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Shantaram EPUB Shantaram By Gregory David Roberts Abb2.ebdcs.co.uk It Took Me A Long Time And Most Of The World To Learn What I Know About Love And Fate And The Choices We Make, But The Heart Of It Came To Me In An Instant, While I Was Chained To A Wall And Being Tortured So Begins This Epic, Mesmerizing First Novel Set In The Underworld Of Contemporary Bombay Shantaram Is Narrated By Lin, An Escaped Convict With A False Passport Who Flees Maximum Security Prison In Australia For The Teeming Streets Of A City Where He Can Disappear.Accompanied By His Guide And Faithful Friend, Prabaker, The Two Enter Bombay S Hidden Society Of Beggars And Gangsters, Prostitutes And Holy Men, Soldiers And Actors, And Indians And Exiles From Other Countries, Who Seek In This Remarkable Place What They Cannot Find Elsewhere.As A Hunted Man Without A Home, Family, Or Identity, Lin Searches For Love And Meaning While Running A Clinic In One Of The City S Poorest Slums, And Serving His Apprenticeship In The Dark Arts Of The Bombay Mafia The Search Leads Him To War, Prison Torture, Murder, And A Series Of Enigmatic And Bloody Betrayals The Keys To Unlock The Mysteries And Intrigues That Bind Lin Are Held By Two People The First Is Khader Khan Mafia Godfather, Criminal Philosopher Saint, And Mentor To Lin In The Underworld Of The Golden City The Second Is Karla Elusive, Dangerous, And Beautiful, Whose Passions Are Driven By Secrets That Torment Her And Yet Give Her A Terrible Power.Burning Slums And Five Star Hotels, Romantic Love And Prison Agonies, Criminal Wars And Bollywood Films, Spiritual Gurus And Mujaheddin Guerrillas This Huge Novel Has The World Of Human Experience In Its Reach, And A Passionate Love For India At Its Heart Based On The Life Of The Author, It Is By Any Measure The Debut Of An Extraordinary Voice In Literature.

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    Like Marmite, or Vegemite another Australian export you either loved this book or hated it I hated it I really, really hated it It was a waste of my life enduring five chapters of this egotistical drivel by someone who thought their life was 933 pages worth of importance He was an escaped convict from an Australian prison and I bet his fellow prisoners and wa

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    My god What an incredible load of drivel this is Though there is room in the world for large stories largely told, Gregory David Roberts self aggrandazing pseudo autobiography teems with ludicrously bad prose, characters so flat I d like to use them to keep water off my bathroom floor, dimwitted philosophy, and self love I quite literally had to stop reading f

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    There s enough reviews on this book I m not going to summarize it again I love this book, and yes it s massive but I think I ve read it 3 times It s not perfect but the parts that are great make up for the wobbly bits I thought I d throw in some of the lines I liked The world and I are not on speaking terms, Karla said to me once in those early months The world

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    I managed 200 pages of this utter drivel before giving up completely Poorly written nonsense which is gathering critical acclaim from people who probably read one book a year At one point during a scene when the narrator is looking at a river he ACTUALLY writes I was thinking of another river A river that runs through all of us The river of the heart I...

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    I moved this from my currently reading shelf to my read shelf because there is no I gave up on this piece of crap shelf 600 pages into it, I had to set myself free by throwing it in the toilet No, seriously, I threw it in the toilet Then I had to fish it out and clean the deluge of toilet water all over the place created by this tremendously large and heavy piece

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    This is possibly the best book I ve ever read It was given to me by a friend of mine who loved it, and said that before she read it she had no desire to go to India, but after having read it she couldn t wait to go.This book is over 900 pages, so I found it a little challenging to start b c I didn t want to carry it around with me to read on the bus too bulky and

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    If I met the protagonist, Linbaba, in the flesh, I d, well, I d beg my meatiest friend to rough him up Repeatedly Lin s adventures in Bombay are apparently based on humble author Gregory David Roberts s exploits playing savior and mafiosi there while in hiding after a daring escape from an Australian prison thanks for a fellow goodreader for correcting me I had pre

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    The way Roberts describes Indians in this book is like a series of bad caricatures I cringed terribly There is the over friendly and smiling, trusting, barbaric, not very clever, poor Prabaker I HATED the way he wrote Prabaker s English It made him sound like a racist Disney character or like the golum from LOTR to the cool and smooth Iranian gangster if you like ri

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    Have you ever been in a relationship that you were just done with but you were hoping they would end it and so you suffer through, day after day, rolling your eyes every time that person does that THING that you HATE and, yah, it was kind of fun at first but if they keep doing that THING that you HATE, you are going to end up saying something really mean and you real

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    Gripping story Beautiful descriptions of India and its people Rhetorical dialogue provides provocative one line philosophical nuggets Civilization, after all, is defined by what we forbid,than what we permit The worst thing about corruption as a system of government is that it works so well A lot of bad stuff in the world wasn t really that bad until someone tried to

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