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Final Judgment A Murder Investigation Draws Firebrand Attorney Samantha Brinkman Into Her Boyfriend S Past In This Novel Of High Risk Suspense By Bestselling Author Marcia Clark When It Comes To Relationships And Self Preservation, Defense Attorney Samantha Brinkman Has Always Been Cut And Run But It S Different With Her New Lover, Niko, An Ambitious And Globally Famous Entrepreneur Sam Is Putting Her Faith In Him She Has To He S Also Her New Client A Suspect In The Murder Of An Investor Whose Shady Dealings Turned Niko S Good Life Upside DownHe Had The Motive Revenge As Did Many Others Who Banked A Fortune On The Wrong Man That S A Point In Niko S Favor So Is His Alibi For The Day Of The Slaying Until That Alibi Mysteriously Disappears As Sam S Feverish Search For Another Viable Killer Begins, The Investigation Only Leads Deeper Into Niko S Past And Its SecretsFrom The Darkest Suspicions To Final Judgment, Fighting For Niko Is Sam S Job To Do It, She Must Risk Everything On A Man Who Could Make All Her Worst Fears Come True

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    Final Judgment by Marcia Clark is fourth in the Samantha Brinkman series Sam is an attorney whose love interest Niko gets into legal trouble The police believe he may be guilty of murdering a man who stole large sums of money from investors, including himself and his mother Because I have not read the other books

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    I think many of us are familiar with attorney, Marcia Clark, but did you know she pens a mystery suspense series featuring a brilliant female attorney This was my first foray into the series at book four, and while I always lovebackstory, I was able to settle into this one and really enjoy it.Samantha Brinkman is a d

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    Do You Really Know Anyone Samantha Brinkman has just found out that her boyfriend Nico is now her client Nico had talked his mother to investing some money but not her life savings in the company Goldstrike Nico trusted the two owners of the company but they now have gone bankrupt and Nico s mother is getting very sick b

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    First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Marcia Clark, and Thomas Mercer for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.After a hiatus, Marcia Clark is back with another strong Samantha Brinkman legal thriller that hits homethan the other books in the seri

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    So excited I didn t realize another book was coming I love everything written by Marcia Clark, but especially the Samantha Brinkman series.Now that I know, I don t think I can wait until NEXT YEAR Seriously, April of 2020 groan Look how quickly I went from happy dance to ohh, the agony So excited I didn t realize another book wa

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    This is another of those publisher provided freebies via the publisher and NetGalley, thank you very much that got moved to the top of the stack almost immediately I love this series, of which this is the fourth in fact, I ve loved every single book I ve read by this author In all honesty, I have to say this isn t my favorite of the

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    Final Judgment is the fourth book in the Samantha Brinkman legal thriller series I can certainly see how this would appeal to another reader, but it simply wasn t to my taste what with the endless descriptions of blue scrunchies and the latest fashions.

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    Samantha Brinkman, LA attorney, finds her vacation with new boyfriend Niko interrupted by the news that a risky investment has gone awry, and everyone has lost fortunes The investment advisers, Bryan and Tanner, blame each other, but when they both disappear, it s time for Sam to investigate Sam, who survived a childhood trapped with a pedo

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    Samantha Brinkman, Attorney, is back again with a boyfriend in tow Nico is a well to do entrepreneur He is also Sam s client.He s now become a person of interest in the murder of an investor who made off with a lit of money Nico s, the friends he recommended, his own mother, as well as many others When another investor disappears, the cops star

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    It has been a while since she has written a book I did the previous three I thought the first 2 were real good and the third one dropped off a whole bunch. I was hoping the series would get back on track but no it was still missing The story did not bog down but just went sideways The story did was not really that plausible and was boring the secon

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About the Author: Marcia Clark

Marcia Clark is a former LA, California deputy district attorney, who was the lead prosecutor in the O.J Simpson murder case She wrote a bestselling nonfiction book about the trial, Without a Doubt, and is a frequent media commentator and columnist on legal issues She lives in Los Angeles.