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Such a Long Journey It Is Bombay In 1971, The Year India Went To War Over What Was To Become Bangladesh A Hard Working Bank Clerk, Gustad Noble Is A Devoted Family Man Who Gradually Sees His Modest Life Unravelling His Young Daughter Falls Ill His Promising Son Defies His Father S Ambitions For Him He Is The One Reasonable Voice Amidst The Ongoing Dramas Of His Neighbours One Day, He Receives A Letter From An Old Friend, Asking Him To Help In What At First Seems Like An Heroic Mission But He Soon Finds Himself Unwittingly Drawn Into A Dangerous Network Of Deception Compassionate, And Rich In Details Of Character And Place, This Unforgettable Novel Charts The Journey Of A Moral Heart In A Turbulent World Of Change From The Trade Paperback Edition.

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    P Bryant Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for Goodreads.Rohinton Mistry My pleasure It s such a nice website.PB Yes Regarding Such a Long Journey, your first novel, must say that I found it almost unbearably moving.RM Why thank you Many people have said similar

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    This book is suffused in such melancholy that I m still unable to shake off the feeling.In Paradise Lost, Milton described Hell as a place without hope such is Bombay, India in 1971 overflowing gutters, mounds of fetid garbage, dirt despair everywhere a state of general apat

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    I really enjoyed this book It is a touching story of an Indian family in the early seventies, a turbulent time in India s history Mistry managed to create a colourful and rich setting and his characters are well believable, imperfect and therefore very human I gave it four stars

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    Update April 2016 I noticed, in connection with the banning of Naipaul s An Area of Darkness in India, that the University of Mumbai banned this book with alacrity upon the threat of violence from a rightwing political group looking for attention All over the world free speech is bein

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    I have the name Rohinton Mistry etched on my brain for he is the author of my favourite book of all time A Fine Balance This is a story that is again set in Mumbai, India, and is focused on a small community and in particular Gustad, his wife and their three children It is brilliantly writ

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    Since I will have to critically analyse this book for a paper I m studying this semester, I ll leave the critical thinking part for later Instead, I d like to focus on how this book made me feel Mistry does this thing he makes sure you re on the verge of crying, and then he says something that

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    Set in Bombay in 1971, as India prepares for a war with Pakistan over what becomes Bangladesh, it tells the story of the family of Gustad Noble Noble is a hard working bank clerk and devoted family man.The book touches on many themes, political corruption, long term friendships, loss of loved ones,

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    A better understanding of the political events occurring in the background would have enriched my reading of this, but even without, Mistry was able to catch and hold my attention, weaving layers of story and symbolism together, creating a sometimes farcical, bittersweet domestic tale I felt like I got t

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    I loved this book I read it in India and for me it reflects all the ambiguity of this wonderful country the corruption of its government and yet the generosity and charm of many of its inhabitants Gustad Noble is a charac...

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    At various points I was reminded of these 3 Calvin and Hobbes strips The house has been burgled, and while Calvin is able to sleep peacefully with Hobbes as support, his parents find their peace disturbed That s almost the story of Gustad, a middle aged man with 3 children, watching them grow up, going through the

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