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Maus I (Maus, #1) A Story Of A Jewish Survivor Of Hitler S Europe And His Son, A Cartoonist Who Tries To Come To Terms With His Father S Story And History Itself.

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    4.5 Very very very powerful and I like that you see the relationship between Spiegelman and his father throughout.

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    The Maus books were just as incredible as promised I was deeply moved by Spiegelman s story about his father s experiences in Poland and Auschwitz during World War II My ancestors are from Germany and my mother was a WWII buff our bookshelves at home were filled with hundreds of books about that war When I asked her why she was so fascinated

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    I am extremely moved by this book, it is as relevant and important today as it was when it was first published over 30 years ago, possibly evenso Maus tells the story of Vladek Spielgeman, a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust His son, Art Spiegelman, is an illustrator and wants to write the story of his father s experiences during World War II...

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    This is one of those graphic novels that everyone is telling the world to read Acclaimed as one of the best graphic novels out there My take on it is that it was really enjoyable and informative, but not the best While it was very enjoyable, I still had a few problems with it Overhyped in my opinion, but still highly recommended for me I honestly hav

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    Extraordinary..If there was a Pulitzer Prize for the BEST ALREADY winners of the Pulitzer..Art Spieglman s books would be a very high contender.Point is The creation of Maus exceeds expectations which you might have hea...

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    Re read September 5, 2015 I think I absorbed a lotof the story and its power the second time around It s really wonderfully crafted, and I can t wait to finally read the second volume because this one ends sort of abruptly First read January 3 9, 2014

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    I don t read much Holocaust Literature nowadays In my teens and twenties, I read everything I could get my hands on on the Third Reich and the Middle Ages, as I had an abnormal urge to seek out the darkness in human souls I was repelled and at the same time, fascinated by it like people drawn irresistibly towards gruesome road accidents.As I matured, this urge t

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    When I was a kid I read comic books mostly Superman The Maus books are the only graphic novels I ve read and I consider them masterpieces Mausterpieces Like Spiegelman s alter ego, I was a middle class child growing up in...

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    When I switched my major to English in my senior year, I had a lot of back classes to take, especially intro classes with freshmen and sophs, though my last intro class was a night class with primarily older women, who worked full time jobs in Edison or the Amboys and a bushel of kids waiting at home Basically, they were there to learnabout literature, sort of as a self

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    It hits you like a truck going twice the speed limit

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About the Author: Art Spiegelman

Art Spiegelman born Itzhak Avraham ben Zeev is New York based comics artist, editor, and advocate for the medium of comics, best known for his Pulitzer Prize winning comic memoir, Maus.