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The Sandman: Dream Country The Third Volume Of The Sandman Collection Is A Series Of Four Short Comic Book Stories In Each Of These Otherwise Unrelated Stories, Morpheus Serves Only As A Minor Character Here We Meet The Mother Of Morpheus S Son, Find Out What Cats Dream About, And Discover The True Origin Behind Shakespeare S A Midsummer S Night Dream The Latter Won A World Fantasy Award For Best Short Story, The First Time A Comic Book Was Given That Honor Collecting The Sandman 17 20

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    The third volume of The Sandman series is a bit of a mixed bag, since the individual stories, although all entertaining, vary in quality And yet it also contains what may be the greatest Sandman tale of all time.First of all, this volume is essentially half the length of the first two, consisting of four individual numbers instead of

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    Sometimes I like to binge read a series, I enjoy it that much that I try to read it as quickly as possible The real world ceases to exist for a few days This really isn t anything particularly remarkable to say about a series, most readers do this sort of thing Though every so often, maybe once every two to three years or so of reading, a ser

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    The Twilight Zone comes into The Dreaming Creative Team Writer Neil GaimanIllustrators Kelly Jones, Malcolm Jones III, Colleen Doran Charles VessLetterer Todd KleinCovers Dave McKean MUSES, CATS, PLAYWRIGHTS ELEMENTS This is a wonderful volumen in the The Sandman run where the great storyteller, Neil Gaiman, unleashes his imagination to

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    I quit.Sandman is not for me I can honestly see why so many of you love it, but I can t force myself to do this any longer I don t like the art It reminds me of some scratchy shit that one of my kids drew The difference is, the artist isn t one of my kids, so I don t feel the need to put this up on my refrigerator Sorry, I know a lo

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    Note This is part two of a rambling multi volume re read of the series It will probably make better sense in context of other reviews The third volume of Sandman is several short stand alone stories It also includes my my favorite story in the entire series Where Shakespeare s troupe performs Midsummer s Night s Dream for the assembled host of Faer

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    This is a fairly short volume, but each story is tight and delightful This is where I remember the Sandman comics coming into its own, and Morpheus himself hardly had any role in them It s all about stories Stories about stories Of course, I can make the same argument about the entire run of the series, but like I said, this is where it comes into it

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    I only have two kinds of dreams the bad and the terrible Bad dreams I can cope with They re just nightmares, and they end eventually The terrible dreams are the good dreams Dream Country is composed of four independent short stories with no real continuation from the previous volume The stories are centred around both imprisonment whether that s physic

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    All rightstarting to feel it now I m digging it Let s keep this Dream train rolling, Gaiman Onto Vol 4.

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    An intermezzo between two longer story arcs, composed of four stand alone issues Part of the appeal for me is in the quality of work from the guest artists, Charles Vess and Kelley Jones in particular, but the main attraction remains in the creative writing of Gaiman 17 Calliope is a story about a muse from ancient Greece, a prisoner of the mortal plane wh

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    I ve been re reading a lot of books that I enjoyed years ago recently and it s been very rewarding for the most part, rediscovering books I loved all over again Unfortunately Sandman a series I really liked the first time round is not among them and it s so disappointing What I remember of Sandman was that the first two volumes weren t that great and that ch

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