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Family Matters Rohinton Mistry S Enthralling Novel Is At Once A Domestic Drama And An Intently Observed Portrait Of Present Day Bombay In All Its Vitality And Corruption At The Age Of Seventy Nine, Nariman Vakeel, Already Suffering From Parkinson S Disease, Breaks An Ankle And Finds Himself Wholly Dependent On His Family His Step Children, Coomy And Jal, Have A Spacious Apartment In The Inaptly Named Chateau Felicity , But Are Too Squeamish And Resentful To Tend To His Physical Needs.Nariman Must Now Turn To His Younger Daughter, Roxana, Her Husband, Yezad, And Their Two Sons, Who Share A Small, Crowded Home Their Decision Will Test Not Only Their Material Resources But, In Surprising Ways, All Their Tolerance, Compassion, Integrity, And Faith Sweeping And Intimate, Tragic And Mirthful, Family Matters Is A Work Of Enormous Emotional Power.

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    The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing ofFlipping through the pages, my heart leapt many times those waves bearing the ring of countenance were from still stream but the ones with ripples of accusation roared thunder Accusation A

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    UPDATE.Nov 17th Completed Book.Completed Review STAGE 2 This is my first book by Robinton Mistry a dangerous novel to begin at 1am Thankfully, the prior five hours sleep sustained me for another 5 hours At which point, I had to drift off again for a lit

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    As Nariman counts his last breaths amid the serene violin rendition of Brahms Lullaby, played by Daisy, my mind races through a gloomy apartment where the stale odor of eau de cologne amalgamates in the air of misery thriving among the bustling of outside traffic

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    Curious, he thought, how, if you knew a person long enough, he could elicit every kind of emotion from you, every possible reaction, envy, admiration, pity, irritation, fury, fondness, jealousy, love, disgust But in the end all human beings became candidates for compassion

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    Well, I read this the whole way through and Steve Urkel didn t appear once, folks.This confirms my suspicion that Rohinton Mistry is one of the finest writers of our time While I still preferred A Fine Balance of the two stories I ve read by him it was grander in scale , theintimate

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    I have been mulling over my review for this book all day I ended up really unsure of my feelings about it I suppose up until the events of the last third I was happy to give this one a ringing endorsement The titular family matters under discussion are principally the care of the elderly Nari

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    This novel was another of my bibliotherapy prescriptions, specifically intended as a cure for worry about ageing parents Retired professor Nariman Vakeel, 79, has Parkinson s disease and within the first few chapters has also fallen and broken his ankle His grown stepchildren, Coomy and Jal, who are re

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    What, I didn t review Family Matters Okay, here is the review Rohinton Mistry three novels, three five star ratingsWow

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    This book did for me what Suketu Mehta s Bombay Maximum City couldn t I could see, smell and feel the mega city throughout the pages of this both realistic and nostalgic novel I suppose that also my unability to throrouhghly enjoy non fiction plays a role in this, I just need characters and plot to stay interested through

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    I read this as part of the Mookse and Gripes reading of the 2002 Man Booker Prize shortlist I am not sure I would have picked it up apart from that incentive To be honest, after about 100 pages, I was thinking of putting it back down again It is, deliberately I believe, farcical as it relates the story of members a family battling

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