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The Odyssey The Odyssey Is Literature S Grandest Evocation Of Everyman S Journey Through Life It Recounts The Story Of Odysseus Return To Ithaca From The Trojan War And Tells How, Championed By Athene And Hounded By The Wrathful Sea God Poseidon, Odysseus Encounters The Ferocious Cyclops, Escapes Scylla And Charybdis And Yields Temporarily To The Lures Of Circe And Calypso Before He Overcomes The Trials Awaiting Him On Ithaca Only Then Is He Reunited With His Faithful Wife Penelope, His Wanderings At An End.

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    So my first non school related experience with Homer s classic tale, and my most powerful impression, beyond the overall splendor of the story, wasHOLY SHIT SNACKS these Greeks were a violent bunch Case in point they

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    Okay, so here s what happened I went out after work with the guys, we went to a perfectly nice bar, this chick was hitting on me but I totally brushed her off Anyway we ended up getting pretty wrecked, and we might have smoked

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    I have read The Odyssey three times The first was not really a read butof a listen in the true oral tradition During embroidery class one of us, young girls on the verge of entering the teens, would read a passage while the rest were all

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    Ever since I first read Homer s epic describing the adventures of Odysseus back in my school days, three of those adventures fired my imagination The Lotus Eaters, The Cyclops and the Sirens, most especially the Sirens I just did revisit these sec

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    It s impossible not to smile when you start reading such a classic and, after only the first few pages, you realize and completely understand why it s regarded as one of the most important works in literature I m always a little anxious when I tackle such i

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    I m not normally a praying man, but if you re up there, please save me, SupermanHomer Simpson Following James Joyce s lead, I used Homer s heroic story as inspiration and research for a novel in progress.But how can I, a mere mortal, do justice to the most famous epi

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    Oh Odysseus, how I love thee. But, bro, you need to get a grip.

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    I started this as I was told it is essential reading if I ever want to give a shot at reading Ulysses I was a bit apprehensive and spent a long time deciding on which translation to choose Finally it was Stephen s review that convinced me to go for the Robert Fagles version I have no way of judgi

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    Book Review4 out of 5 stars to The Odyssey, published around 800 BC and written by Homer I was tasked with reading this epic work as part of an Advanced Placement English course in between my junior and senior years of high school I loved literature back then as much as I do now, and my reading habits prob

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