for sure.4/5 My favorite of the Sandman books I enjoy his take on Death and by extension, her take on the world I would've really been interested to see her character in a different medium i.e a novel or short story.Blog | Instagram | Twitter Very good compilation of Neil Gaiman's character, Death.It might be surprising, but I've never read anything with this character before, although I am familiar with the the popular miniseries, The High Cost of Living So, I went into this cold I was pleasantly surprised at the philosophical depth of the stories My favorite story by far was The Wheel Lots of hope hidden in this one My least favorite was Death in Venice, it just didn't connect for me.

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Death: High Cost of Living + Death: Time of your Life
  • Neil Gaiman
  • English
  • 07 December 2017
  • 9781401235482

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