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Great Expectations In What May Be Dickens S Best Novel, Humble, Orphaned Pip Is Apprenticed To The Dirty Work Of The Forge But Dares To Dream Of Becoming A Gentleman And One Day, Under Sudden And Enigmatic Circumstances, He Finds Himself In Possession Of Great Expectations In This Gripping Tale Of Crime And Guilt, Revenge And Reward, The Compelling Characters Include Magwitch, The Fearful And Fearsome Convict Estella, Whose Beauty Is Excelled Only By Her Haughtiness And The Embittered Miss Havisham, An Eccentric Jilted Bride.

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    My students and some of my friends can t ever figure out why I love this novel so much I explain how the characters are thoroughly original and yet timeless, how the symbolism is rich and tasty, and how the narrative itself is juicy and chock full of complexity, but they just shake their heads at me in utter ama

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    There was a long hard time when I kept far from me the remembrance of what I had thrown away when I was quite ignorant of its worthI first read Great Expectations when I was thirteen years old It was the first of Dickens works that I d read on my own volition, the only other being Oliver Twist, which we d studied parts of

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    Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation of the first link on one memorable day That is such a quote If there was ever a novel that shows us the dangers of false perceptions then it sGreat ExpectationsPip is such a

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    Great Expectations were formedwere met and were thoroughly exceeded The votes have been tallied, all doubts have been answered and it is official and in the books I am a full fledged, foaming fanboy of Sir Dickens and sporting a massive man crush for literature s master story tellerQuick Aside My good friend Richard who despises Chuckles the

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    I saw that the bride within the bridal dress had withered like the dress, and like the flowers, and had no brightness left but the brightness of her sunken eyes I saw that the dress had been put upon the rounded figure of a young woman, and that the figure upon which it now hung loose had shrunk to skin and bone How do you do Miss Havisham She makes m

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    Boring, dull, lifeless, and flat This is so drawn out and boring I kept having to remind myself what the plot was Best to get someone else to sum up the story rather than undergo the torture of reading it.

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    Admittedly, I can be a bit dismissive of the classics By which I mean that many of my reviews resemble a drive by shooting This annoys some people, if measured by the responses I m still getting to my torching of Moby Dick Even though I should expect some blowback, I still get a little defensive I mean, no one wants to be called a horrendous person just because he or she didn t li

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    LITERARY EXPECTATIONS It is said that Satisfaction is equal to Reality minus Expectations.I reckon then that my rating should be around Eight Stars since Reality would be Five Stars and as my Expectations were on the negative axis with an absolute value of about three , it has resulted in a positive eight The Great Eight, I should anoint this book, then.How and when were my expectations for

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    It is almost hard to believe that Dickens stays the same when you read him on several occasions in your life Somehow, the words and their meanings seem completely different Obviously, it is my life experience that has changed, not the story I find that to be one of Dickens major achievements the storytelling excellence that captures a teenager s need for complicated plots as well as the cynical grown

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