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Resolution Okay Farewell Maureen I ll miss you.All the things that are good about this trilogy are good about this book Namely good writing, like in the basic stuff of what people say and how feelings and sensory stuff is described great evocation of setting Glasgow again, thankfully engaging characters satisfying overarching journey for the protagonist, that natch resolves in this one.Spoiler alerts Here s what I felt was a little less good overly tidy plotting the emotional lives are suitably messy, but how it all cleans up felt too clean relatedly, in one very crucial plot twist a character not particularly defined by her physical strengh never mind her athletic murderousness athletically murders someone who is himself a professional and athletic murderer and psychopath, thus helping to assure that tidy ending It s too much relatedly, Mina does that annoying thing where she keeps us in suspense about what s happened for pages and pages and pushes us in the wrong direction but it s of course transparent and I don t know why she does this As in the last book, the thriller plot that is OUTSIDE Maureen s life the case that she stumbles into feels necessitated by genre and form rather than organically connected to the main plot.I m critiquing a lot because I enjoyed sitting in these books Mina is a terrific writer, and they have a ton to recommend them for pleasant lived in setting character novel ness But I think the plotting isn t as ambiguous and interesting, for me, as the other elements Still recommended A rewarding and engaging read. The struggle was real with this one.I ve been a fan girl of Scottish mystery writer Denise Mina for a while now I ve loved the other two books in the Garnethill trilogy Garnethill and Exile, respectively and what I ve read of her Paddy Meehan trilogy I ve even read the Hellblazer comics she has authored I liked this trilogy so much, I put off reading this entry because I didn t want it to end So I was surprised when I found the conclusion of this story just OK I haven t been as thrilled with her Alex Morrow books, but I ve only read the first one Admittedly, part of the problem is I probably waited too long between the second and third books I forgot some plot details I forgot some characters And Mina does a spotty job catching the reader up sometimes she backtracks and explains, sometimes she does not This book is aptly named, as it is the resolution of the Maureen O Donnell storyline Maureen, the child of alcoholics and a sexual abuse survivor, is dealing with the trial of the man who murdered her therapist boyfriend Douglas in the first book Additionally, her abusive father Michael has resurfaced in Glasgow, and her very pregnant sister is eager to ignore the stories about abuse and encourage a relationship between him and her imminent baby There s also a sexual trafficking subplot And it s pretty clear Maureen is teetering over the boundary of alcoholism There s a lot going on Maybe too much Despite this, the narrative has a very meandering, watery quality The book is for starters around 100 pages too long Maureen and her friends spend too many pages just dithering about what they re going to do about everything Maureen s drinking, Michael s return, Leslie s shite boyfriend, whether the trafficking story is true or Maureen is just chasing whiskey tinted vapors to avoid her real problems The story really got to be a grind around the midpoint It does pick up in the last 100 pages or so, and yet without giving anything away, I didn t find the resolution of Resolution particularly satisfying Maureen and her friends know a lot of people When you read a mystery novel you have to accept a certain amount of serendipity this is why at least one person I know can t read mystery novels , but the delicate balance just tipped over the edge for me Whether she needs to plot a murder, plant incriminating evidence, or investigate an international sex ring, Maureen s got a guy so to speak I d be willing to let this go if everything fit together perfectly, but it didn t Character motivations don t make any sense Bad guys are inexplicably patient and chatty in their conversations with Maureen and company Maureen provides an alibi to her suspicious brother late in the story, it makes no sense at all, he accepts it, and the subject is dropped It s the failure of these pivotal wrap up scenes in general that sunk the book a bit for me Good ideas got lost or indistinct in the haze As to what I did like, I continue to love the plucky, foul mouthed Maureen, and Mina s descriptions of Glasgow Where Mina shines the most, however, is when she writes about the allure of alcohol Her description of the stinging rush of whiskey as it greets your gums made me want to pour out a shot, and I think whiskey is vile I d almost go so far as to say someone with a drinking problem shouldn t read this book That s probably true of mystery novels in general though The genre not only is loaded with serendipity, there s plenty of dirty shot glasses and cigarettes too Kind of disappointed overall, but I m glad I finished the trilogy. Irresistibly Blending Suspense, Mystery, Compassion, Raw Instinct, And Grim Wit, Resolution Provides A Wrenching Conclusion To Denise Mina S Universally Acclaimed Garnethill TrilogyLife Has Gotten No Easier For Maureen O Donnell Since The Events In Exile Already Deeply In Debt And Struggling With Alchoholism, She Now Faces Her Most Formidable Challenges Yet Testifying Against Her Boyfriend S Murderer And The Return Of Her Abusive Father To Glasgow As Family Matters Deteriorate And Violence Hovers Over The Familiar Neighborhoods Of Garnethill, The World Becomes A Darker, Dangerous And Even Deadly Place For MaureenA New York Times Notable Book Of The Year Grim and gritty Glasgow hard drinking down and outers kind of the opposite of Scott s Scotland Denise Mina s books concern sexual abuse and gender politics, and avoid the usual formulas of the police procedural instead, they re told from the point of view of women and victims In this trilogy, the central character Maureen O Donnell requires effort sometimes to like but is hard to resist she s an alky, she makes crap decisions, and she s no romantic, yet she s brave, loyal, and pissed off at injustice Start with Garnet Hill then Exile, though, since there is a dramatic arc to the trilogy. Mina was not joking around when she entitled this one, Resolution Want Mauri to address and resolve her personal issues Done Want her to take on an only tangentially related murder mystery and thereby aid all sorts of anonymous but oppressed women No problem Think her family needs to get its act together Sure thing Been worrying about justice for Pauline Don t worry no How about Siobhan Solved It s a wonder what a few support groups, the love of a good man, and gardening can do for the psyche In all seriousness, I think this was the best written book of the trilogy the plot moved along quickly and Mina covered the material of the previous two books a bit skillfully than she had introduced it in the last one Even all the resolutions felt really great at first It wasn t until about half an hour after I closed the book that I started to feel a little cheapened by it all these are some seriously disturbed characters and they are disturbed for many good reasons that, imho, would require extensive and prolonged therapy to resolve It does the characters and the underlying point of all the books about the damage that exists in society a fundamental disservice to pretend that everything can be resolved by just not being bitter and focusing on the happy. Resolution completes the trilogy featuring Maureen O Donnell of Glasgow, Scotland She s emotionally fragile, having survived childhood incest pepetrated by her father Michael and the recent murder of her married lover Douglas Now Douglas s accused murderer is going on trial, but he may be trying to set himself up for an insanity defense by driving her crazy Maureen has been living off money that Douglas gave her before his death, but that has pretty much run out She and her best friend Leslie fired from her job at the women s shelter run a stall in a flea market selling illegal cigarettes They meet another stallholder, Ella McGee, who has been a prostitute in her youth Ella s two adult children, Simon and Margaret, have thrived through criminal pursuits and she works for them part time in a high end brothel they own The reader knows about her sinister family life, but Maureen is in the dark until Ella ends up in the hospital, the victim of a savage beating, where she dies unexpectedly Immediately, Maureen suspects Ella s son, and with good reason Resolution reveals that Maureen s alcohol abuse has worsened, but she s still hanging on, searching for answers to Ella s death and preparing for the trial of psychotherapist Angus Farrell In the process Maureen, Leslie, and Kilty discover the secrets behind Simon s business And there s some happy news for Maureen She seems to be reconnecting with her boyfriend from Exile, Vikram Resolution brings the series to a satisfying conclusion No spoiler alerts, but after a lot of extreme violence and dangerous situations, Maureen seems to be getting her life back on track And a lot of bad people get their comeuppance Mina has mastered gritty storytelling, set in drab working class neighborhoods, and populated with some very unsavory characters But she also finds humanity and kindness in unexpected places I read this book slowly, wanting to prolong my relationship with Maureen, but in the end Mina brought all of the plot threads together and I was ready for it to end It was time to send Maureen on her way I hope that she s out there somewhere, doing just fine I like to think so. a superb series full of strong, believable women, all of whom are survivors and not victims. Denise Mina s work is dark Very dark Her characters struggle with life, in seamy situations, following impossibly painful experiences For instance, Maureen O Donnell, works to make a life of some sort, as a survivor of childhood incest rape and the recent murder of her married therapist boyfriend She drinks a bit She wants to protect her sister s soon to be born child from her father, even though most of her family paints her as the problem, not her father rapist If that weren t enough, she gets caught up in the life and death of Ella, a rather nasty old woman, who has a stall near her own in a market The deeper Maureen gets into Ella s situation, the dangerous things become for Maureen and the she has to continue to dig Any reader in her right mind keeps telling Maureen that she is following the wrong path, to, if not let it go, at least find some other way to manage things But Maureen can only do what she must, even though it can t lead anywhere good Along the way, she remembers the dreams she had as a younger woman, the things she wanted out of life This is bittersweet, as she realizes she will never achieve them If you aren t in a dark frame of mind when you begin reading this book, rest assured, soon you will be Keep reading anyhow It is well worth the pain There are some unexpected twists in the novel, so things don t always go where you expect them to go Mina is fantastic Whether reading this novel was enhanced by being in Glasgow at the time, or whether being better able to picture places described in the book that I was in helped my enjoyment of my visit to the city, I m not completely sure but it was welcome synergy I have read, enjoyed and admired many of Denise Mina s books, including the preceding two in this trilogy, so I guess there was a high bar set to me however this fell very slightly below the level which others of the author s have reached.I suspect this was a consequence of wanting needing to tie up loose ends from the preceding two books All the powerful characterisation, the evocative description, the wit and intelligence was there as usual, but for me I found the denouement slightly inconceivable It was if four fifths of the book was the taught, tense, building, chaotic and dour, slightly stumbling narrative I have come to enjoy from this author, and the final few chapters saw everything work out in a manner which seemed a little at odds with how messy the lives of the characters had appeared for the majority of the book.Nevertheless, still one of my favourite authors, and still a high quality and compelling read. Upon finishing Garnethill, I wasn t overly crazy about continuing this trilogy I was interested in seeing where things went, but it wasn t an intense desire In fact, if I had not brought the trilogy as a collection, I would not have been continuing However, being a glutton for punishment, I dove into Exile with the hope of improvement after all, so many people seem to enjoy Denise Mina as an author and I was hoping to find a spark to create such a view within myself Unfortunately, my feelings towards Exile were much the same as my feelings towards Garnethill Nevertheless, I had some hope for Resolution There was the promise of everything coming together well, of the final book winning me over.Sadly, it was not meant to be.I really did try with this one There were so many things I was excited to see, so many elements I was hoping would come together and blow my mind Yet I could not get into this one It took me forever to work through this one, I kept putting it down and could not bring myself to pick it back up There was the potential for so much, yet things seemed to move along at an incredibly slow pace and very little seemed to happen even when things were happening, I wasn t at all interested.Don t get me wrong, aspects from the prior book were brought together in this one quite well The trilogy is brought to a solid conclusion, all the elements being pulled together, but I just didn t care I had to continue reading, as I wanted to know how it ended, but I did not care what happened on the journey With the prior two books there came a point where I was sucked in and intrigued, yet such did not happen with this one.At least I can now say I have finished this trilogy In truth, I doubt I will be reading Denise Mina in the future I do own one other Denise Mina book it came with this trilogy when I brought them but it is unlikely that I will pick it up at any point in the foreseeable future I fear it may be a book to sit and gather dust, a rarity for me I may try it at some point, but I cannot see it happening for a very long time if at all.

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Denise Mina was born in Glasgow in 1966 Because of her father s job as an Engineer, the family followed the north sea oil boom of the seventies around EuropeShe left school at sixteen and did a number of poorly paid jobs, including working in a meat factory, as a bar maid, kitchen porter and cook.Eventually she settled in auxiliary nursing for geriatric and terminal care patients.At twenty one

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