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The Nightingale In Love We Find Out Who We Want To Be In War We Find Out Who We Are.France, 1939In The Quiet Village Of Carriveau, Vianne Mauriac Says Goodbye To Her Husband, Antoine, As He Heads For The Front She Doesn T Believe That The Nazis Will Invade Francebut Invade They Do, In Droves Of Marching Soldiers, In Caravans Of Trucks And Tanks, In Planes That Fill The Skies And Drop Bombs Upon The Innocent When France Is Overrun, Vianne Is Forced To Take An Enemy Into Her House, And Suddenly Her Every Move Is Watched Her Life And Her Child S Life Is At Constant Risk Without Food Or Money Or Hope, As Danger Escalates Around Her, She Must Make One Terrible Choice After Another Vianne S Sister, Isabelle, Is A Rebellious Eighteen Year Old Girl, Searching For Purpose With All The Reckless Passion Of Youth While Thousands Of Parisians March Into The Unknown Terrors Of War, She Meets The Compelling And Mysterious G Etan, A Partisan Who Believes The French Can Fight The Nazis From Within France, And She Falls In Love As Only The Young Cancompletely When He Betrays Her, Isabelle Races Headlong Into Danger And Joins The Resistance, Never Looking Back Or Giving A Thought To The Real And Deadly Consequences.

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    Oh, for heaven s sake, Isabelle Paris is overrun The Nazis control the city What is an eighteen year old girl to do about all of that What, indeed.I really didn t know what to expect going into The Nightingale Given the quote about love and war in the blurb, I kind of thought it might be an historical romance set during the Second World War like the wor

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    It was the comparisons to All the Light We Cannot See that attracted me to The Nightingale Though both novels are set during WW2 the similarities for me stopped there All the Light is a magical novel electric with beautiful resounding prose and refined artistry The Nightingale is a novel motored essentially by clich and exaggeration Clich d writing isn t just resorting co

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    With tears still running down my cheeks I m writing this review I ve started this review several times and I don t think I ll be able to adequately put into words the power in which this novel has moved me Truely a remarkable story that I, literally, beg everyone who loves historical fiction to read I will be gushing about this novel for some time to come.

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    I ve been told by so many people that I need to read this book It gets so much hype that I thought there was absolutely NO way it would live up to it But it did than that It surpassed it My favourite books is a pretty exclusive list and it usually takes me a while to decide whether a book fits that list or not but this was an instant favourite I absolutely adored it Even just thinking about it now

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    So many 4 5 star reviews here, but I m afraid I just thought this WWII historical novel was okay There are so many novels about this time period and I didn t think this one rose above the heap The last one to do that for me was Kate Atkinson s Life After Life and this just can t even compare to that or to David Gillham s City of Women.There s some nice detail about the home front in France, wh

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    I really tried, you guys There was even a 20% period when my standards were reduced so low from the previous 70%, that I thought maybe, maybe 2 But the last 10% was offensive Yes, I said offensive Review later And by review, I mean bitch rant fest People keep asking me how I didn t like this book Honestly, I want to ask them how they did.Never have I ever read a book by such a clueless, air headed author.And I actua

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    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 5 STARS HOLY WOW This book was absolutely epic A sweeping, breathtaking journey that captivated me from the first page with the strength and beauty of the writing Truly an unforgettable story The Nightingale has a 4.8 5 rating average on which is HUGE and what that basically means is that practically everyone who is reading it is loving it And I m now adding my own 5 STAR rating to that list be

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    I m not sure what I can say about this book that hasn t already been said, but the quality and sheer excellence to this story blew my mind I m not typically a fan of historical fiction, which is likely why I ve avoided it for so long, but once this was described to me as historical fiction light I felt it was safe to take a gamble on it When we decided for this to be the Suspenseful Clues and Thrilling Reviews September book choice,

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    For me this was a fusion of sub literary chick lit and WWII fiction in that it was too cliche and melodramatic much of the time I thought the female perspective of occupied France and the tales of the resistance as well as the opposing sisters perspectives were generally good ideas but the whole thing lacked in the execution.The tone of the book doesn t feel authentic to the time period and there are numerous unbelievable incidents and intera

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