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The Canterbury Tales The Procession That Crosses Chaucer S Pages Is As Full Of Life And As Richly Textured As A Medieval Tapestry The Knight, The Miller, The Friar, The Squire, The Prioress, The Wife Of Bath, And Others Who Make Up The Cast Of Characters Including Chaucer Himself Are Real People, With Human Emotions And Weaknesses When It Is Remembered That Chaucer Wrote In English At A Time When Latin Was The Standard Literary Language Across Western Europe, The Magnitude Of His Achievement Is Even Remarkable But Chaucer S Genius Needs No Historical Introduction It Bursts Forth From Every Page Of The Canterbury TalesIf We Trust The General Prologue, Chaucer Intended That Each Pilgrim Should Tell Two Tales On The Way To Canterbury And Two Tales On The Way Back He Never Finished His Enormous Project And Even The Completed Tales Were Not Finally Revised Scholars Are Uncertain About The Order Of The Tales As The Printing Press Had Yet To Be Invented When Chaucer Wrote His Works, The Canterbury Tales Has Been Passed Down In Several Handwritten Manuscripts

About the Author: Geoffrey Chaucer

Geoffrey Chaucer c 1343 October 25, 1400 was an English author, poet, philosopher, bureaucrat, courtier and diplomat Although he wrote many works, he is best remembered for his unfinished frame narrative The Canterbury Tales Sometimes called the father of English literature, Chaucer is credited by some scholars as being the first author to demonstrate the artistic legitimacy of the vernacular English language, rather than French or Latin.

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    When confronted with the painful choice of whether or not to read Chaucer in the original Middle English, I agonised for precisely four seconds and decided to read Nevill Coghill s modern translation in lovely Penguin paperback In the same way I wouldn t learn German to read Goethe, or unlearn English to read Dan Brown, I refuse to learn archaic forms of English for pointless s

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    Book ReviewIt was 1996 and my freshmen year at college I had already declared English as my major and needed to choose between Chaucer and Shakespeare as the primary classic author to take a course on I chose Shakespeare My advisor told me that s the usual pick and most missed out I laughed at her She was 40 years older than me and told me all the dirty stuff was in Chaucer Are you sure

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    Another I am so glad to get this off my book bucket list book that was very hard for me to understand The stories were often grounded in concepts that I think modern readers may have problems understanding, but I still recognize that this book is one of the great literary works of all time I mark it a favorite due to the fact that it is a key to understanding other works of literature I am sure

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    My biggest fear about this book was that it would be like The Pilgrim s Progress Although they followed a similar format, they couldn t have beendifferent for me The Pilgrim s Progress was boring and preachy, whereas this was delightfully bawdy There are many translations, from Middle English, to Victorian verse, to modern day prose So sample a few and read what you re comfortable with Then dive in and e

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    I m gonna start texting in Chaucer s English declares war on abbreviation

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    A classic that has worn well the psychology, in particular with regard to women, seems remarkably modern It s funny, and not just in one style either Sometimes he s subverting the popular cliches of the day, sometimes he s slyly campaigning for women s rights, and sometimes he s just having fun telling dirty jokes I m having trouble deciding which style I like most they re all good, and often mixed up together too.I once

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    Well, that came out of the blue I perused it, expecting some blend of quaint bits of Merry England, cloaked under some veil of Medieval lore, yet I had been confronted with something quite different This comes out as an array of odd tales, dealing with peoples shortcomings, cuckholding, cheating, ripping off and the likes As a whole it stands out unprecedented, a fearsome match for almost any collection of modern or contemporary s

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    It s that you each, to shorten the long journey,Shall tell two tales en route to Canterbury,And, coming homeward, another two,Stories of things that happened long ago.Whoever best acquits himself, and tellsThe most amusing and instructive tale,Shall have a dinner, paid by us all,Here in this roof, and under this roof tree,When we come back again from Canterbury One of the most legendary books from the Middle Ages, the Canterbury Tales is a

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    This masterpiece was written over 600 years ago but I am positive that if you decide to pick it up you will find the stories most interesting My favourite tale was The Pardoner s Tale I always enjoy a story in which greedy, vicious people get what they deserve I had tried reading Chaucer at university but Middle English was an obstacle I was not able to overcome So this time I played safely and opted for this one in modern English And I enjoyed it

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    Look out, Bocaccio there s a new author of clever, bawdy rhyming tales, and his name is Geoffrey Chaucer Whether you re a reeve, abbot, or just a simple canon s yeoman, you re sure to find something delightful in this witty, incisive collection My personal favorites were the one about Chaunticleer the rooster and the one where the dude gets a red hot poker shoved up his butt I read it while I was laid up with the plague, and Chaucer s insouciant description

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