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The Sacred Art of Stealing Let Us Prey The Press Tend To Talk About Bank Robberies As Being Daring, Ingenious And Audacious They Don T Describe Many As Dadaist, Even The Ones Who Know What Dadaist Means But How Else Does One Explain Choreographed Dancing Gunmen In Buchanan Street, Or The Surreal Methods They Use To Stay One Step Ahead Of The Cops Angelique De Xavia Is No Art Critic, But She Is A Connoisseur Of Crooks, And She S Sure That The Heist She Got Caught Up In Wasn T The Work Of The Usual Sawn Offs And Black Tights Practitioners Indigenous To The Parish She Knows She S Dealing With A Unique Species Of Thief, And It S Her Job To Hunt Him To Extinction Though The Fact That It S Not Just His M.o That S Cute Might Prove A Distraction.This Thief, However, Has Greater Concerns Than His Own Safety, And A Secret Agenda Valuable Than Anything He Might Steal He Can Afford To Play Cat And Mouse With The Female Cop Who S On His Tail It Might Even Arguably Be Necessary What He Can T Afford To Do Is To Let Her Get Too Close He Could End Up In Jail, Which Holds Terrors Enough But Even Scary, He Could End Up In Love.Honesty Is A Virtue Deceit Is A Talent Theft Is An Art Form The Sacred Art Of Stealing Prepare To Be Misled.

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    Oh, this was great Paul recommended it, but warned that many of the Scottish cultural references would go over my head Sure enough, I think I missed about half of it resulting in a late night karate lecture on the Celtics vs Rangers issues but I really loved the book anyway, and I think Z

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    Be warned, this book contains language and humour This is a continuation of A Big Boy Did it and Ran Away if Brookmyre does one thing well, he does do a good title If you are thinking of reading this it might be a good idea to read that one first although this is by far the better of the two books.

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    This is, loosely, a follow on from A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away Same locale, and the focus here in on the wonderfully named Angelique de Xavia, who played a large part in the previous book.Do you need to have read Big Boy to get everything here No, you d be able to piece together the necessary inferences ab

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    Having recently read A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away, my first book by Christopher Brookmyre, I was keen to getof that good stuff.The Sacred Art of Stealing, is the next in the Angelique De Xavier series and is every bit as good as the first one, A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away It opens with a most original and imaginativ

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    I think this is my favourite Christopher Brookmyre book I couldn t put it down Whilst it s supposed to be a sequel to A big boy did it and ran away , aside from having Angelique de Xavia in it, it didn t feel like a sequel I don t think you really need to have read the first book to enjoy this one and I definitely think this wa

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    Clever, clever book well I susppose I mean clever clever author I love Christopher Brookmyre and have been listening to a few oh his superb narratives as audiobooks Totally recommend that as well listening to these words in a right Scottish accent makes the words even funnier.The language is flawless, funny, subtle, to the point, complex

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    The Sacred Art of Stealing takes place a relatively short time after its predecessor A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away Angelique has successfully thwarted the terrorist plot at Dubh Ardrain, but she s now in the process of paying the psychological toll for her efforts as the next crisis unfolds Though some of the cultural references went over my head,

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    The Sacred Art of Stealing the Readers HeartI can t even remember why I picked this book up, but from the moment I did, I didn t want to put it down It doesn t start when you d expect and it keeps the reader on a rollercoaster all the way through The idea of the original bank heist was sheer brilliance, even made me finish reading Waiting for Godot , yes re

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    I don t remember much about this one except that I enjoyed it immensely and that it was extremely funny Oh and the clowns Bank robbers dressed as clowns.

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    Second book featuring Glasgow DI Angelique de Xavia, this was a most surreal caper story with the author s trademark humor and a bit of romance.

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