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Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil A Sublime And Seductive Reading Experience Brilliantly Conceived And Masterfully Written, This Enormously Engaging Portrait Of A Most Beguiling Southern City Has Become A Modern ClassicShots Rang Out In Savannah S Grandest Mansion In The Misty, Early Morning Hours Of May , Was It Murder Or Self Defense For Nearly A Decade, The Shooting And Its Aftermath Reverberated Throughout This Hauntingly Beautiful City Of Moss Hung Oaks And Shaded Squares John Berendt S Sharply Observed, Suspenseful, And Witty Narrative Reads Like A Thoroughly Engrossing Novel, And Yet It Is A Work Of Nonfiction Berendt Skillfully Interweaves A Hugely Entertaining First Person Account Of Life In This Isolated Remnant Of The Old South With The Unpredictable Twists And Turns Of A Landmark Murder CaseIt Is A Spellbinding Story Peopled By A Gallery Of Remarkable Characters The Well Bred Society Ladies Of The Married Woman S Card Club The Turbulent Young Redneck Gigolo The Hapless Recluse Who Owns A Bottle Of Poison So Powerful It Could Kill Every Man, Woman, And Child In Savannah The Aging And Profane Southern Belle Who Is The Soul Of Pampered Self Absorption The Uproariously Funny Black Drag Queen The Acerbic And Arrogant Antiques Dealer The Sweet Talking, Piano Playing Con Artist Young Blacks Dancing The Minuet At The Black Debutante Ball And Minerva, The Voodoo Priestess Who Works Her Magic In The Graveyard At Midnight These And Other Savannahians Act As A Greek Chorus, With Berendt Revealing The Alliances, Hostilities, And Intrigues That Thrive In A Town Where Everyone Knows Everyone Else

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    Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt is a 1994 Random House publication In 2019, I read a handful of books that were huge bestsellers in the past, but for some reason or another, I d never gotten around to reading them I had so much fun reading the books everyone on the planet has read but me , I d

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    Extraordinary story and characters, slow read, some parts for me were a bit hard to get through, that s why four stars and not five A classic though Loved it Now I want to go to Savannah too.Another early review of mine coming up how times flies.Oh my, I loved this book

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    this book has a lot of fans that makes some sense magazines are certainly very popular, and this is magazine writing at its most polished Berendt knows how to create an atmosphere he knows how to describe things in a style that is careful, subtle, and enfused with a deadpan but rather mischievious irony he can certainly describe the way

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    Note, February 2014 I was just rereading this review, and FUNNY STORY, I moved to a small town Not so much a big city person as I had originally thoughtOriginal review, circa 2007 I love this book to the point where I don t even really know what to say about it, because nothing I can say about it will be good enough to explain just how incredible

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    This is a book about the shooting of a young man in a rich guy s fancy house, but the real crime is how boring this story is Ayo I do not know what happened here.I mean, this book has EVERYTHING old rich people gossip about the aforementioned old rich people the history of the city of Savannah famously interesting place, not even being sarcastic, and yes i

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    One of the best true crime book I have ever read Every inch of the story is fascinating It reads like a novel I actually had to keep reminding myself that it was, in fact, a true crime book From the very first chapter I felt drawn in I immediately wanted to go to Savannah and see it for myself So often in true crime books the characters are a little flat Berendt was

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    BkC7 Delicious, shimmering prose Wonderful story Savannah really should give Mr Berendt a pension.Well now, I have to dim my searchlight to a streetlight Still think it s good but now, well, now I can t see past the one hit wonderness to the glories I once took for granted.Rating 3.75 of fiveThe Publisher Says Shots rang out in Savannah s grandest mansion in the misty,early m

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    I purchased this book while in Savannah for the first time I had been promised that the text would capture the spirit of this reclusive and beautiful city And it did, I have no complaints there Mr Brendt weaves this character driven travelogue into the true story of a sensational murder trial that dominated Savannah for nearly a decade That is a nice device as it allows the author to c

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    This was a decent book There was a lot of mood, of which I m a big fan The characters all had the potential to be very interesting, but unfortuately, they weren t developed That s not to say you don t spend a lot of time with them, or find out anything about them, it s just that you don t really give a damn The book is written by a magazine journalist who ends up living on and off in Savanah, GA

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    There was a lot of hype around this book a few years back, but in this case I think it is actually deserved For one, Berendt is a skilled writer who understands how to tease a compelling story out of the material he s working with And, oh, what material The true crime mystery at the center of the book whether the social climbing, closeted gay antiques dealer shot his lover in cold blood or self defense is

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