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The Tale of Peter Rabbit PDF The Tale Of Peter Rabbit Author Beatrix Potter Finally, The Tale Of Peter Rabbit Is Available In A Colorful Board Book This Generously Sized Book Tells Beatrix Potter S Famous Tale Of Naughty Peter Rabbit S Adventures In Mr McGregor S Garden Young Children Will Be Enchanted By The Simple Text And Beautiful Illustrations, Which Bring A Classic Story Vibrantly To Life The Board Book Format Is Sturdy And Accessible, Perfect For Young Readers, But Adults Will Enjoy It Too For Bed Time Read Aloud As A Board Book, The Tale Of Peter Rabbit Will Captivate Children And Offer Them An Early Introduction To The World Of Peter Rabbit And All His Friends.

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    The Tale of Peter Rabbit is the first in a series of delightful children s books by Beatrix Potter There are twenty three of these little Tales about woodland animals who are, of course, little people in disguise, as they wear clothes and behave exactly as their human counterparts would This first tale about a mischievous little rabbit called Peter, is perhaps the most famous of all Unlike some of the others,

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    This story reminds me my childhood I still remember I used to do things from which my mama forbades me Just like Peter rabbit Her mother tells him not to go to Mr McGregor s farm But as he is a naughty rabbit, He still goes and faces troubles I liked the names of four rabb...

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    All of the Beatrix Potter stories are wonderful but this little one of this mischievous little rabbit who is naughty So cute, and a great introduction to the beautiful world that Potter created I think that this may be my favourite one actually And naturally, my kids LOVED it when they were younger.

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    Peter Rabbit almost finds himself in a Mrs McGregor s pie, just like his father.

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    Now my dears, said old Mrs Rabbit one morning, you may go into the fields or down the lane, but don t go into Mr McGregor s garden your Father had an accident there he was put in a pie by Mrs McGregor_

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    8 10 Legendary names Flopsy aka good kid Mopsy aka good kid Cotton tail aka good kid Peter Peter the Urchin aka Hot headed Kid aka SOS sending, always in a pickle kid.

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    Inspired by Ramblefoot , a gritty, naturalistic, no holds barred depiction of the lives of wolves, I couldn t help wondering if similar treatments weren t possible for other classics Here s an extract from my draft rabbit novel, provisionally entitled Nojacket Peter finished his breakfast, but the insipid, cloying taste of the dead dandelion leaves left him unsatisfied The craving was starting to build up in him again He needed to veg out Sudde

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    Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter Rabbit are allowed to explore but are warned by their mother that they are not to go into Mr McGregor s garden All but Peter Rabbit heed her advice for that is the first place he chooses to explore Once Mr McGregor spots Peter, a chase ensues Oh, what a naughty rabbit This is the first time I have read a Beatrix Potter book What a cute and adorable gem this is The illustrations compliment the print beautifully Give

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    One of the first books I remember being bought as a child was The Tale of Peter Rabbit and having read it many times it has become a favourite It tells the story of a mischievous rabbit who, against his mother s advice, decides to venture into Mr McGregor s Garden Peter eats his way through a variety of foods in Mr McGregor s garden before he is caught by the farmer and what ensue are his attempts to escape from the garden The story carries a strong theme

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    After reading Traveller s review of The Tale of Mrs Tiggy Winkle, I remembered that this book was the first ever children s book I read in translation Peter was called Chinnan There was a much loved poem I used to recite I still remember it Children Listen to the story of Chinnan, who despite his mother s adv...

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