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  • The Rule of All (The Rule of One, #3)
  • Ashley Saunders
  • 07 December 2017

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The Rule of All (The Rule of One, #3)I have been anxiously awaiting this final installment for what feels like eternity! The first two books were unputdownable, and Rule Of All maintained the fast pace and tense action As the situation in Texas moves toward extreme circumstances, Mira and Ava continue to pursue Roth and work with the Common to save the US from the rule of tyrannical governors This actionpacked story follows the twins on yet another journey to fight for the freedom of all children, not just the first born.As much as I enjoyed this book, my only complaint is that the narrative voices don't always sound distinctive In the first book and even the second, I could forgive this from Ava and Mira since they have been raised to be not only identical, but the actual same person But as their paths diverged through the first and second books, those voices didn't gain much distinction Again, I could maybe overlook that some, but in the third book, we have two additional narrators—Owen and Theo Owen's voice is definitely distinctive, with his snarky wit and cyberperspective But Theo's voice felt too similar to the twins' voices at many times It's a difficult task to write from so many perspectives and make the all voices distinct, and with this as the series debut of the Saunders sisters, I'm willing to tolerate it Overall, I consider this a compelling, exciting conclusion to the series, and I look forward to future works by the Saunders sisters. As America’s twentyfirstcentury revolution reaches its endgame, twin sisters must outrun, and outlive, the Common enemyOutlaw twin sisters Ava and Mira Goodwin were born to defy Texas’s tyrannical and oppressive Governor Roth They inspired millions across the country to liberate themselves and fight to live free under the new Common rule But an enemy still endangers their fragile vision for the future Ava and Mira’s mission: hunt the man downThe oncemighty Governor Roth has fled Dallas Holding a hostage beloved by Ava and Mira, Roth has a mission, too: regroup his Loyalists, wreak vengeance, and reclaim his powerWith the help of a savvy programmer turned rebel warrior, Ava and Mira brave a journey uncertain than they’ve ever attempted before As they forge southward into foreign territory—against a ruthless cartel, Roth’s aggressive Texas Guard, and a formidable new foe—courage, alliances, and trust will be tested Now, in the most unlikely and treacherous of places, the sisters must finish what they started Before they—and the Common—are erased from history forever Thanks to Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This was way slower than the previous books, but I still enjoyed it It was a good read, enjoyable one. Thank you to NetGalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I'm not sure how I got started on this series but I stumbled upon Rule of One and devoured it in a couple of days Then I preordered the second book The Rule of Many and while I enjoyed the second book, I definitely liked the first book better I was eager to grab the final book The Rule of All as soon as I had a chance It releases October 20, 2020 This was a satisfying conclusion The last third of the book was practically perfect The cast of characters had been separated and come together which was very cool And we needed a good resolution to the story of Gov Roth I thought the pacing was pretty good as well but since the book was almost all action, I missed some of the quiet time between characters that we hadof in the first two books My only other complaint is that it still is difficult to know if you are in Mira or Ava's head if you don't pay close attention to the chapter headers If they talk about on of their love interests you can figure it out as well I write this off as them having to basically be one person their entire existence, but I think its fair to mention and I wish they had come into their individually a bitby the conclusion This was however a very solid finale to an interesting series that I wishpeople were reading. I read the first book and really enjoyed it The second book was just ok in my opinion I was nervous to start this book because I was afraid it would follow the trend of enjoying it less than the last but I was pleasantly surprised This book, while much slower than the others, moves along so well that you don't really mind the slower pace It seems to only take place over a few days and you really get into what's happening with the different groups I enjoyed reading the intricacies of each character and how the relationships developed over time The end also jumps ahead into the future so the reader gets a nice ending thats wrapped up I really appreciate when authors decide to end their books on a good note and before they get really bad and predictable All in all I would recommend this series for anyone that likes dystopian novels (Reading it in 2020 also adds a nice sense of realism to it too!) What a fantastic final installment of this unique and timely trilogy! These are the sister role models I always wish I'd had growing up their strength and their care for each other is so real and moving and it was wonderful diving back into this ultimate step in their journey to help the world You also get to know some of the great alreadyexisting supporting cast in new deeper ways and meet a few fantastic new ones too And the final action sequence will keep your pulse racing for hours afterwards I had been anxiously awaiting the final installment ever since I finished the second one and The Rule of All did not let me down I was excited to see some old characters reappear for the takedown of Governor Roth This book is action packed and was hard for me to put down at times I also enjoyed watching Ava and Miras relationships bloom with their love interested, showing them that they can have it all if they want it Overall, I was very pleased with this book! Ahh! This book went way too fast I have been a loyal reader of the Saunders sisters since the Rule of One came out I'm sad to know that this is the last book in the series, and hoping one will sneak through in the future anyway I love the character development, and without giving spoilers, the ending is the perfect for a series I love reading about Mira and Ava, and while they are twins, they are so different from each other I can't wait to see what these authors come out with next. My only issue with this one was that I think that the two MCs should have soundeddifferent since their paths have diverged since the start of the story I did enjoy this conclusion even though that kind of bothered me just a smidge The pacing was well done and its what I kind of expected from this amazing series I loved every page!! If you are a fan of this series you are in for the ride of your life!! It's bittersweet to finish this incredible trilogy! So sad to say goodbye to these fantastic characters, but the final installment is an absolute rush and such an emotional rollercoaster This story is so inspiring, and the bond between these incredible sisters remains grounded, real, and complex throughout a wild, heartracing journey Can't wait to see what these amazing authors are cooking up next.