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Blindness From Nobel Prize Winning Author Jos Saramago, A Magnificent, Mesmerizing Parable Of LossA City Is Hit By An Epidemic Of White Blindness That Spares No One Authorities Confine The Blind To An Empty Mental Hospital, But There The Criminal Element Holds Everyone Captive, Stealing Food Rations And Assaulting Women There Is One Eyewitness To This Nightmare Who Guides Her Charges Among Them A Boy With No Mother, A Girl With Dark Glasses, A Dog Of Tears Through The Barren Streets, And Their Procession Becomes As Uncanny As The Surroundings Are Harrowing As Blindness Reclaims The Age Old Story Of A Plague, It Evokes The Vivid And Trembling Horrors Of The Twentieth Century, Leaving Readers With A Powerful Vision Of The Human Spirit That S Bound Both By Weakness And Exhilarating Strength

About the Author: José Saramago

Jos Saramago is one of the most important international writers of the last hundred years Born in Portugal in 1922, he was in his sixties when he came to prominence as a writer with the publication of Baltasar and Blimunda A huge body of work followed, translated intothan forty languages, and in 1998 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature Saramago died in June 2010.

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    When you sit in a coffee shop at the corner of two busy streets and read a book about blindness, you find yourself thinking unfamiliar thoughts, and you believe, when you raise your head to watch the people passing, that you see things differently You notice the soft yellow light of the shop reflecting off the bronze of the hardwood floors You notice among the people coming from the

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    This book left me speechless which is a rare occurrence Please enjoy the pictures to illustrate the plot while I recover my gift of rambling An unexplained plague of white blindness sweeps the unnamed country Initial attempts to hastily quarantine the blind in an abandoned mental hospital fail to contain the spread What they succeed at is immediately creating the easy us versus them divide b

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    The advantage enjoyed by these blind men was what might be called the illusion of light In fact, it made no difference to them whether it was day or night, the first light of dawn or the evening twilight, the silent hours of early morning or the bustling din of noon, these blind people were for ever surrounded by a resplendent whiteness, like the sun shining through mist For the latter, blindness di

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    Just imagine that you are going about your daily life as you always do It s a normal day nothing out of the ordinary But then, suddenly, without any forewarning, you go completely blind One second seeing the world as you know it, the next experiencing a complete and unending whiteness Then imagine you go to the trusty health professionals so they can get to the bottom of it the doctor doesn t know what s wr

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    I finished this masterpiece last week and I let it to sink in a little bit before reviewing it The power of this book was quite overwhelming at times and I had to stop reading for a few days at a time I do not think there are many books that disturbed me like this one Maybe Never Let Me Go but there the message was muchsubtle Some say that the structure of the book makes it very hard to read I suppose the voice in

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    Not at all disturbing, not at all compelling and not at all interesting, Jose Saramago s Blindness only succeeds in frustrating readers who take a moment to let their imagination beyond the page Yes, Saramago s story is a clever idea, and, yes, he creates an intentional allegory to force us to think about the nature of humanity, but his ideas are clearly those of a privileged white male in a privileged European nation Not

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    Update I said I would never read another Saramago because of his writing style I did though All the Names and Death with Interruptions Both brilliant But I listened to them I wouldn t have appreciated them as much if I d had to struggle through Saramago s idiosyncratic writing style _________________In H.G Wells In the Country of the Blind the only person who can see suffers great discrimination and has to agree to have his eyes r

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    Imagine the most ordinary situation in the world People waiting at a traffic light All of us can see that before our inner eyes, relive thousands of similar situations we have experienced ourselves, without ever giving them a moment of consideration Thus starts Saramago s Blindness But there is a disruption One car is not following the rules all take for granted The car doesn t move when the light switches to green People are annoyed, fru

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    Blindness is a great novel by Portuguese writer Jos Saramago that deals with human s individual and collective reactions when in the face of adversarial forces With gorgeous prose, this thought provoking book shows us how our world, ever so concerned and consumed by appearances, would deal with the loss of our most relied upon sense vision When it s every man by himself, when every man is free to do whatever he wants without the impending fear of

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    edited on 27.05.2020The word Attention was uttered three times, then the voice began, the Government regrets having been forced to exercise with all urgency what it considers to be its rightful duty, to protect the population by all possible means in this present crisis, when something with all the appearance of an epidemic of blindness has broken out, provisionally known as the white sickness, and we are relying on the public spirit and cooperation of a

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