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The Namesake Jhumpa Lahiri S Interpreter Of Maladies Established This Young Writer As One The Most Brilliant Of Her Generation Her Stories Are One Of The Very Few Debut Works And Only A Handful Of Collections To Have Won The Pulitzer Prize For Fiction Among The Many Other Awards And Honors It Received Were The New Yorker Debut Of The Year Award, The PEN Hemingway Award, And The Highest Critical Praise For Its Grace, Acuity, And Compassion In Detailing Lives Transported From India To America.In The Namesake, Lahiri Enriches The Themes That Made Her Collection An International Bestseller The Immigrant Experience, The Clash Of Cultures, The Conflicts Of Assimilation, And, Most Poignantly, The Tangled Ties Between Generations Here Again Lahiri Displays Her Deft Touch For The Perfect Detail The Fleeting Moment, The Turn Of Phrase That Opens Whole Worlds Of Emotion The Namesake Takes The Ganguli Family From Their Tradition Bound Life In Calcutta Through Their Fraught Transformation Into Americans On The Heels Of Their Arranged Wedding, Ashoke And Ashima Ganguli Settle Together In Cambridge, Massachusetts An Engineer By Training, Ashoke Adapts Far Less Warily Than His Wife, Who Resists All Things American And Pines For Her Family When Their Son Is Born, The Task Of Naming Him Betrays The Vexed Results Of Bringing Old Ways To The New World Named For A Russian Writer By His Indian Parents In Memory Of A Catastrophe Years Before, Gogol Ganguli Knows Only That He Suffers The Burden Of His Heritage As Well As His Odd, Antic Name Lahiri Brings Great Empathy To Gogol As He Stumbles Along The First Generation Path, Strewn With Conflicting Loyalties, Comic Detours, And Wrenching Love Affairs With Penetrating Insight, She Reveals Not Only The Defining Power Of The Names And Expectations Bestowed Upon Us By Our Parents, But Also The Means By Which We Slowly, Sometimes Painfully, Come To Define Ourselves.

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    After finishing the Namesake, my thoughts were drawn to my last roommate in college, an Indian woman studying for her PHD in Psychology When I first moved in, she had just broken up with her white boyfriend It never would have wor

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    In 2000, Jhumpa Lahiri won the Pulitzer Prize for her story collection Interpreter of Maladies, becoming the first Indian to win the award In the last story, an engineering graduate student arrives in Cambridge from Calcutta, starting a lif

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    Look I admit it I read for escapist purposes Specifically, I read to experience a viewpoint that I would never have encountered otherwise I read to escape the boundaries of my own limited scope, to discover a new life by looking through lenses of all

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    Jhumpa Lahiri s excellent mastery and command of language are amazing She writes so effortlessly and enchantingly, in such a captivating manner and yet so matter of factly that her writing completely enthralls me Just look at one of my favorite passages so sim

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    He hates that his name is both absurd and obscure, that it has nothing to do with who he is, that it is neither Indian nor American but of all things Russian He hates having to live with it, with a pet name turned good name, day after day, second after second At times h

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    I thought of a better title An Indian Family Moves To America And Proceeds To Live One of these days a publishing house is going to snatch me up and make me Head of Titlings The Namesake is an expertly crafted, yet unfortunately dull slideshow It reads as if you were listening to

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    Enjoyed reading about the Bengali culture, their traditions, envied their sense and closeness of family Ashima and Ashoke, an arranged marriage, moving to the USA where Ashoke is an engineer, trying to learn a different way of life, different language, so very difficult Ashima misses her f

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    I read this book on several plane journeys and while hanging around several airports I m putting the emphasis on several because it took me a long time to read it even though I was in a hurry to finish I was in a hurry, not because it was a page turner but because I really needed to get to the end.A

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    I liked the first 40 pages or so I was very interested in the scenes in India and the way the characters perceived the U.S after they moved But soon I found myself losing interest There were several problems One is that Lahiri s novelistic style feelslike summary this happened, then this, then this rather tha

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    Book subtitle I will write down everything I know about a certain family of Bengali immigrants in the United States by Jhumpa Lahiri.Immigrant anguish the toll it takes in settling in an alien country after having bidden adieu to one s home, family, and culture is what this prize winning novel is supposed to explore, b

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