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The House Guest A Perfect Summer A Perfect Stranger A Perfect Nightmare When British Twenty Somethings Ruth And Adam Are Offered The Chance To Spend The Summer Housesitting In New York, They Can T Say No Young, In Love And On The Cusp Of Professional Success, They Feel As If Luck Is Finally On Their SideSo The Moment That Eden Turns Up On The Doorstep, Drenched From A Summer Storm, It Seems Only Right To Share A Bit Of That Good Fortune Beautiful And Charismatic, Eden Claims To Be A Friend Of The Homeowners, Who Told Her She Could Stay Whenever She Was In New YorkThey Know You Re Not Supposed To Talk To Strangers Let Alone Invite Them Into Your Home But After All, Eden S Only A Stranger Until They Get To Know HerAs Suspicions Creep In That Eden May Not Be Who She Claims To Be, They Begin To Wonder If They Ve Made A Terrible Mistake The House Guest Is The Chilling New Psychological Thriller From The Three Million Copy Bestselling Author Of Here To Stay And Follow You Home

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    3.5 starsThe perfect distraction When Ruth, an up and coming actress, and her boyfriend, Adam, an aspiring writer, open their door on a dark and stormy night and find Eden on the other side, they make the biggest mistake of their lives they invite her in They soon find themselves in the hands of dangerous and crazy people I can t say much about the plot without giving away spoilers.I was thoroughly enterta

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    I have read five or six Mark Edwards books in the last few months and this one is probably somewhere in the bottom middle.I found the premise intriguinga couple is housesitting for friends and a young woman shows up, claiming to be friends with the owners She knows enough to be convincing and commences with havoc wreaking What s not to like, right Exceptit felt a little inconsistent and a little lightweight.I enjo

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    I love Mark Edwards books so much Of course I went blind without reading the blurb or any other reviews, additional comments and I invented a new happy dance between Macarena, line dancing, Criss Cross Jump Jump moves to celebrate my ARC And of course I had a great time with this unputdownable page turner It s one of my easiest reads with action packed, fast paced, high tension, riveting chapters It gives you the vibes o

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    3.5 stars A perfect summer A perfect stranger A perfect nightmare.A perfect time for me to say Don t be so quick to answer your door to a stranger Have we learned nothing from reading books But I digressRuth and Adam are house sitting in New York when a young woman shows up dripping wet in the middle of a rainstorm She tells them she is there to visit the owners of the home who told her she could stop by whenever she wanted Chi

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    It s a hot, humid summer in New York City British born Adam and Ruth are housesitting for wealthy Mona and Jack Cunningham at their large Brooklyn house while they are away They met on a cruise where Ruth was acting in a production of The Tempest, she now has a lead role in a Broadway play, her career is taking off Adam is an aspiring writer but is not as yet successful, so there s an unevenness to their relationship One night there a

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    You are housesitting in NYThere is a summer stormThe doorbell ringsand, standing there, drenched, is a harmless looking young woman, who claims to be friends with the ownerWOULD YOU INVITE HER IN The premise HOOKED methe story, did not just like with my first attempt from this author, The Retreat , which I actually preferred to this one Mark Edwards is a three million copy best selling author with many fans, so clearly I am just not the righ

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    3.5.Mark Edwards never fails to take an ordinary domestic situation and turn it into your worst nightmare.A British couple, Adam and Ruth, are house sitting in New York City.One evening a young woman knocks on the door, claiming to be a friend of the owners They invite her in, and then to stay.A decision Adam and Ruth will soon live to regret When I first read the summary for The House Guest, I was equal parts thrilled to bits and someone he

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    Protect one, protect all. Looking back through the many Mark Edwards books I ve read over the years, most of which I ve rated 4 stars with the occasional 3 sprinkled in , I d definitely say The House Guest falls near the bottom of the group Although this story is written in Edwards speedy, fun, action packed stylewhich I lovethe plot simply didn t hold my interest At the beginning, I was ALL in I mean, how creepy to invite a stranger into your hom

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    3.5 StarsReview to follow

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    A chilling psychological thriller that starts off with a slow burn and keeps building Adam and Ruth are house sitting in NY for a couple that they met on a cruise It is an opportunity for Ruth because she is wanting to work on Broadway as an actress Adam is a writer trying to find his big break in NY as well They are an ordinary, realistic couple with a flawed relationship due to their struggles of wanting to be successful.When Eden, a young woman, shows up at the fron

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