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Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat Chronicles The Multifarious Adventures Of This Wild Child And His Faithful, But Skeptical, Friend If The Best Cartoons Compel Readers To Identify Themselves Within The Funny Frames, Then All Who Enjoy Calvin And Hobbes Are Creative, Imaginative, And Bad, Bad, Bad Calvin, The Irascible Little Boy With The Stuffed Tiger Who Comes To Life Are A Pair Bound For Trouble Boring School Lessons Become Occasions For Death Defying Alien Air Battles, Speeding Snow Sled Descents Elicit Philosophical Discussions On The Meaning Of Life, And Hobbe S Natural Inclination To Pounce On His Little Friend Wreaks Havoc On Calvin S Sense Of Security Calvin S The Kid We All Wish We D Been Sassy, Imaginative, Far Verbal Than His Parents Can Manage, Calvin Is The Quintessential Bad Boy And The Boy We Love To See He Terrorizes Little Susie, Offers Candid Opinions From A Neighborhood Stand, And Questions His Parents Authority What Assurance Do I Have That Your Parenting Isn T Screwing Me Up He Demands Calvin And Hobbes Manages To Say What Needs To Be Said About Childhood And Life Eww, Mud, Says Calvin Look At This Gooshy, Dirty, Slimy, Thick, Wet Mud Bleecch Talk About A Kid Magnet

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    ricordo che alla fine degli anni ottanta, quando su linus vidi per la primissima volta una striscia di calvin hobbes, non la trovai cos geniale nei decenni a seguire mi sono ciclicamente chiesta come sia stato possibile stamattina, dopo aver r...

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    Witty and intriguing as always as it is Here are some of my favorite ones On Evolution On Parenting On Books On Talking Disclaimer I don t claim any right to any of the above images All belongs to Sir Bill Watterson.

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    Probably my favorite of the Calvin and Hobbes collections, with some of the most memorable stories.

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    May not be great literature, but Bill Watterson sees something which most of us don t My life has been diminished by not having the joy of opening the daily paper to some new insight to ourselves through his eyes.

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    Best comic strip ever, period.

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    I love Calvin and HobbesWatterson has a great sense of ironic humor Calvin is the most contradicting 6 year old that ever lived On one hand he s this or this and then he s extremely intelligent on the other hand, and sometimes I don t even understand him image error point taken Calvin doesn t care much for interaction with other students at his school and instead conversates wi

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    The land is darkThe world in nightThere s a creatureIt starts a fight Mercy, mercy the victim criesGrowls and grunts are its repliesScrapes and scratches nearly bring the victim to his doomHis cries can t be heard all the way from his roomThe door opens and the...

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    Yet another among the books published by Bill Watterson from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip that I have enjoyed My children have literally worn out these collections of CH comics, and with good reason CH is a unique blend of homespun philosophy, side splitting humor, and insight into the ...

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