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Sin City, Vol. 2: A Dame to Kill For It S One Of Those Hot Nights, Dry And Windless The Kind That Makes People Do Sweaty, Secret Things Dwight S Thinking Of All The Ways He S Screwed Up And What He D Give For One Clear Chance To Wipe The Slate Clean, To Dig His Way Out Of The Numb Gray Hell That Is His Life And He D Give Anything Just To Cut Loose Just To Feel The Fire Onetime And Then Ava Calls

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    The second volume of Sin City continues the the same vein as the first Dark violence and blood shed Sexual deviance and twisted characters Deception and corruption I could go on and onMy thoughts on this volume are a bit different simply because the first volume and first movie have many similarities and I have seen the first movie several times While the second

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    Ava.You got me good, Babe Just when I was pulling it back together you come along and rip my heart out onetime Only this time you crossed a final, fatal line You tricked me into doing something there s no coming back from You ve damned my soul to hell In the first Sin City album, bruiser Marv got into a war with society over the killing of his one night stand This tim

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    I thought it would be fun in anticipation for the new Sin City movie A Dame to kill for to read the comic that the movie is based upon I loved the first movie Actually bought it today and will try to re watch it again soon and I hope that the sequel will be just as good.Anyway the story in Sin City A Dame to kill for is quite simpleDwight is working as a photographer takin

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    It s hard to give a summary of the story without making it sound cheesy and stereotypical with far too much macho action, because the book, and series even, is all of those things but manages to be so much better than all of that A sleazy photographer takes pictures of an extra marital affair with which he plans to blackmail the man with this is our hero Then the noir element k

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    WARNING MILD SPOILERS STRONG LANGUAGE I don t like Dwight And that s unfortunate, seeing as he s the main character He looks down on other people I also don t like the way he treats Marv or the way he talks about Marv He also makes incredibly stupid decisions.This book is actually a great portrait and portrayal of addiction Dwight is an addict He has completely given up alcohol, dru

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    4.5 starsNot quite as good as the first one, but still damn good 4.5 starsNot quite as good as the first one, but still damn good

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    Man I thinkwoman in this series are portrayed as prostitutes than not lol So this is about a new guy in the sin city universe called Dwight and he, just like Marv, aren t very good people However, when a old lover comes to visit Dwight telling him terrible things are happening to her he decides to help her despite knowing better IN doing so the twist and turns the characters make ends up in a

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    I really like Sin City A Dame To Kill For the comic with its killer artwork, the gloomy smokey crime noir atmosphere, the style, the character design, the no nonsense dialogues So I checked out the movie trailer for the movie adaptation the hell had I just watched The soundtrack is TERRIBLE, the visual is quite DULL comparing with Sin City 1, even with Eva Green as the beautiful, seductive femme f

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    Sin City, Vol 2 A Dame to Kill For The ultimate femme fataleOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureFrank Miller s SIN CITY series is famous for its hard boiled crime noir stories, characters and black and white artwork In the second volume, A Dame To Kill For , Miller gleefully tackles that most classic of noir tropes, the seductive and deadly femme fatale Ava is her name, and when she beckons, men can

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    If you have seen the Sin City movie, then you have a pretty good idea of what A Dame to Kill For is all about It s based very closely on the story told here The Sin City books are known for their stark black and white illustrations, the well developed plot lines, and the swagger of noir This one explores the idea of a femme fatale, Ava.

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