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The Rise of Magicks (Chronicles of The One, #3) The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Year One And Of Blood And Bone Concludes Her Stunning Trilogy That The New York Times Book Review Praised As A Match For End Of The World Classics Like Stephen King S The Stand After The Sickness Known As The Doom Destroyed Civilization, Magick Has Become Commonplace, And Fallon Swift Has Spent Her Young Years Learning Its Ways Fallon Cannot Live In Peace Until She Frees Those Who Have Been Preyed Upon By The Government Or The Fanatical Purity Warriors, Endlessly Hunted Or Locked Up In Laboratories, Brutalized For Years On End She Is Determined To Save Even Those Who Have Been Complicit With This Evil Out Of Fear Or Weakness If, Indeed, They Can Be SavedStrengthened By The Bond She Shares With Her Fellow Warrior, Duncan, Fallon Has Already Succeeded In Rescuing Countless Shifters And Elves And Ordinary Humans Now She Must Help Them Heal And Rediscover The Light And Faith Within Themselves For Although From The Time Of Her Birth, She Has Been The One, She Is Still Only One And As She Faces Down An Old Nemesis, Sets Her Sights On The Enemy S Stronghold, And Pursues Her Destiny To Finally Restore The Mystical Shield That Once Protected Them All She Will Need An Army Behind Her Thank you to St Martin s Press and a Goodreads Giveaway for an ARC of this wonderful book.I was very much looking forward to reading the final book in a trilogy that I think is a bit of a departure from the usual Nora Roberts novels.It was wrapped up nicely but a little too easily There are several sequences in this book that, in the hands of a different author, would have been huuuuge action scenes There would have been giant battles with all different kinds of Dark Uncannys, Raiders, and Purity Warriors Instead, we get a few pages and she tells us who won and who died I get it, action is not really what you re looking for in a Nora Roberts book But I did wish we could have seen of what was happening Also, maybe some merpeople.There are a lot of characters, so beyond Fallon you re not getting a ton of character development Everyone kind of just stays where they are It sounds like I didn t like this book very much but I actually liked it a lot If you enjoyed the first two books, I m sure you ll like this one There just weren t any hard choices or shocking conclusions here. 5 Well Deserved Stars Thank you Edelweiss for an ARCI can not wait to put this conclusion in the hands of my library patrons because it was so beautifully wrapped up I couldn t have asked for a better ending I ve said it before, raises hand not the biggest Nora Roberts fan here I admit this freely however, if I can specify a series to be the HUGEST Nora Roberts fan for it d be this one She ties up loose ends, ravels and spins a web with each and every character and yet it somehow flows perfectly.Fallon, Tonia, Duncan and their growth as characters is the bomb.com But that isn t even the best part of this bookthe best part is how every.single.character has a purpose There was no fluff written in just to be page fillers Mallick, Simon, Fred, Arlys, Mick, Lana the list goes on and on because every person plays a role Action, adventure, romance, intense anticipation, impending doom, hope, darkness, you name it, this book has it all and then some I m impressed Ms Roberts.thoroughly impressed. Book received from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.The series comes to a powerful end as Fallon and New Hope come together fight the evil that caused the Doom Really, there is no explanation needed when it comes to Nora Roberts The final book brings the series to a mind blowing close With lives lost, lives to avenge, and a dark evil to destroy I loved this series so much It s different from her normal writing in that the series doesn t surround the romance of certain people but builds through families Love it I was surprised to find that I enjoyed this last book in this trilogy way than the first two see links to my reviews of the first two books below It was a reasonably good way to end this trilogy but not an original way to end it However, if you have already read the first two books, then this is a must read for you I had some problems with the repetitiveness that Nora seems to embrace lately She does like to repeat over and over, what we not only have learned from the first two books, but she did this with passages from this particular book too Unlike other reviewers, I feel that Ms Roberts was merely filling up pages to get to a specific word count I did not like the fact that these books use a language like what she uses in her J.D.Robb series which I call text speak She tends to lose the flow of her sentences when doing this, and it makes it a bit awkward for a reader who is not used to this way of speaking Ms Roberts leaves out things like determiners and grammatical articles and even some crucial verbs I still do think that this series is geared for the YA Teen audience than a purely adult one.There are new character s to enjoy, fights galore, and deaths of some secondary character s that we ve come to know I do wonder why Fallon is not using all of this fantastic magic she absorbed when opening The Book of Spells and then jumped into The Pit.The last fight is interesting not exciting as such, but interesting but a little lackluster for a trilogy like thisI loved Vivienne especially and a lot of the secondary and tertiary character s This idea would have made an excellent long running series which would have given the characters time to grow and mature into their roles I did have a bit of a difficult time with the large jumps in time Fallon is an infant poof Fallon is 13 poof Fallon is 20 I think An extended series would have given us time to see what all the fights were like, to understand about Vivienne and the other alliances, to feel about the romance, etc ARC supplied by the publisher.

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