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Spanning Almost Thirty Years And Settings That Range From Big Cities To Small Towns And Farmsteads Of Rural Canada, This Magnificent Collection Brings Together Twenty Eight Stories By A Writer Of Unparalleled Wit, Generosity, And Emotional Power In Her Selected Stories, Alice Munro Makes Lives That Seem Small Unfold Until They Are Revealed To Be As Spacious As Prairies And Locates The Moments Of Love And Betrayal, Desire And Forgiveness, That Change Those Lives Forever To Read These Stories About A Traveling Salesman And His Children On An Impromptu Journey An Abandoned Woman Choosing Between Seduction And Solitude Is To Succumb To The Spell Of A Writer Who Enchants Her Readers Utterly Even As She Restores Them To Their Truest SelvesWalker Brothers Cowboy Dance Of The Happy Shades Postcard Images Something I Ve Been Meaning To Tell You The Ottawa Valley Material Royal Beatings Wild Swans The Beggar Maid Simon S Luck Chaddeleys And Flemings Dulse The Turkey Season Labor Day Dinner The Moons Of Jupiter The Progress Of Love Lichen Miles City, Montana White Dump Fits Friend Of My Youth Meneseteung Differently Carried Away The Albanian Virgin A Wilderness Station Vandals Selected Stories

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    The complexity of things the things within things just seems to be endless I mean nothing is easy, nothing is simple. From short accounts of singular events to the sprawling history of a life or love affair, Alice Munro shows it is the little things that matter most These things within things the greater truth in the smallest of details, are the hearts

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    Before reading this collection, I d read one or two of Munro s stories in the New Yorker Deep Holes was good enough to tear out keep but I really didn t know what she was up to in general This collection of short stories will let the reader feel thoroughly familiar with, though never bored by, Munro s style There are certain things she almost always does once past

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    The randomness of life, the fine line that separates tragedy from the quotidian, and the silent cracks that grow till they can t be mended after years of repressed grudges The desperation of a woman who knows her marriage is going to end and her prayers so that the story doesn t repeat with her two daughters As it is usual with Munro, there is no neat closure, just a

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    She s just a genius This book came out a decade ago, and doesn t have some of her recent stuff like the wonderful Runaway but it s just amazing story after amazing story The stories have some of the surfaces of quieter, plainer fiction about rural, domestic life, but they re packed with insight and dramatic moment, and Munro is experimental than she s given credit for

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    I bet Alice Munro is responsible for a lot of really bad writing These stories involve ordinary people living in unremarkable towns and cities Toronto small prairie towns doing pretty humdrum things many of these stories recount visits to old friends or family The language is so natural and the scenes so well drawn that the text requires no effort to read It is tempting to

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    Alice Munro writes entirely in the medium of short stories While I don t mind the trend of ever elongating fiction in modern literature, this collection of Munro s selected shorts is nothing short of a thrill of economy Munro s stories are brief, but the impressions her characters and the events to which they are sewed leave with the reader are long lasting In White Dump, Mun

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    Alice Munro is one of the best contemporary short story writers I know this because everybody says so Some of them say she is the best.I love short stories but although I have read Munro before, I have never quite clicked with any of hers And I love that click that comes with the short story, that feeling as you get to the end that you intend to go right back to the begin

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    This was our latest book club pick, and it was selected because many in the literary community think that Alice Munro should win the Pulitzer Prize it s reputed that the only reason she hasn t is that no author who exclusively writes short stories has ever won oh, literary politics Munro s writing style is clean, even sparse at times, but she has an ability to pack a mean emotional

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    020219 from i have read everything published by this author, so impressed she has won deserved Nobel rather than go through each book i decide to just note those i really like in this selection, then maybe the collections since you cannot go wrong with any selection you also will never feel like you have wasted reading time, as she is always concise, always readable, always resonanttheory on reading alice munro if each collection has thirteen stories, three or four will be good, six or seven very good, three or four will be excellent and make up for any weaker ones and then, for each reader and each time, this appreciation of her work will shift and change, change and shiftalso, best to read occasionally, not all at once a lot to find in a little wordcountso, for this selected stories Walker Brothers CowboyThe Ottawa ValleyThe Beggar MaidSimon s LuckLabor Day DinnerThe Moons of JupiterThe Progress of LoveFitsFriend of My YouthThe Albanian VirginA Wilderness Stationothers The Bear Came Around the MountainBefore the ChangeThe Love of a Good WomanSpaceships Have LandedWorking for a LivingRunawayDear Lifeand others i cannot remember titles

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    This is totally random, but when we were in Victoria, BC, I walked into this giant, wonderful bookstore called Munro s Books I bought a few things there, and the cashier gave me some free store bookmarks Well, I pulled one out the other day to stick in this book, and then read in the author bio that Alice Munro is in fact the owner of Munro s Books Go figure.The stories I have read so fa

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