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The Reframe Is A Self Improvement Book With The Primary Goal Of Attracting A Desirable Mate From A Male S Perspective This Book Is Composed Of Three Main Sections Social, Health And Wealth These Categories Cover A Wide Array Of Topics And Link Them Back Into The Main Idea Of Finding A Meaningful Relationship That Will Stand The Test Of TimeHow Can You Attract And Maintain A Relationship With Your Dream Girl The Reframe Doesn T Just Tell You To Be Confident, Genuine And Non Needy Like So Many Other Books In Today S Men Relationship Book Market Instead It Collectively Shows You How To Bring That Confidence Out Of You Naturally, Ensuring You Get The Most Out Of Your Relationships And Out Of LifeThis Book Tackles The Idea Of Social Conditioning And Therein Challenges The Reader To Push Him Herself In Interesting Ways The Author Argues That These Somewhat Unorthodox Tactics And Reframes Are Needed Given Societies View On Relationships Are Not Working As Intended, Citing An Ever Increasing Trend In Failed MarriagesThis Book Is A Must Read And Does Succeed In Making The Reader Think About Relationships In A Most Interesting, Albeit Alternative Way The Reframe: Reframe Relationships

About the Author: Brian Maddox

Brian Maddox 1988 was born in Edmonton, Alberta Canada For the first ten years after high school Brian continued to find himself in post secondary studies After achieving his Bachelor of Commerce BCOM in 2011 at the University of Alberta, Brian landed a desk job as a full time accountant where he completed his Charter CPA under the CMA legacy program in 2015 The choice to pursue never ending school seemingly paid off allowing him to purchase his first home by the time he was 25 Unfortunately this monetary headway didn t carry its way much into his relationships which motivated Brian to write his first officially published book, The Reframe Reframe Relationships This book cites that a reframe is needed with regard to relationships in today s society given the ever increasing rate of marriages that now fail Brian continues to spend the bulk of his time working as a full time accountant, reading self help books and studying for his CFA designation examinations He hopes that his book will make a pivotal difference in the live s of its readers and ambitiously hopes that it even helps to straighten out society s misguided view on relationships.

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    The Reframe Getting boys out of their mom s basement since 2016.

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    Picked up the Kindle version for 3.99 Has a lot of hidden value which makes it worth this cost Ideas are interesting, unique and easy to follow.Instilled reflection on my own life.I am not sure if I felt motivated or guilty when I finally put

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    Men need go read this book and get out there I keep meeting the shittiest men You introverts need to man the hell up I forced some of my smart intelligent guy friends to buy this book.

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    When it comes to relationships, it s important to understand differing points of view and sometimes it s necessary to reframe your thinking While this book is geared for men, as a woman, I found it useful and intriguing See, we re all social creatur

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    One of the better self help books out there and I need lots of self help I loved the 7 habits by Covey so I did have a predisposition for this book With that in mind I found it positive andof a book about transforming yourself than it is trying to mani

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    heard of it..but going to read it as I am so curious.

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