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Kushiels Dart (Phèdres Trilogy, #1) The Land Of Terre D Ange Is A Place Of Unsurpassing Beauty And Grace It Is Said That Angels Found The Land And Saw It Was Good And The Ensuing Race That Rose From The Seed Of Angels And Men Live By One Simple Rule Love As Thou Wilt Ph Dre N Delaunay Is A Young Woman Who Was Born With A Scarlet Mote In Her Left Eye Sold Into Indentured Servitude As A Child, Her Bond Is Purchased By Anafiel Delaunay, A Nobleman With Very A Special Mission And The First One To Recognize Who And What She Is One Pricked By Kushiel S Dart, Chosen To Forever Experience Pain And Pleasure As One.Ph Dre Is Trained Equally In The Courtly Arts And The Talents Of The Bedchamber, But, Above All, The Ability To Observe, Remember, And Analyze Almost As Talented A Spy As She Is Courtesan, Ph Dre Stumbles Upon A Plot That Threatens The Very Foundations Of Her Homeland Treachery Sets Her On Her Path Love And Honor Goad Her Further And In The Doing, It Will Take Her To The Edge Of Despair And Beyond Hateful Friend, Loving Enemy, Beloved Assassin They Can All Wear The Same Glittering Mask In This World, And Ph Dre Will Get But One Chance To Save All That She Holds Dear Set In A World Of Cunning Poets, Deadly Courtiers, Heroic Traitors, And A Truly Machiavellian Villainess, This Is A Novel Of Grandeur, Luxuriance, Sacrifice, Betrayal, And Deeply Laid Conspiracies Not Since Dune Has There Been An Epic On The Scale Of Kushiel S Dart A Massive Tale About The Violent Death Of An Old Age, And The Birth Of A New.

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    Did you cop a big eyeful of that That s right Those Tortoises are totally boning Now, I m sure there s many a tortoise out there who would find that image very appealing Unfortunately, I don t.And this is my BIG PROBLEM with Kushiel s

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    Just a disclaimer here This will be a very difficult review to write In order to truly review this book, I have to talk about my own views on things and how books affect me personally I am opening myself up here, which always makes me squirm If

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    I enjoyed this a lot at first, in a stupid trashy way, but got bored after a while, which is why I took so long to finish it I think it reaches its height of trashy fun in Terre d Ange all the bits with Phedre living with the Skaldic tribes, getting away

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    There is this new guy at my office The moment I learned he used to work at BN, I wanted to run to his desk and start hounding him about books Don t scare him off, Cassy Pace yourself. I started stealthy checking the cover of the books he d read during lunch I teste

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    The first thing everyone usually talks about regarding the Kushiel books is the sex, so I ll get it out of the way first SM, not for the faint of heart, absolutely integral to the plot It s easy to summarize the book very briefly or very in depth it s almost impossible to do

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    I don t care how long a book is, if it s failed to wow me by page 361 then I think it s time to give up, right I understand a few things about this book Firstly, that Jacqueline Carey is actually not a bad writer, that the world created and the politics of it are well thought out but

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    This is going to be a very unpopular review So, to all of you who may hate me after reading this, I apologize in advance From the rave reviews, and based on the vast number of people who seemingly loved this book enough to tattoo a representation of it on their body, I expected it to blow me aw

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    once upon a time, in response to the question What Would You Like To See In Fantasy, i responded 1 i would like to see an old woman as a protagonist 2 or an interesting demon but not a sexy PNR demon 3 orepic fantasies set in steamy, wet jungles rather than european style forests or meadowlands4 or a her

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    This book is so overwrought, so full of tangled, convoluted prose, that I found it hard to take seriously The world, instead of being built up as an original creation, seems to be taken fairly whole cloth from the French Court of Louis XIV I know everybody steals, but the best writers steal the most, and I could h

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    4 A buddy read with my friend Iain and the Kushiel fansThat which yields is not always weakWell this was unexpected Maybe I should make it a point to read the blurbs of the books before I start reading them, but I like to be surprised by the content of the story I get into As it is, all I do is check out the ratings some of

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