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Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud: Relapse and the Symptoms of Sobriety 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist2013 USA Best Books Awards FinalistNine Out Of Ten People Who Quit Drinking Relapse At Least Once Why Would Any Sober Alcoholic Return To The Misery Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud Relapse And The Symptoms Of Sobriety, Shows Why It S Not Just Once Without Pithy Slogans Or Trademarked Solutions From A Journalist Who Has Been There Here S A Book Explaining How And Why Relapse Happens, How To Hold It At Bay And Why Every Non Alcoholic Should Care, Without Reading Like A Clinical Journal.This Read Is For Drinkers, Ex Drinkers And Anyone Who Knows An Alcoholic Celebrates And Encourages Sobriety While Giving An Ominous Warning Of The Not So Secret Thief In The Healthcare System What Are The Symptoms Of Sobriety And How Do Alcoholics And Non Alcoholics Guard Against Them What Four Overlooked Stressors Trip Up Recovery Can You Hit Bottom Sober Informative And Very Personal, The Narrative Dashes Along Peaks Of Anger, Joy, Desperation, Relief And Hope Interspersed With Solid Data On The Disease And Guidance For Avoiding Relapse Traps Alcoholics And Non Alcoholics Sometimes Believe Sobriety Is The Silver Lining To The Cloud Of Alcoholism But It S Not Enough To Just Stop Drinking I I Ve Been Sober 23 Years This Is The Best Recovery Book I Ve Read One Of Than A Dozen Five Star Reviews On.

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    As the parent of a child that overdosed at Christmas, as a result of alcohol combined with an acute mental illness crisis, my heart relived the pain that Scott wrote regarding his suicide plan Fortunate for us, we celebrated Christmas in a locked hospital ward, rather then the unspeakable Fortunate for the Kids Stevens, that Scott cam

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    Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud Relapse and the Symptoms of Sobriety by Scott Stevens is a remarkable book about alcoholism that has busted a few myths for me, taught me a few truths and filled in other gaps in what I thought was comprehensive knowledge on the subject of addiction and alcoholism.With journalistic precision and competence

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    Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud Relapse and the Symptoms of Sobriety by Scott Stevens is a must read for every alcoholic and those living with those suffering with the disease The author never plunges the reader into why me whining but brings sound knowledge and insights from many sources Scott also explains the discovery of cortisol which in

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    This is a very informative look at alcoholism, and the symptoms of relapse I learned a lot of valuable new information that I was not aware of Researchers have now discovered that high levels of cortisol determine a true alcoholic Cortisol is related to adrenalin, and explains why alcoholics aresensitive to everything Imagine your most stressful

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    This is an empowering and life changing book Mr Scott Stevens is an authority on the subject of alcoholism, and this book is an indispensable tool for anyone struggling with alcoholism or fear of not being able to retain sobriety Co dependents will also find it useful as it can contribute to a better understanding of their own psychology and enabling

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    A Great Book for Everyone Scott Steven s extremely readable Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud is SUCH an important work Powerful, clearly written, enormously informative, this book taught me not only about the emotional rollercoaster an alcoholic takes, but also about the chemical science of alcoholism, which basically stacks the genetic biochemical deck a

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    Every Silver Lining has a Cloud Scott StevensAn enlightening book by StevensI was given an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review Scott Stevens has written a clear, insightful and informative book Differentiation and perception are explored in the writing which, I am sure, will help many people comprehend the unique difficulties involved with a

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    I just cannot read another word of this book It seems the author is intent on blaming cortisol and Society for alcoholism It s everyone else s fault Society is mean and projects shame and this projecting of shame is what makes alcoholic relapse Well, that and cortisol of course The author is supposedly giving an explanation of the course of the disease of alcoho

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    This was a great, easy to read and understand book This book is for anyone dealing with sobriety or knows and loves someone who is This book is helpful, insightful, but most of all very encouraging.

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    This book definitely has changed many of my views on alcohol.

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About the Author: Scott Stevens

Stevens is a journalist, posting regularly on health and alcohol issues for online news services Many popular alcohologists on air and on bookshelves have stellar credentials, but few have had to eat their own cooking Stevens blends his stunning personal 86 proof two liters a day story with thorough research into alcoholism, sobriety, relapse and recovery A Founding Influencer of medical site HealthTap, the former mutual fund industry executive, Stevens blends wit, journalistic objectivity, blunt personal dialogue and no nonsense business perspective in his three books, 2010 s What the Early Worm Gets, 2013 s Indie Book Awards Finalist and 2013 USA Best Books Awards Finalist, Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud, and 2015 USA Best Books Awards Finalist, Adding Fire to the Fuel He regularly addresses conferences around the country on the latest trends in the field of alcohol use disorders.Among his life experiences, Stevens has met seven Presidents of the United States, flown with the Navy s Blue Angels, piloted a Los Angeles Class nuclear submarine and driven a NASCAR at 140mph on a one mile oval The football fan and avid golfer holds a Master s in Public Affairs Journalism from the University of Illinois Springfield and lives in the Midwest with his children.If you want to learnabout Stevens and his books, All That s Written did an interview 10 10.