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The Guest List The Bride The Plus One The Best Man The Wedding Planner The Bridesmaid The Body On An Island Off The Coast Of Ireland, Guests Gather To Celebrate Two People Joining Their Lives Together As One The Groom Handsome And Charming, A Rising Television Star The Bride Smart And Ambitious, A Magazine Publisher It S A Wedding For A Magazine, Or For A Celebrity The Designer Dress, The Remote Location, The Luxe Party Favors, The Boutique Whiskey The Cell Phone Service May Be Spotty And The Waves May Be Rough, But Every Detail Has Been Expertly Planned And Will Be Expertly ExecutedBut Perfection Is For Plans, And People Are All Too Human As The Champagne Is Popped And The Festivities Begin, Resentments And Petty Jealousies Begin To Mingle With The Reminiscences And Well Wishes The Groomsmen Begin The Drinking Game From Their School Days The Bridesmaid Not So Accidentally Ruins Her Dress The Bride S Oldest Male Friend Gives An Uncomfortably Caring ToastAnd Then Someone Turns Up Dead Who Didn T Wish The Happy Couple Well And Perhaps Important, Why

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    solidly entertaining 3.75

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    This book is a rule breaker for me because I hate two things throughout my readings 1 Too many POVS I got confused easily and I don t like to go back to remember which character was the post man rang twice or which character had some irrelevant back story, blablas, unnecessary yadayadas2 Slow burning story telling I m impatient person, I like to go straight and cut to the chase So I don t like stalling a

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    The Guest List BOTM April 2020 SelectionIn a sea of mediocre mysteries and thrillers, this one caught my attention and held it through to the explosive ending Lucy Foley writes psychological fiction that isn t flashy, but focuses a quiet power to envelop the reader with strong writing and plotting In my opinion, a good thriller isn t one that has to pull a twist out of somewhere the reader wouldn t expect, b

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    Hells to the yes This is the thriller I have been waiting for Lately I admit, thrillers have not been..well thrilling me I have had a problem with them all being, mehThey either are one of these three things1 not really a thriller2 Start out with a bang and then the ending is just..plain ridiculous3 super boring until the last couple of chapters Not this one This one delivered from page one Jules and Will are th

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    Lucy Foley follows The Hunting Party with this evenhugely entertaining atmospheric murder mystery, a modern take on Agatha Christie, set on the wild and isolated Cormorant Island, off the west coast of Ireland The golden celebrity couple, Julia Jules Keegan, publisher of a successful online magazine, and the handsome Will Slater, rising star of TV show Survival, are getting married in style in front of their friends

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    3.75 stars I have raised hell The Guest List a whodunnit about a glamorous wedding The guests are out for revenge, leading them to raise hell The wedding of the year is about to take place on an exclusive island Bridezilla is about to marry a smarmy D list celebrity who has many skeletons in his closet The members of the Wedding Party hold the cards that could destroy their marriage and their lives The narrative alterna

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    spooky island check.variety of characters check.dead body check. this has everything you could want from a classic whodunnit i had no surprises whilst reading this i saw EVERYTHING coming a mile away but its definitely because LF does a great job at planting clues along the way even though the story only takes place over the course of two days, this is a very slow building novel its very much character focused, rather than

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    The whole time I listened to this I was trying to figure out if I liked it It just never gelled all that well for me and every character was unlikable I mean, unlikable in the bad way, not the good way Then we finally, finally got to who was killed and all of the reasons why everyone there might ve been the killer that was pretty gritty and juicy.And the reveal was delish so 3 stars.Still not sure I d recommend this though, Aga

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    Ahhhh, I had so much fun reading this thriller This is a classic who dunnit mystery, and it all takes place during a wedding on an island in Ireland I love everything about this book the slow burn mystery, the isolated spooky island, and reading form several different POV s.I found this book to be impossible to put down Right away, it creates this creepy spooky eerie vibe on this island, and I was pretty obsessed with the atmospher

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    Atmospheric, locked room remote island , extravagant wedding What else could you ask for This one has the Agatha Christie vibes that mystery lovers crave and I enjoyed every minute reading it My first by this author.The writing, the characters, and the suspense kept me guessing and I was all over the place trying to pinpoint the murderer The wildness of this island was getting under everyone s skin The cliffs, the waves, the sea, that

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About the Author: Lucy Foley

I live in London, but love traveling both in real life and on the page hence the appearance of some far flung locations in my writing My latest novel is The Invitation set in the film world of the 1950s, along the Italian Riviera My debut novel, The Book of Lost Found, published in early 2015.You can find my Facebook page here follow me on Twitter as lucyfoleytweets