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The Vanishing Half From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Mothers , A Stunning New Novel About Twin Sisters, Inseparable As Children, Who Ultimately Choose To Live In Two Very Different Worlds, One Black And One White The Vignes Twin Sisters Will Always Be Identical But After Growing Up Together In A Small, Southern Black Community And Running Away At Age Sixteen, It S Not Just The Shape Of Their Daily Lives That Is Different As Adults, It S Everything Their Families, Their Communities, Their Racial Identities Ten Years Later, One Sister Lives With Her Black Daughter In The Same Southern Town She Once Tried To Escape The Other Secretly Passes For White, And Her White Husband Knows Nothing Of Her Past Still, Even Separated By So Many Miles And Just As Many Lies, The Fates Of The Twins Remain Intertwined What Will Happen To The Next Generation, When Their Own Daughters Storylines Intersect Weaving Together Multiple Strands And Generations Of This Family, From The Deep South To California, From The S To The S, Brit Bennett Produces A Story That Is At Once A Riveting, Emotional Family Story And A Brilliant Exploration Of The American History Of PassingLooking Well Beyond Issues Of Race,The Vanishing Half Considers The Lasting Influence Of The Past As It Shapes A Person S Decisions, Desires, And Expectations, And Explores Some Of The Multiple Reasons And Realms In Which People Sometimes Feel Pulled To Live As Something Other Than Their OriginsAs With Her New York Times Bestselling Debut The Mothers, Brit Bennett Offers An Engrossing Page Turner About Family And Relationships That Is Immersive And Provocative, Compassionate And Wise

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    News flash HBO and Brit Bennett made a 7 figure deal for the adaptation of the book into limited series Wowza This is unique This is impeccable This is perfectly written and I wished it never ended, pushed myself to read it slower, rereading some chapters over and over It s phenomenal and one of the best readings o

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    NOW AVAILABLE There were many ways to be alienated from someone, few to actually belong.i know it looks like i m over here five starring a lot of books in a row all of a sudden, but it s not so much that i ve lucked into a run of excellent reading choices as it is me finally sitting down to review books so good it s been int

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    I m not sure I have words for how excellent this book turned out to be, but terms such as breathtaking, poignant, and ultimately hopeful come to mind I was constantly reminded of the golden oldie movie Imitation of Life 1959 in regards to the discussions surround race, class, and gender, while also featuring a plot thread where a ligh

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    She was always inventing her life Twin sisters Two different paths One chooses black The other white Their choices reflect societal norms, gender constructs, and racial inequality in contemporary America.Stella and Desiree grow up in Mallard, LA Mallard, a town comprised of light skinned black people, has a fascinating history I could read a wh

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    This is a thought provoking story and a few scenes were not easy to read There s racism here, a violent incident against a man, witnessed by his young twin daughters, andtrauma for one of the girls than we want to imagine This and their upbringing in a small black community in Louisiana where people believe the lighter they are the better life will be So

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    Sooooo GOOD Pathos and Pain.Profound ThoughtfulnessSpellbinding prose.Surprises I never saw comingA book that kept me interested and curious from start to finishFilled with substantial depth and insights.Brit Bennett brings to life characters that made me desperately want to vanish into the her storytelling world Meet twin sisters, Desiree and Stella Vignes They g

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    The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett features black twin sisters, whose skin is so light that they can pass for white The sisters have always been close, almost like one person, even though they are so different, in personalities When they are sixteen, they escape their small Louisiana town, to make new lives in New Orleans At some point, Stella is able to get a job working f

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    3.5 Two Black twins, so light they could pass for White And, this story exploring PASSING a term I was not familiar with One of the twins will choose to do just that live life as a White woman.Her husband will never know the truth.She will not get to celebrate milestones with her twin sister or mother.She will not be able to share her heritage with her own daughter.I found this book

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    You could never quite get used to lonelinessIdentical twin sisters, Desiree, and Stella Vignes were born in Mallard, Louisiana, a town so small it cannot be found on the map They have witnessed atrocities inflicted upon their father at a young age They decide to run away from their southern black community at the age of 16 and start over in New Orleans Years later, Desiree returns to her homet

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    4.5 stars The Vanishing Half , Brit Bennett s second novel, is powerful and incredibly relevant given the moment our society is in right now You can escape a town, but you cannot escape blood Somehow, the Vignes twins believed themselves capable of both Stella and Desiree Vignes grew up in Mallard, Louisiana, a town whose population is composed of immensely light skinned African American people They re

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