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The New Normal Thank you NetGalley and Montlake Romance for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review This book was ADORABLE Tracy Brogan does a wonderful job interweaving her characters and making them come alive I loved Carli and her character arc through the story as she learns to move forward after her divorce and embrace herself and her relationship with Ben was refreshing and lovely I feel like their relationship didn t come across as forced and it flowed at a pace that seemed comfortable for two divorced people Couple the relationship with humor and you have a knockout book in my option If you want a story that will make you laugh while giving you a couple to root for, The New Normal by Tracy Brogan is a great one to pick up and will be available on June 2nd This was an enjoyable romance about two neighbors finding their ways forward after painful divorces Carli and Ben seem to have a lot in common They re both divorced and dealing with that as well as with how the fallout affects their teenage children And both are very hesitant about starting up any new romance But they are good neighbors to each other in this fictional neighborhood of a small Michigan town where neighbors congregate regularly to celebrate whatever they can think of and they re always ready to help one another out And gossip flies around the cul de sac at a very fast clip.I liked seeing how each of these two characters grew new strengths after having rather rotten spouses dump them I also enjoyed reading about how their children coped with divorce.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book that I received from Netgalley however, the opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for my review. From Neighbors To Friends To Lovers All The Makings Of A Risky Second Chance Romance By USA Today And Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Tracy Brogan Since Carli Lancaster S Divorce, She S Worked Hard To Keep Life As Normal As Possible For Her Daughters When She Lands A Job As Cohost Of A Local Morning Show, It Looks Like A Fresh Start So Does The Arrival Of A Handsome New Neighbor, Who Has In Common With Carli Than Just A Property LineBen Chase Is Also New To Single Parenthood And Like Carli, He S Focused On The FutureFrom Navigating Neighborhood Gossip To Decorating For Holidays To Reaching Out In Times Of Trouble, They Quickly Learn To Rely On Each Other Just Like A Couple But Without The Complications Of Coupling Sure, There S Attraction They Re Only Human But They Re Also Friends, And Who Wants To Ruin A Perfect Relationship With Romance They Re Both Thinking About Adding Some Perks, Though, And Even If Their New Normal Isn T Perfect, It S Definitely Somewhere In The Neighborhood This was a really cute story It took a little while for me to get into it, and I think it was because I wasn t a huge fan of the point of view I think it would have flowed a bit if it was written in first person I also felt like some of the conversations were a bit unrealistic some of the things Carli s daughters said to her didn t seem like they would be actual conversations, and I had similar feelings about the conversations between Carli and her coworkers and her ex That all being said, I stayed up until 3am reading the second half of the book because I really wanted to know how everything was going to play out and I thought the characters turned out incredibly well I also really appreciated what Carli did and thought in the aftermath of her divorce regarding her job and house, so I really liked those parts of the storyline Overall I just keep coming back to this being a cute story This is a slow burn romance and by slow burn, I mean slooow burn It was a beautifully written novel about getting through a divorce and learning to live in the new normal In that situation, it was sweet and I enjoyed how Carli and Ben grew from their friendship It was really a neighbors to friends to eventually, situation But be forewarned, the romance, while sweet, was pretty much secondary to them being friends and getting over their divorces I loved the perspectives of the children both have 2 children, each and the neighbors were a hoot This is a well written novel and the first novel I ve read from the author I enjoyed it although I was expecting something different that focused on the romance, rather than the psyche of getting over divorces But overall, I enjoyed the book.Thanks to NetGalley for the fun read Carli has spent the last year of her post divorce life focusing on her daughters and figuring out what she needs and wants She hasn t even thought about dating until her new neighbor moves in Ben is new to single parenthood, having just split from his wife, he s doing the best the can to make his kids feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation Both could use a little help, who s perfect than your attractive neighbor The New Normal is less of a romance and of a women s fiction in my opinion It focuses on what life can look like post divorce and dealing with all that comes with that While Ben and Carli do end up together it s a super slow burn as they get together at the end of the last chapter It s an easy read with minimal drama, lots of heart and some humor. The New Normal is one fine story about woman with two teenaged daughters and an enormous dog trying to find her way post divorce Her very male, very sexy new next door neighbor, also with two teenagers is in the process of getting a divorce The neighborhood they live in is very big on community celebrations that along with the kids and her unruly dog set these two up for at least a growing friendship Tracy Brogan has a style of writing that reveals honest themes and responses from her characters and her readers This is a love story, but the course of love is seldom smooth and divorce means letting go and redefining The journey is the important thing and what a fun journey Ms Brogan sends her characters and readers on I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book from NetGalley Most highly recommend. I opted to select this book because I have read previous works by Miss Brogan and enjoyed them very much.I must admit though that this one missed the mark for me and I was frequently distracted or just thrumming through the first 60% of it in an effort to reach the end.I hate not finishing a book so I trudged through the mediocre dialogue and situations hoping that it would get better.The story became mildly interesting once there was of a personal interaction between the protagonists,but it still was not enough to give this book than 2.5 stars.The ending felt rushed and unsatisfying and the insta love left me with questions than answers.It would have been gratifying to see a clear cut conclusion to this one in view of all the developments in the ex husband of the female character. 3.5 StarsI enjoyed how normal this book was when you get divorced you do have to make a new normal And these two did have to start over with everything I enjoyed this one, but it was just missing a certain spark for me. 3.5 stars.While this was an enjoyable read, it lacked anything in it for me to be classified as a romance book I felt this would have been best classified as women s fiction Carli is semi new to the divorce scene and her story focuses on moving on in her life with her friends and advancing in a career rather than a job Her story was entertaining, laced with friction if her ex moving on much quicker than she did Ben is brand new to the divorce scene, actually just beginning His slime of an ex took up with his now ex best friend and business partner Ben moving next door to Carli should lead to lots sparks and chemistry, but instead we get the interactions as neighbors, him jumping into several dates that shed him in a bad light with me, then insta love with Carli.I was enjoying the book, realized how far I was into it and was like well these two aren t even together and only have flirted in their own minds Then bang they were in love I personally wish to have had depth I m their relationship rather than a hurried ending.

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Bestselling author Tracy Brogan writes fun, funny stories full of laughter and love A three time finalist for the Romance Writers of America RITA award, Brogan has received two Publishing Diamond Awards, the Booksellers Best award, and several Golden Quill awards Her debut novel, Crazy Little Thing, is on the Top Ten All Time Bestsellers list She s also been listed on the Wall

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