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The Playground Very interesting book with twists Compliments to author for her flowing narrative. Three families from different backgrounds come together as their children are all in the same tutoring group The adults are so self involved that they don t pay attention to the children until tragedy strikes At that point their lives unravel and we learn the truth of what really went on that summer.A lot of characters, and a lot of slow moments made it almost difficult to read I was confused and the characters were not likable, unfortunately After said tragedy, the story picks up and becomes somewhat thrilling I liked the ending, but overall not a book that I enjoyed. Big Little Lies Meets Lord Of The Flies In This Electrifyingly Twisty Follow Up To Jane Shemilt S Breakout Debut The DaughterOver The Course Of A Long, Hot Summer In London, The Lives Of Three Very Different Married Couples Collide When Their Children Join The Same Tutoring Circle, Resulting In Illicit Relationships, Shocking Violence, And Unimaginable FalloutThere S Eve, A Bougie Earth Mother With A Well Stocked Trust Fund She Has Three Little Ones, A Blue Collar Husband And Is Obsessed With Her Instagrammable Recipes And Lifestyle And Melissa, A Successful Interior Designer Whose Casually Cruel Banker Husband Is Careful Not To Leave Visible Bruises She Curates Her Perfectly Thin Body So Closely She Misses Everything Their Teenage Daughter Is Hiding Then There S Grace, A Young Zimbabwean Immigrant, Who Lives In High Rise Housing Project With Her Two Children And Their English Father Martin, An Award Winning But Chronically Broke Novelist She Does Far For Her Family Than She Should Have ToAs The Weeks Go By, The Couples Become Very Close There Are Barbecues, Garden Parties, A Holiday At A Country Villa In Greece Resentments Flare An Affair Begins Unnoticed, The Children Run Wild The Couples Are Busily Watching Each Other, So Distracted And Self Absorbed That They Forget To Watch Their Children No One Sees The Five Children At Their Secret Games Or Realize How Much Their Family Dynamics Are Changing Until Tragedy StrikesThe Story Twists And Then Twists Again While The Three Families Desperately Search For Answers It S Only As They Begin To Unravel The Truth Of What Happened Over The Summer That They Realize Evil Has Crept Quietly Into Their WorldBut Has This Knowledge Come Too Late There s a lot of things I m not sure about in The Playground I m not sure if there s really a plot line for the first half of the book The characters, adults and children both, just go in circles around each other, manipulating and contriving I m not really sure what the title has to do with the book unless it s a metaphor, since the playground built for the youngest child barely makes an appearance I m not sure if I m supposed to like any of the characters since most of them are weak willed or power hungry, and some just get worse as the story goes on I find Grace the most interesting and complex, which isn t hard, since most of the characters are pretty one dimensional to me throughout most of the book I kept waiting for some of the other characters to become likable after tragedy strikes the collective group, but they re so wrapped up in themselves that tragedy strikes a second time, right under their noses and finally wakes them up that bad things are happening It s unfortunate that the book didn t become compelling until the last 100 pages or so, because pretty much the only thing I m sure of is that I probably wouldn t have gotten to that point if I wasn t reviewing it as an ARC. I received an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review This one was pretty twisty some obvious than others but still an enjoyable ride You really do you fall in love with the main characters, even the evil ones Solid 4 I received this as a Goodreads giveawayThis is a really well written work of psychological suspense close to Horror at times about three families that become too involved with each other after three of the children become part of the same tutoring group I couldn t put it down I m so excited I discovered this author..and will definitely be reading her past and future works. This was an absolutely engrossing read, and much darker than I expected I accidentally finished the second half of this book in one day, because I could not put it down. Unfortunately, this book isn t for me The combination of a large cast of normative, unrelatable characters, and slow pacing was not enjoyable I didn t end up finishing it. First Sentence It was surprising how quickly things took off in the end, like a bonfire, one of those big ones the children loved so much The Playground by Jane Shemilt is an insightful story that explores how engrossed some can become in their own needs and desires, and what is perceived as happiness that they ignore the glaring signs that all is not what it should be with those closest to them The story centers around three couples that form an unlikely yet close friendship when their children are part of the same Sunday tutoring group Over the course of a few months, they are soon eating weekday meals together, ferrying each other s children around and going on vacations together It s not long before fractures occur in each family, the fracture lines always there but now becoming visible as their new friendships develop each family has some level of dysfunction but some are far worse than others When a tragic series of events occur, it leads to questions and suspicion but this is where Ms Shemilt has mastered the art of the Red herring The characters are well rounded, flawed, and at times despicable There are times when I thought it wasn t possible to be that oblivious but it s always easy on the outside looking in One thing becomes obvious, someone is paying attention to the dalliances and weaknesses of others and will use this knowledge to manipulate and destroy until they get what they want.This is a page turner and I think a great read for any fan of the genre I know I ll be reading from Ms Shemilt.A big thank you to Edelweiss, Harper Collins Publishers, and William Morrow for providing me with a copy of The Playground to read and review. Even though this was a fiction book, it was very disturbing Once I started reading this book I could not put it down There is so much going on in this story it made me angry at times and sad at times and even sick to my stomach at other times How parents can let there children out of there site and not know what they are up to at all times is a scary thought This book takes things up 10 notches This is a fantastic story I was a little disappointed in the ending but it was such an amazing read that by the time the end come I was ok with it I will defiantly be reading Jame Shemilt s other book very soon.

About the Author: Jane Shemilt

Jane is a general practitioner who completed a post graduate diploma in Creative Writing at Bristol university and went on to study for a M.A in Creative writing at Bath Spa She was shortlisted for the Janklow and Nesbitt award and the Lucy Cavendish fiction prize for Daughter, her first novel.She and her husband, a Professor of Neurosurgery, have 5 children and live in Bristol, England.

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