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Guess How Much I Love You Guess How Much I Love You, Says Little Nutbrown Hare Little Nutbrown Hare Shows His Daddy How Much He Loves Him As Wide As He Can Reach And As Far As He Can Hop But Big Nutbrown Hare, Who Can Reach Farther And Hop Higher, Loves Him Back Just As Much Well Then Little Nutbrown Hare Loves Him Right Up To The Moon, But That S Just Halfway To Big Nutbrown Hare S Love For Him

About the Author: Sam McBratney

The 1943 born Northern Ireland native started writing children s books when he was a teacher in his thirties, with the aim of helping out students who had trouble reading But he continued writing for apersonal reason the act of imagining simply makes me feel good, he says The fifty seventh book of Sam McBratney s career, and his first book with Candlewick Press, was the much loved GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU, which has sold an astonishing 15 million copies worldwide, and is available in 37 languages This is not the sort of thing you expect when most of your books have been remaindered, the author admits But, as the frog trapped in the milk discovered, if you keep going, sometimes you find yourself walking on cream cheese Where does Sam McBratney get his inspiration I told my children stories when they were young, he says, so when I write I try to think of what they would have liked But there may be another source guiding his writing as well The author s father who worked as a type compositor with the BELFAST TELEGRAPH, and whose favorite books were westerns is the person Sam McBratney credits for giving him his love of the English language Most of my picture books GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU, THE DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS, JUST ONE , and JUST YOU AND ME explore the relationship between a big one and a wee one, the author notes The big one is not called the father in the stories, but that s what he is Although my dad died before I became a writer, the father in my stories has a voice and a presence that he would have recognized and understood In addition to authoring many books for children, Sam McBratney has also written radio plays for adults and a prize winning collection of short stories He received a degree in history and political science from Trinity College, Dublin, and worked for many years as a teacher Married, with three grown children, Sam McBratney lives in Northern Ireland.

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    This is THE best bedtime story, in my opinion It was a nightly ritual for my first daughter, and it holds a very special place in our hearts When it says that the dad bunny leans down and kisses the little one s head, Leah would always lean down and kiss the picture The page became a little scummy from kiddie goo, and it s PREC

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    This is one of only three board books that continuously survive the purge because I simply can t bear to move it out I see tiny, invisible handprints all over it, as it was a favorite of both of my children I received this as a baby shower gift and have easily read it hundreds of times That it is still occasionally requested at bedtim

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    Can t the parent just let the kid win one Even after kid falls asleep, the parent has to one up the frustrated, exhausted child Go pick on someone your own size

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    Someone wanted a story before bed, but someone isn t listening I wonder if that someone could be Indy boy And I wonder if that was to put off going to bed Of course it is This is a great little book One that is a physical story as we do the actions along with the little hare, and the big hare Our arms stretched wide or high, to show the love This i

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    I finally got around to reading this classic story A beginning story, simple and sweet about the love a parent and child have for each other This will give you warm fuzzies all over The artwork is cute and the simple story and characters are perfect to deliver this message The nephew was like, cute bunnies, boring story Nothing happens He is a man of acti

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    Okay this is my favorite book in the whole wide world, so I was surprised to see the number of less than favorable reviews.To the guy that thinks and I use that word liberally that this book is a allegory for socialism, really I mean really Really To everyone else that thinks this book is about a game of one upsmanship or it has a undercurrent of competition bet

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    One of the only books I can read to my daughter where the adult in the book is a male Most of the books have no men or relegate the father to support staff roles Having said that, the book is really a testosterone fueled look at the competitive indoctrination of little boys Paraphrase of text Kid I love you as million.Dad I love you a billion.Kid Can t you let me win o

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    Really nice bedtime book.

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    Little Nutbrown Hare and his father, Big Nutbrown Hare, have what at first glance seems like a love competition in this sweet reassurance tale from Northern Irish author Sam McBratney and English illustrator Anita Jeram As the younger hare declares his love, only to be continually outdone by his elderI love you as high as I can reach,the son says, but his father can reach higher it

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    This may be my least favorite children s book that I ve read to the kids Even worse than the highly commercialized children s books devoid of any value which are made for nothing but the tie ins to TV shows and toy sales Guess How Much I Love You turns loving each other into a competition and one where the child can never win against the parent I like the idea of parent and child loving ea

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