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Meet Kirsten: An American Girl (American Girl: Kirsten, #1) For being targeted at girls b/w the ages of like 611, this book was surpsingly profound I mean, (not to spoil anything for you, but), her best friend dies of scarlet fever as they are on their way immigrating over from Sweden to America to make a better life for themselves (A dingy long cabin in Minnesota if I recall) And besides the sob factors, it also delves into a fair amount of cultural exposure That's pretty heavy reading material for a kid This is probably one of the most emotionally impactful books I can remember reading; especially as a child, but even now. I just finished rereading a bunch of my old childhood books I blitzed through the first four Kirsten books (Meet Kirsten, Kirsten Learns a Lesson, Kirsten's Surprise, and Happy Birthday Kirsten) I have this thing about rereading books that I haven't read since I was 10 or younger in one way, it's fantastic because you can relive those moments when you were first falling in love with characters or, in my case, historical fiction However, rereading these books can also be really really disappointing because, as an adult, I realize how totally horrible the writing in the series is Ugh Seriously, Janet Beeler Shaw, your stories are ultra boring No wonder Kirsten was discontinued by American Girl Your books make her seem like a snoozeville character when in reality, being a Swedish immigrant with rad circular braids is super cool and exciting My adult self gives this series two stars, but my inner child totally bumped it up to three starts. Good I'd recommend a little older than 6/7 My girls didn't want to continue after the death. Can't stop won't stop In the summer of , after a long amp; dangerous journey on a small ship, Kirsten Larson amp; her family arrive in America Everything in the new land is different from the small village Kirsten left behind in Sweden The way people dress, how they talk, amp; the ways they travel all seem strange to her Will she ever feel at home in this new place? Getting lost in a big city amp; parting with her best friend make her wonder It is only when the Larsons arrive at a tiny farm on the edge of the frontier that Kirsten believes Papa's promiseAmerica will be a land filled with happy opportunity for all of them Okay so I kind of feel like reading these American Girl Books are cheating because I can read them like super fast but my sister just got the Kirsten doll so I decided to start reading her books to know if I want to slowly buy her from her So I started to read this book and I actually really enjoyed it So far I have only read all of Felicity's books and the first two of Josefina, I am enjoying Josefina's books but I just really like the colonial times which is when Felicity is set so I think that is part of the reason I enjoy her so much I always enjoyed the pioneer time, I just like how things were back then, except the diseases *****Spoilers******The beginning of this book starts very interesting, Kirsten and her family are on a ship to Minnesota At first, since Kirsten's mom was sick I thought she was going to not pass the guy checking them if they were sick or not Thankfully she did but when Kirsten got lost, I kind of got scared But then there was this nice lady that spoke English whom didn't understand Kirsten But they still communicated through pictures This lady was very nice and I just think it was really cute on how they communicated through pictures than the lady brought Kirsten back to her family Once she was back together with her family, they left To go on a train, when Kirsten had to say goodbye to her friend I thought it was really sad I would be very sadend if I had to leave my friend on the train but then Kirsten tells her friend that even if they never see each other again they will always be looking at the same sun How cute is that? Anyway, when they do meet each other again it is really cute because they are so excited and you an tell their friendship was real Their families even decided to stay together and when they got on the ship, Kirstens mom had a right to worry about the cholera When Marta got sick with it, I was thinking they can't kill her but when they did, it made me realize how true it really was A lot of people traveling died even the ones closest to you Tears might have even come to my eyes Then when they got off the boat, Kirsten couldn't even look at it, like she missed her friend! They were amazing friends And then when they had to leave all of their stuff in the trunks behind because they couldn't get a wagon Kirsten had to leave her doll and that was like the only thing that reminded her of Marta, they had always played with their dolls together so it was very sad to know she had to leave it behind until they went back for it Once Kirsten was finally at uncle Olav's his daughters were so sweet and they really loved Kirsten I thought this was really cute because they weren't mad they were getting a sort of sister There is normally always this one child that doesn't like the main character and I am happy that it isn't one of Olav's daughters, especially after Kirstens best friend just died Overall it was surprisingly a very deep story I really enjoyed it. I think I read this about 5 times as a little girl. Meet Kirsten tells the story of a nine year Swedish girl making the long journey from Sweden to Minnesota in America with her family in 1854 Kirsten, Mama, Papa, Lars, and Peter experience many hardships on their journey from the beginning on the small ship they took to cross the Atlantic Space was very tight and many people got sea sick When they finally landed in New York, Kirsten finds herself lost after going into the city with Papa and Lars She cannot speak English yet and has a very difficult time finding her way back to her parents, although she does figure it out The whole family then boards a hot and crowded train to Chicago, after which they find themselves on a steam boat travelling up the Mississippi to Minnesota They finally reach Minnesota with onetrial to face They don't have enough money for a wagon and have to walk all the way to Kirsten's Uncle's farm for several hours, while leaving a majority of their possessions behind taking only what they can carry They finally arrive at Uncle Olav's farm to a warm welcome Kirsten becomes instant friends with her two cousins Lisbeth and Anna and realizes that Minnesota can be her home just like Sweden was This first installment of the Kirsten set of American Girl books is a great introduction to this telling of the life of pioneers in the 1800's I have fond memories of reading the American Girl books as a child and I owe much of my current love of history to these books which were some of my first exposure to historical fiction All the American Girl books including this one, do a fantastic job of presenting historical events, including the hard parts of them, to children while maintaining a friendly tone One of the greatest concerns of historical fiction for children is that many of the most notable historical events and time periods are riddled with dark and unsettling and heartbreaking things that happened to people The American Girl books present these events in a light fashion while still maintaining the historical accuracy and integrity that helps the story retain an educational value I greatly enjoy this book and find it a great starter to kids wanting to learnabout American history. This review is also posted on my blog (view spoiler)[I’ll pretense this by saying, this is a children’s book! It is not going to be the same length or difficulty level as a standard adult novel, but in no way will this impact the complexity or quality, so if you go into reading children’s books with this in mind, then you’ll find them much easier to enjoy.Now With that said I remember reading and LOVING the American Girl books when I was a kid, and I recently had the idea to reread and reexperience them so I would have better reasons to continue recommending them, so here I am, starting with the oldest series.And it was just as good as I remember it being :DIt was chock full of accurate historical facts, made the characters feel real, gave them real, accurate historical problems, made history feel alive and interesting, and made Kirsten herself seem not all that different from girls of today which, I am sure, is the entire point.The multiple parts where femaleness was embraced and enjoyed did not escape me either Yes, the book was only some 60 pages long and is meant for an audience a third of my age, but I loved reading it nonetheless I am absolutely glad that American Girls are still as popular today as they were 1520 years ago, and I can only hope that the other girls’ books and the other books in this series are just as well done! (Which I fully intend to find out for myself!) (hide spoiler)] I liked this book better than the Felicity one, tbh It feltreal to me, although alsoprofound/sobering This is a children's book, targeted at the upper grades of elementary school (grades 36)Kirsten's family is traveling from Sweden for hopes of a better life in America, where there is already some family in Minnesota to help them get settled There is some culture shock for Kirsten to deal with, but it is better with the presence and support of her extended family There is still some sadness in here, with a death, but then, as I said, this book feltreal to me than Felicity Overall a good book for young girls to give them a taste of what life was like back then, presented in an ageappropriate way.

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