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Soul Music Other Children Get Given Xylophones Susan Just Had To Ask Her Grandfather To Take His Vest Off Yes There S A Death In The Family.It S Hard To Grow Up Normally When Grandfather Rides A White Horse And Wields A Scythe Especially When You Have To Take Over The Family Business, And Everyone Mistakes You For The Tooth Fairy.And Especially When You Have To Face The New And Addictive Music That Has Entered Discworld.It S Lawless It Changes People.It S Called Music With Rocks In.It S Got A Beat And You Can Dance To It, ButIt S Alive.And It Won T Fade Away.

About the Author: Terry Pratchett

Born Terence David John Pratchett, Sir Terry Pratchett sold his first story when he was thirteen, which earned him enough money to buy a second hand typewriter His first novel, a humorous fantasy entitled The Carpet People, appeared in 1971 from the publisher Colin Smythe Terry worked for many years as a journalist and press officer, writing in his spare time and publishing a number of novels, including his first Discworld novel, The Color of Magic, in 1983 In 1987, he turned to writing full time There are over 40 books in the Discworld series, of which four are written for children The first of these, The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, won the Carnegie Medal A non Discworld book, Good Omens, his 1990 collaboration with Neil Gaiman, has been a longtime bestseller and was reissued in hardcover by William Morrow in early 2006 it is also available as a mass market paperback Harper Torch, 2006 and trade paperback Harper Paperbacks, 2006 In 2008, Harper Children s published Terry s standalone non Discworld YA novel, Nation Terry published Snuff in October 2011 Regarded as one of the most significant contemporary English language satirists, Pratchett has won numerous literary awards, was named an Officer of the British Empire OBE for services to literature in 1998, and has received honorary doctorates from the University of Warwick in 1999, the University of Portsmouth in 2001, the University of Bath in 2003, the University of Bristol in 2004, Buckinghamshire New University in 2008, the University of Dublin in 2008, Bradford University in 2009, the University of Winchester in 2009, and The Open University in 2013 for his contribution to Public Service.In Dec of 2007, Pratchett disclosed that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer s disease On 18 Feb, 2009, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.He was awarded the World Fantasy Life Achievement Award in 2010.Sir Terry Pratchett passed away on 12th March 2015.

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    Sex, drugs and rock and roll in the Discworld.Except there s really not any sex to speak of, and to be honest really not any drugs either.But 1 out of three ain t bad, er, well, I guess that s 33 percent, so really not that good but But in Sir Terry Pratchett s able writing, it is good, as the Discworld experiences rock and roll or actually, Music with Rocks In as performed by The Band with Rocks In.Imp Y Celyn which literally means bu

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    I didn t realise I was a month behind in my self imposed Discworld novel per month readathon, but apparently I was am That said as per usual it was a thoroughly enjoyable hilarious novel.I know I ve said it before, but this must be one of my favourite novels so far ha ha It has probably my favourite character, as in DEATH, although when I read books with The Witches, I love them, oh and of course The Night Watch, Oh blow it, all of them are j

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    Music is immortal Some say it has always been there and always will Some can apparently hear its beat Like the pulse of the universe itself I think Terry Pratchett had that same kind of appreciation for this particular art.In this 16th installment of the phenomenon that is the Discworld series, Death has a family related crisis so he goes away for a while Unlike the last time, there is someone to take over though and the Death of Rats and Binky are

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    A very nice re read 9 13 18 I love music I love humor I love seeing wizards rock the house Oh, and everyone else getting slipped an extra dimensional mickey in their drinks, too If we re really talking about sex, drugs, and rock and roll, I know we have the rock and roll down There are even a few trolls to do it RIGHT The drugs bit is Discworld itself, OF COURSE And if you really think about it, our universe really is doing a little slip slide with Discwor

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    Discworld Playlist 1There s a Great Deal of Shaking Happening 2Give Me That Music With Rocks In 3Pathway to Paradise 4Born to Runetwo and a half stars Discworld Playlist 1There s a Great Deal of Shaking Happening 2Give Me That Music With Rocks In 3Pathway to Paradise 4Born to Runetwo and a half stars

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    Soul Music was, I guess, my first true love Um, I mean with Terry Pratchett Um, I mean you know what I mean DSo much so that when I had to pick the topic of my 4,000 word IB extended essay, there was no room for doubt It had to be Susan And Death And the Music With Rocks In And the life saving, human defining importance of rebellion Teen angst, hateen me would fume What d you grown ups knowMeet 4,000 word essay here Even though this is the Soul Music was, I guess, my f

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    I re read this book slowly past few weeks.So slowly I even forgot to added it to GR.Sadly my initial opinion still remains This is the worst Discworld book I read but not worst Pratchett s book that title goes to Long earth.That doesn t mean it s bad book but it s way bellow sir Terry s best works.Death is my second favorite Discworld character first one being Sam Vimes but like in Thief of time him Susan ended in totally uninteresting plot with overall very weak cast of chara

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    I am convinced that Sir Pratchett wrote this book for the sole reason of putting in a grateful Death joke.It wasn t my favorite Discworld book, but the phrase Music With Rocks In is so charmingly Pratchett that I kind of wanted to hug it.

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    Any Discworld that features Death is a winner in my book I love the addition of the raven, and Susan s journey as Death s granddaughter was an interesting one And of course all the musical references were pretty great.Audiobook narrated by Nigel Planer Thumbs up

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    Part of the Pratchett reread with the SpecFic Buddy Reads group in 2018 Death takes a break at about the same time as the Discworld latches on to yet another passing concept from elsewhere in the multiverse Music with Rocks In Ankh Morpork gets hit hard by the arrival of some new musicians and soon the whole city can t get enough of the new music, particularly including some of the Unseen University faculty Meanwhile, with Death missing, the role is picked up by his young granddaughter, Susa Part

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