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A Burning For Readers Of Tommy Orange, Yaa Gyasi, And Jhumpa Lahiri, An Electrifying Debut Novel About Three Unforgettable Characters Who Seek To Rise To The Middle Class, To Political Power, To Fame In The Movies And Find Their Lives Entangled In The Wake Of A Catastrophe In Contemporary IndiaJivan Is A Muslim Girl From The Slums, Determined To Move Up In Life, Who Is Accused Of Executing A Terrorist Attack On A Train Because Of A Careless Comment On Facebook PT Sir Is An Opportunistic Gym Teacher Who Hitches His Aspirations To A Right Wing Political Party, And Finds That His Own Ascent Becomes Linked To Jivan S Fall Lovely An Irresistible Outcast Whose Exuberant Voice And Dreams Of Glory Fill The Novel With Warmth And Hope And Humor Has The Alibi That Can Set Jivan Free, But It Will Cost Her Everything She Holds DearTaut, Symphonic, Propulsive, And Riveting From Its Opening Lines, A Burning Has The Force Of An Epic While Being So Masterfully Compressed It Can Be Read In A Single Sitting Majumdar Writes With Dazzling Assurance At A Breakneck Pace On Complex Themes That Read Here As The Components Of A Thriller Class, Fate, Corruption, Justice, And What It Feels Like To Face Profound Obstacles And Yet Nurture Big Dreams In A Country Spinning Toward Extremism An Extraordinary Debut

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    find this review others on my blog At the start of Majumdar s standout debut novel, Jivan, a young Muslim woman, makes a Facebook post that takes a jab at the government s handling of a train bombing in Bengal Someone hastens to whisper of it,

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    A wonderfully plotted, ambitious debut novel by a writer with a lot to offer, the story of 3 lives intersecting around a single, harrowing lie Majumdar takes major risks with a multi perspective, voice driven novel whose politics often occur in the back

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    A Burning begins with a conflagration For the reader, this novel is a lit fuse an exercise in tension, perfectly paced.Majumdar covers a lot of ground in this short and deceptively simple novel, set in India in the aftermath of a terrorist attack An earnest youn

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    It all starts simply enough an idealistic young Muslim girl uses her very first costly device with her own salary, a SmartPhone, to join in the conversation on Facebook A vicious train attack by terrorists has just taken place and right afterwards, she posts an ill advised

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    I m glad I read this Megha Majumdar s debut novel It felt like the most advertised promoted book of this summer I needed to read what all the fuss about.I ve many memories of the year I spent living in India Memories of those crowed trains too, stood out So.It was easy to visualize

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    Megha Majumdar s debut novel, A Burning, is aptly named This all consuming story rages along, bright and scalding, illuminating three intertwined lives in contemporary India Majumdar, who was raised in West Bengal before attending Harvard University and moving to New York, demonstrates an unc

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    3.3 A Burning is a raging novel with a plot and characters there mainly to serve its point about injustice and corruption in modern India Unlike most reviewers, I was disappointed I found it disturbing but thin Actually, although lacking as a novel, I think it would make an excellent play.

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    A throbbing 3.5 stars Words I know they are potent they can bind and heal, rejuvenate and transform But, I also know, in equal measure, they can kill In A Burning , just a pale black string of words on a social media page makes a young Muslim girl, an enemy of the state, and takes her to the darks she had not fe

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    3.5, rounded up.Although compulsively readable yay for short chapters , with an interesting structure and plot, I came away a bit unsatisfied I read a LOT of South Asian literature and am a huge Bollywood fan my cats are even named Priyanka, Bipasha, Chandni and may she rest in peace Deepika , and this just seemed to be r

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    What a debut This book packed a seriously powerful punch in such a short amount of time While this is not the genre that I am typically drawn to, I really enjoyed this read.What made this book unique was the very different voices of the three POV s If I ever had to set the book down mid chapter, I very easily knew which character I

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