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Maus II (Maus, #2) Acclaimed As A Quiet Triumph And A Brutally Moving Work Of Art, The First Volume Of Art Spieglman S Maus Introduced Readers To Vladek Spiegleman, A Jewish Survivor Of Hitler S Europe, And His Son, A Cartoonist Trying To Come To Terms With His Father, His Father S Terrifying Story, And History Itself Its Form, The Cartoon The Nazis Are Cats, The Jews Mice , Succeeds Perfectly In Shocking Us Out Of Any Lingering Sense Of Familiararity With The Events Described, Approaching, As It Does, The Unspeakable Through The Diminutive.This Second Volume, Subtitled And Here My Troubles Began, Moves Us From The Barracks Of Auschwitz To The Bungalows Of The Catskills Genuinely Tragic And Comic By Turns, It Attains A Complexity Of Theme And A Precision Of Thought New To Comics And Rare In Any Medium Maus Ties Together Two Powerful Stories Vladek S Harrowing Tale Of Survival Against All Odds, Delineating The Paradox Of Daily Life In The Death Camps, And The Author S Account Of His Tortured Relationship With His Aging Father At Every Level This Is The Ultimate Survivor S Tale And That Too Of The Children Who Somehow Survive Even The Survivors.

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    This second volume continues the powerful story of Vladek Spiegelman, a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust.I haven t been able to stop thinking about the author and his dad s story It is horrific but

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    Since I d read Maus I about a year ago and Nadja Spiegelman s enticing memoir in the summertime, I was beyond ecstatic to find this second volume on the shelves of my local library.And since it s been quite a

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    Fantastic conclusion I think I enjoyed this one eventhan the first The two stories of Vladek in the past and Vladek in the present really explore interesting topics of generational gaps as well as national differences

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    Such a powerful book

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    This was evendevastating than Maus I.Vladek Spiegelman s story is continued here In Maus I, we left Vladek and his wife Anja at the gates of Auschwitz In this volume, we are treated to an insider s view of daily life at a Nazi concentrati

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    When I was a boy living in Germany, my parents and I visited Dachau concentration camp.It was horrible We saw the ovens, the gas chambers, the graveyards The visit drove home to me the magnitude of the horror that had been perpetrated there, and th

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    When I was a kid I read comic books mostly Superman The Maus books are the only graphic novels I ve read and I consider them masterpieces Mausterpieces Like Spiegelman s alter ego, I was a middle class child growing up in Queens NYC , the son of Ho...

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    It s always nice when you completely understand why something has achieved its status A book of humor, horror, and above all, complexity Spiegelman tells his father s story as faithfully as he can, while remaining aware that he can t tell that story faithfully at all

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    I flew directly into this book after finishing Maus 1 because how could I not I needed to know the rest of Vladek s story from the time he and his wife entered Auschwitz I also needed to hear the rest of the story between him and his son, Art, with whom he had a stormy relation

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    I can t even make sense out of my relationship with my father how am I supposed to make sense out of the HolocaustArt Spiegelman Maus, II And Here My Troubles Began continues with the painful story of Vladek Spiegelman from where Maus I left off but in aintense manner Maus, II And Here M

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