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Lord of Scoundrels DETERMINED LADY Tough Minded Jessica Trent S Sole Intention Is To Free Her Nitwit Brother From The Destructive Influence Of Sebastian Ballister, The Notorious Marquess Of Dain She Never Expects To Desire The Arrogant, Amoral Cad And When Dain S Reciprocal Passion Places Them In A Scandalously Compromising, And Public, Position, Jessica Is Left With No Choice But To Seek SatisfactionLORD OF SCOUNDRELS Damn The Minx For Tempting Him, Kissing Him And Then Forcing Him To Salvage Her Reputation Lord Dain Can T Wait To Put The Infuriating Bluestocking In Her Place And In Some Amorous Position And If That Means Marriage, So Be It Though Sebastian Is Less Than Certain He Can Continue To Remain Aloof And Steel His Heart To The Sensuous, Headstrong Lady S Considerable Charms

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    romances that make me laugh swoon are top tier especially with a truly domineering heroine emotionally damaged hero chef s kiss romances that make me laugh swoon are top tier especially with a truly domineering heroine emotionally damaged hero chef s kiss

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    This is my favorite book of all time well, tied with Jane Eyre Great hero, heroine, story, humor, romance, angst Perfect except I didn t want it to end I fell in love with Dain from the moment of his birth He was an ugly baby, loved only by his dearest mother, who was taken away from him He was horribly treated by others growing up because of his half Italian heritage and his large nose

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    I hated this book.I hated the hero.I hated his brat.I hated everybody but the heroine, and her I pitied for having these other morons around.Well Now I feel like I kicked a puppy because everybody told me to read this book and that it would be wonderful.It was beautifully written, sure.And it had a lot of scenery change that consumed a big chunk of time,while other HR usually happen in a

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    On sale To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Lord of Scoundrels Kindle edition is on sale for just 1.99 Edited to Add Renee just pointed out that the Audible version is reduced to 2.99 if you own the Kindle Version Thanks, Renee Edited Again to Add If you don t already own the Kindle version, you can still get this for the sale price of 6.95 during Audible s Big Hits sale Thanks Lady Wesley

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    I hardly know what to say about this one I haven t read too many historicals in the past year, but boy oh boy, maybe I should start This book had me totally riveted The story, the witty dialogue, the oh so complicated hero, the take no guff heroine, the whole love hate thing between the H h it was at times funny, sad, frustrating, but there was never a dull moment At times I felt sooo sorry

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    Damn the minx for tempting him, kissing him and then forcing him to salvage her reputation Lord Dain can t wait to put the infuriating bluestocking in her place and in some amorous position, And if that means marriage, so be it though Sebastian is less than certain he can continue to remain aloof and steel his heart to the sensuous, headstrong lady s considerable charms. I really enjoyed th

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    4.5 stars Now I know why this book is considered a classic in the romance genre I was utterly charmed by the unconventional love story between Lord Dain and Jessica Trent Dain was described as somewhat less than an appealing hero, physically with a countenance of a brute But boy, did he won me over in the end not by changing into someone unrecognizable but just by being him and falling in lov

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    It s the most unhappy people who most fear change Mignon McLaughlinAnd this time, the grown man asked, with the same despair a little boy had asked, decades ago Why will You not help meIt s the kind of romance with hero like Dain, someone whose pain was hurting me too I wanted to tell him that I know, I understand I wanted to reach him, hug him, soothe him, This time, he felt as lost and help

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    5 stars for the first half, 2 for the latter Overall, 3.5 stars

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    Written December 13, 20145 Huge Stars Hilarious chuckling fun audiobook listening Great plot, amusing banters and wicked characters A by many readers highly beloved historical romance The hilarious enjoying story about Sebastian Ballister, the notorious Marquess of Dain and Lady Jessica Trent Written already 1995 I ve listened to the 11 39 hrs audiobook narrated by Kate Reading You ll want all

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