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Who Moved My Cheese? You can read this book in about 45 minutes, but it will feel like a week I think that I would have enjoyed the Spanish version better I don t speak Spanish.I don t know whether the authors of this book have an employer, but if they do, I would recommend a random drug test.This book is about a team of two mice and a team of two minature exectives who each slide into a pair of size 0.005 sneakers and run through a maze in search of cheese All goes well until somebody moved the cheese Chaos then predictably if not hilariously ensues And that is the intelligent part of the bookFor the remainder of the book, we get to listen in on a group of friends discuss how the philosophy behind this epic tale of missing cheese relates to their lives The members of this discussion group are the type of people for whom warning labels are placed on hot coffee cups If this half assed tale of relocated dairy food has any relevance to your life, then there is any number of medications that you should consider asking your doctor about. Who Moved My CheeseIs A Simple Parable That Reveals Profound Truths It Is An Amusing And Enlightening Story Of Four Characters Who Live In A Maze And Look For Cheese To Nourish Them And Make Them Happy.Two Are Mice Named Sniff And Scurry And Two Are Littlepeople Beings The Size Of Mice Who Look And Act A Lot Like People Their Names Are Hem And Haw Cheese Is A Metaphor For What You Want To Have In Life Whether It Is A Good Job, A Loving Relationship, Money, A Possession, Health, Or Spiritual Peace Of Mind.And The Maze Is Where You Look For What You Want The Organization You Work In, Or The Family Or Community You Live In.In The Story, The Characters Are Faced With Unexpected Change Eventually, One Of Them Deals With It Successfully, And Writes What He Has Learned From His Experience On The Maze Walls.When You Come To See The Handwriting On The Wall, You Can Discover For Yourself How To Deal With Change, So That You Can Enjoy Less Stress And Success However You Define It In Your Work And In Your Life Written For All Ages, The Story Takes Less Than An Hour To Read, But Its Unique Insights Can Last A Lifetime. This is a book about victimized lower and middle class mice trapped in a corporate capitalist maze, forced by The Man to scurry around, looking for The Cheese salary, 401K, maybe even decent PPO or HMO Then The Man maybe Boeing, maybe American Airlines, maybe Monsanto whoever MOVES THE CHEESE because it interferes with his quarterly earnings reports or THE CHEESE will be cost effective if it is shipped to China or Rwanda where labor is cheaper So what are the mice supposed to do Are they supposed to unionize, or protest the WTO, or elect people who will enforce antitrust laws in this country oh, Nooooo They are supposed to change directions and start running around looking for THE CHEESE in some other part of the maze Inferior quality CHEESE, no doubt maybe of a PROCESSED CHEESE FOOD, without the employer matched 401K, sans health insurance Scurry, scurry, little mice Find your CHEESE before Wall Street and NASDAQ move it again They are pretty quick to move THE CHEESE and they don t care if you starve That is why this book is horrid But I m not bitter. If your boss gives you this to read find a new job. It requires a unique sort of demonic skill to take the utterly obvious, lather it with sentimentality, turn it into an animal story, give it a big font and wide margins so that what really ought to be a pamphlet handed out for free on subways becomes instead a book, and then expect businesspeople to buy it.Which they did God help us all. Who Moved My Cheese , Spencer Johnson Who Moved My Cheese An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life, published on September 8, 1998, is a motivational business fable The text describes change in one s work and life, and four typical reactions to those changes by two mice and two little people during their hunt for cheese 2010 For years I have managed to avoid reading the popular book Who Moved My Cheese However, it was recently recommended to me because I mentioned that I m not especially enthusiastic about change.I wish I could un read this book I thought it was overly simplistic and rather insulting to any intelligent person This book contains such clever little proverbs as He was happy when he wasn t being run by his fears in other words, just stop being afraid, and you ll be happy Ok, good, I ll try that if my car breaks down on a dark deserted highway, or next time my father complains of chest pains Sometimes you re not supposed to be happy Sometimes you re supposed to stay alert and guarded, and be ready for action.The question I wish the author had addressed instead of coming up with platitudes in praise of change is this What is the balance between working to improve what you have repairing vs looking for something new replacing Adaptation and flexibility are all well and good, but sometimes life is a little too complicated to be resolved just by embracing change After all, as authors Kathleen and William Lundin said in one of their books Adapting to a wild leader is like being the fox in a blood sport hunt You may be quick, clever, and nimble, but you ll still be killed at the end of the game. Change or get run over A great many people have recommended this particular one to me I did not readSelf discovering it from your collection I found out why I simply had to put your name in the Recommendation Box, Pooja We might be the most evolved species on the planet but sometimes we do over process Adapting and forecasting change lurking around the corner is mark of sheer greatness.The best quote perhaps was curbing the wrong interpretations that might be drawn out that you should try behaving in a new way in the same relationship Do not change the person but innovate your habits If you love your partner, let them know about it in a million different ways that change everyday.Novelty is what keeps things moving.The story is perfectly written and takes up one hour of your life but may just give you a knowledge of a lifetime I can see these terms being recited to people in the company I work or the football teams I lead.And I quote,Keep moving whilst riding a bicycle Else you fall down Keep your senses sharp Sniff the changes and scurry to action And of course, Be Worldclass like the very book itself.Verdict Spencer Johnson hits the bulls eye in a 60 minute book. Silly little self promoting book First third is a bunch of people sitting around talking about this new silver bullet omniscient business book that changed their lives Middle third is this fairy tale that I can sum up in five 5 words SHIT HAPPENS, GET OVER IT And finally the most insulting part is the last third where that group of high potential future cult followers reassembles and discusses this epiphany of a book that they have read and they all agree to buy copies for all of their friends and coworkers as I recall, one guy was going to buy cases of the book for his whole dept at work Of course the last page is the coup de grais an order form for books Oh pooh, now I have gone and done what Johnson did gone and wasted a whole lot of words when those 5 in caps above would have sufficed nicely. Way too cheesy I couldn t resist While this was probably revolutionary at some point to some people for me this one did nothing It s like self help for middle graders.Basically, we ve got ourselves a cheesebuster story, about Mice and Men maybe Of Mice and Men was the original inspiration to compose this pamphlet that live in a labyrinth, finding lots of freedom and Cheese in it UghhhQ But Cheese never reappeared c Q It s maze time c Q Why don t you just wait here with me until they put the Cheese back c Q Why didn t I get up and move with the Cheese sooner c Q The Quicker you let go of old Cheese The sooner you find new Cheese c Q Perhaps most important of all, he realized that there is always New Cheese out there whether you recognize it at the time or not And that you are rewarded with it when you go past your fear and enjoy the adventure c

About the Author: Spencer Johnson

Librarian s note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.Spencer Johnson, M.D left behind a medical career to write short books about life The most famous was Who Moved My Cheese published in 1998 The book became a publishing phenomenon and a workplace manual Over 50 million copies of Spencer Johnson s books are in use worldwide in 47 languages.Dr Johnson s

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