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Anyone But Cade The Second Novel In USA Today Bestselling Author Penelope Bloom S Anyone But Series Turns Up The Heat And Hilarity With A Story About Second Chances And Promises Worth Breaking After Cade King Cost Me Everything, I Vowed I D Never Fall For Him Again Even If He Became Rich And Megafamous Go Figure Now Cade Is Back With His Billion Dollar Company And His Ability To Radiate Attraction Like A Tempting Wi Fi Hotspot Not To Mention His Tendency To Have Worse Impulse Control Than A ChimpanzeeI D Be Lying If I Said I Didn T Enjoy It A Little When I Arrested Him For Disorderly Conduct Unfortunately, I Think Cade Liked It A Little Too So When He Asks For My Help, I Know Exactly What I Should Say But Something S Fried The Circuits In My Brain It Doesn T Help That I Can Practically Feel My Ovaries Humming To Life Just From Standing Within Fifty Yards Of Him The BastardStill, Cade Doesn T Know The First Thing About Commitment He Lives Completely In The Moment I D Need To Have A Recurring Case Of Amnesia To Believe He Could Change I Guess Only Time Will Tell Which One Of Us Is The Real Fool In The End

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    Here is a RiddleTake a Smart, FunnyBut Dedicated Police OfficerAnd have Her Constantly Cross PathsWith the One Man, She VowedNever, Ever to Fall for AgainEven if He Came BackMore TemptingMore Manly Man thanHe had a Right to Be Well, This Police OfficerHas More Tricks Up Her SleeveOnly Trouble is Mr No Self ControlSeems to Like the HandCuffsA

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    Anyone but Cade Book two in the Anyone series by Penelope Bloom is finally here and it was a great book, with great characters and a great storyline with a few twists and turns Seven years ago Cade and Iris were dating in High School but due to Cade s actions, they break up Iris, along with Miranda and Kira meet to make a pact that they vow to ke

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    I was so excited to get this book I had fell in love with the King brothers from the very first book Anyone but Rich and I liked Cade in that one, I liked Iris too so I was anxious for this book I did enjoy it, however since I had cracked up at Cade s antics in the previous books, I was expectingfrom him in this one Please do not misunderstand and th

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    Is it weird that I just want to curl up in a ball, roll downhill at full speed, and then take out his legs After reading Anyone But Rich I was really looking forward to reading Cade and Iris s story due to their witty banter and I wasn t disappointed The pair had me chuckling at their comments but it was mainly Cade that had the banter this time I wish w

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    Fun and easy read with great charactersCade is one of those people that are always fun to be around He is someone that can turn the most innocuous sentences into a joke or sexual innuendo, and he does it in such a deadpan way that you don t know he s kidding until you process what he said, and it will turn out to be something hilarious.Cade dated Iris in hig

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    I voluntarily reviewed a copy of ANYONE BUT CADE OMG I just love Penelope Blooms writing she is brilliant with her story telling pulls you right into the book and doesn t let go.Cade and Iris were an item in highschool 7yrs ago he just about destroyed her future they broke up and he the rest of King brothers left town and now 7yrs later there back gorgeous as ev

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    Oh my gosh, I swear Penelope Bloom is one of the best writers of romantic comedy out there and if I m honest I mof a gritty MC girl, but her bookscan t put them down I ve been waiting for Cade and Iris book since we met them in Rich s book, just knew they d be fabulous and I was oh so correct Cade and Iris had a relationship in high school that went south becausewel

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    This series which each can be read as a stand alone features the billionaire King brothers This book is all about Cade The fun, carefree, jokester brother Trying to win back his high school sweetie isn t going to be that easy, even if he knows she s just as attracted to him now as she was back then Iris may be physically attracted to Cade, but after he destroyed her lif

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    Iris and Cade were high school sweethearts until Cade made a huge mistake and cost Iris the future she thought she wanted After the incident, Iris made a pact with her two best friends to forget about the King brothers, no matter how rich or famous they became Now it s seven years later and Cade s back, unfortunately for Iris he s evenhandsome and charming than he was when

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    Kindly received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewActual Ratings 4.85 hilarious stars God I swear I hadn t laughed at a book as much as i did with this since Neanderthal Meets Human and believe me that is my favorite From the moment Iris wanted to roll over to Cade and kick his feet under him I was laughing Every single moment in the book was laugh out loud

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About the Author: Penelope Bloom

My first ever traditionally published book, Anyone But Rich, is going live September 3rd Don t miss it I m a USA Today Bestselling Author and have written nearly a dozen top 50bestsellers, including four books that have hit the top 10 Despite all that, I m still a nervous wreck before I release every new book and I still feel like I have so muchto learn about writing and publishing than I can even wrap my head around I m just beyond honored and humbled that so many readers have embraced me and found enjoyment in my words, because I can t think of any better opportunity than this When I m not writing and stressing about what I m going to write, I m trying to wrangle my two little girls who are 2 and a half and 1 and a half When I m not wrangling them, I m trying to keep my husband in line Writing and helping run the family aren t easy, but I d never trade it for anything