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The Woman Who Rides Like a Man I just want to burn this book and then make myself forget about it.This book is a synonym for horror The whole book is like one big unfinished draft ready for its editing The concentration of whinyass characters reached its maximum in this book Alanna is the ultimate Drama Queen that can't make up her mind does she want to have passionate sex with George or Jon? Of course, everything turns out great for her and she's a freaking hero while her brother becomes a fanatic lunatic One of the biggest characteristics of this book is the let's change these characters completely or the famous doing the 180 The plot is dull The action is nonexistent I wanted to shoot myself during most of this miserable book Overall, this is one of those I want to pull a Barney Stinson kind of books again. I opened this book sailing along on a certain ship a ship that I'd been on since book 1 I was convinced my feelings were never going to change! BUT THEN THINGS HAPPEN!! And these things weren't making me happy NOT AT ALL HAPPY JON!! And Alanna reacted just exactly how I expected she would I thought I was fine Because George AND NOW I don't even care, I ship Alanna with anyone she wants to be with As long as they respect her as a knight and allow her to go on her adventures and experience life and everything it has to offer and figure out what she wants If you can do this, I will ship you with her I promise :) Based on what I've read on Goodreads, the general fan consensus seems to be that this book is the weakest of the quartet I enjoyed it just as much as the previous two books, but can see why people tend to list it as their least favorite The story takes place almost entirely in a single location, as Alanna goes to live in the desert after graduating as a knight (and killing Duke Roger) at the end of Book 2 The people she falls in with are the Bazhir, who we met briefly in Book One when she and Jonathon went to the Black City, but the people and their culture is explored in much greater depth here I'm not objecting to the single setting here honestly, it was kind of nice to have the narrative slow down a little, instead of racing from one place to another and covering two years in two hundred pages but it gave this book a very different feel than the previous two Compared to the previous books, the pace of this one feels practically glacial, with the timeline of the whole story covering just a few months After seeing how quickly Pierce moved through plot points in the previous books (hey, anybody remember that time we went to war with Tusaine?) I found myself wondering just how long Alanna was planning to hang out with the Bazhir The majority of the book, it turns out But to be fair, she has a lot to do In the beginning of the story, Alanna falls in with a Bazhir tribe and they eventually accept her as one of them and then she becomes their shaman, because this is a Tamora Pierce book and Alanna of Trebond is a fucking boss at everything she does She spends most of her time training three Bazhir kids in magic, and two of them are girls, and all of the tribespeople are like, But a GIRL can't do magic or be a shaman! and Alanna is like Prepare to have your minds blown, Noble Savages! As you can guess, the Bazhir stuff wanders into uncomfortable territorythan once At best, they're fulfilling the Noble Savage trope and giving Alanna guidance like this is some Eat Pray Love white woman on a vision quest bullshit, and at worst they're just flatout Orientalist stereotypes There's a whole ceremony to make her an honorary Bazhir, and even though the scene itself is perfectly fine, all I could think about was that super racist number from Annie Get Your Gun The whole storyline is very much a White Savior cliche, right down to Alanna smashing her way into a culture she has almost no understanding of and insisting they change their ways immediately The only thing that redeems this storyline is the two girls she trains as shamans they ultimately change most of the Bazhir's views on women, so at least the people making strides to change the culture are actually from that culture So that wasn't great But everything else that happens here is awesome Jonathan shows up halfway through the book and proposes to Alanna (Jonathan, honey, how many way will this not work?), and then proceeds to go full Joffrey, turning into an entitled little shit who seems to have forgotten the last eight years when Alanna was his best friend and fellow squire They have an explosive fight where Jonathan yells at Alanna that she needs to start actingfeminine and she basically tells him to go fuck himself, and then she flounces off to go have sex with George Cooper for a while, because fuck you, Jonathan It's glorious My biggest wish for the previous book was for Alanna to make a female friend, and Tamora Pierce has answered my prayers After two books of believing that she was the exception to the rule that girls are silly and weak, Alanna meets a goddamn plethora of women who defy that stereotype In addition to the two Bazhir girls she trains in magic, Alanna also meets George's cousin Rispah, a female thief who was so awesome in her few scenes that I immediately started imagining her and Alanna going on a Thelma and Louisestyle roadtrip together She almost makes up for Delia, who you'll remember from the last book as that dumb slut who flirted with Alanna's friends and turned out to be working for Duke Roger, because girls who flirt with your boyfriends are always full of dark magic Delia is still here, and I'm kind of hoping that she's going to be the main villain in the next book, just so she has something fun to do.It's not the best book in the series, but overall The Woman Who Rides Like a Man is another great Alanna adventure, full of excitement and magic and swordfights and sex with cute boys and fantastic conversations like this, which all little girls need to study and remember:'You are a terrifying creature,' the Voice told [Alanna] solemnly 'You do not take your place in your father's tent, letting men make your decisions You ride as a man, you fight as a man, and you think as a man''I think as a human being,' she retorted hotly 'Men don't think any differently from women they just makenoise about being able to.'As Coram chuckled, Mukhtab said, 'Have you not discovered that when people, men and women, find a woman who acts intelligently, they say she acts like a man?' “Poor woman who rides like a man You know so much, and nothing at all.” After the coming out, Alanna of Trebond, the sole woman knight in the realm of Tortall does going riding away This is what we have been waiting for All this arduous training and the palace shenanigans were just a prelude to what I always believed a key element in Alana’s story: fulfilling her knighthood dream I endured the previous book only because I wanted to read about Alanna’s travels and adventures around the kingdom Here is what happens: Alanna starts her journey, gets stuck in the first place she visits and her adventures exacerbate my previous conclusions that from a determined and hardworking girl, she grew up to be a person who expects the whole world to bend her way She comes to a people of a different culture, suffers the villagesaviour syndrome, makes them adjust to her whims and lands on the top of the societal ladder which she promptly uses to challenge the Bazhir way of life (of course she knows better!) Any problems she encounters, are easily resolved with the minimum of effort on her part In this regard nothing has changed from the previous book, which is ludicrous because previously she was in a somewhat favourable milieu and now she is supposed to be out there, in a dangerous world My vacuum cleaner isdangerous Things are so terribly unpleasant for poor Alanna that when she breaks her magic toy (that was mildly exciting), instead of struggling as an ordinary human being, she gets a new toy immediately (what a letdown!) On top of this, she continues her emancipation nonsense I’d be willing to ignore it even against the gender crusade fought by Alanna against the representatives of another culture, but the absolutely abysmal view on marriage (kind of a coffin you are locked in alive and buried promptly) coupled with her take on romance, which now, that we are firmly out of the children’s quarters and into the adult playground, turned from fresh to repulsive, means that I’d indeed rather spend time with my vacuum cleaner than her By the way, if you hoped that the change of scenery means the end of the love triangle, all that you need to know is: the love triangle is essential in this instalment All that Alanna is presently preoccupied with is who to hump which one of the two candidates is better In both cases, their love and devotion is taken for granted, and when pressed with need, she swaps one stud for another just waiting for it, all hot, in the starting gate.Even the villainy in this book is not that scintillating and needs to be rehashed (view spoiler)[you know it’s bad if the Author is forced to bring the antagonist from the dead (hide spoiler)] Alanna, the only female knight, sets out across the desert of Tortall and iscaptured by desert tribesmen Forced to prove herself, Alanna triumps in amagical duel to the death, becoming the tribe's first female shaman Butanother battle rages in Alanna's heartshe must decide whether to marry PrinceJonathan, her first love, or stay with her longtime friend George, thehandsome, charismatic King of Thieves Lively and enjoyable, with a strong, vigorous heroine The Horn Book I love this series because it features a strong female protagonist In fact, all of this author's work is centered around young women, which I appreciate after reading so much Harry Potter (which I love, but which lacks balance between good male and female characters, at least in the early books) Some of the other collections get repetitive, but Alanna's story stays compelling through all four books. OKAY Let's ignore my review from the past This book made me absolutely hate Jon I didn't like him a whole lot in the last book, but this book really goes to show how awful, conceited, and controlling he is The second he arrives at the Bloody Hawk tribe's village, things went downhill He's moody and annoying, taking out his anger on Alanna He only wants to marry her to prove he can do whatever he wants And then they have a huge argument, which I really thinks shows his true colours Saying that Alanna isn't a real woman like the Court ladies, was honestly the last straw for me I didn't remember much of this book from my last reread because it's always been my least favourite, but this time around I just can't stand it I know people will argue and say that Jon is still young, but in this world, a 21 year old is a proper adult, and Jon does not act like one Then we have the whole white saviour trope, with both Alanna and Jon Alanna bringing education and freedom and women's rights to the Bazhir annoyed me so much And she also tries to get the girls to remove their face veils because apparently that somehow limits or constricts them from becoming fullfledged shamans or sorcerers It's eyerolling, this whole book Jon becomes the Voice because of course the Bazhir would want some white guy who's family has oppressed them for centuries to become their leader.I do remember Jon changing in the next book, but I honestly don't remember how, and I don't know if it redeems his behaviour in this one I am glad to finally be one step closer to finishing this series and ranttweeting on Twitter has been a great as well lol***It's amazing how your opinions change as you get older I still love this book (and this series) as much as I did the first time around But it's definitely eyeopening Jon really annoyed me in this book he has gone a bit cocky and proud because of who he is Just like Thom! I honestly didn't quite remember much about Thom's role in this book, and realizing who he's become makes me so sad Jon also makes me so sad, because like Alanna said, he is a good person at heart, but he's just let all this royalty and nobleness get to his head and has forgotten that not every woman is at his beck and call and will accept/do whatever he wants Alanna being with him constantly kept him somewhat grounded, but I'm hoping he remembers (I think he does later on) that woman have their own rights and thoughts and opinions And he shouldn't need Alanna constantly near him to remember that George thoughnow I remember why he's so perfect for Alanna!(I feel kind of pressured to finish all of Tamora pierce's books before the end of the year because of the challenge, which sucks because I feel like I've rushed through this series and not drawn it out as slowly as I should have I feel like there are so many important lessons that I should have thought over , but I'm glad I own the book so now I can reread it as many times as I want) The entire Song of the Lioness quartet is absolutely brilliant What a great, uplifting series for young girls it's smart, funny, brave, and terrifically exciting I read this when I was in middle school, but I still get pleasure from rereading it even today. More adventures in store for Alanna after the conclusion of the second book in the series A new phase of her education and a new phase of her growth as a human being, a woman and a knight The desert setting is nice, but Alannaturnedteacher was a bit boring after a while On to the last book Highly recommended for any preteen. 2.5*This one was a bit of a letdown for me The first half was great but after that point this was a mess.There was absolutely no need for the romantic drama And that thing with Thom came out of nowhere😑

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