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Swing Hammer Swing! An Energetic, Irreverent And Very Funny New York Times Book Review First Novel Set In Glasgow During A Single Week In The Late Sixties Publishers Weekly, In A Starred Review, Called It A Rich Scotch Broth Of Language, Steaming With Metaphorand Pungent Dialect Winner Of Britain S Whitbread Book Of The Year Award.

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    Oh the brogue Now lads and lassies, I don a mind a bit a brogue, but wha s a bloke from the States supos ta mak a dis Maggie, god rest re, never had tae hinge her back tae mend oor fire bunker aye full tae the gunnels, so it was Or this Cauld enough tae make a polar bear greet snaw n

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    I saw this book when the Sunday Times did whole page on The Winner of the Whitbread Prize for first novel 32,000 hell of lot now but in 1992 for a older man in his 70s was blood wonder This very funny book even now after 25 ys I can still remember bits of it including bit about a frying pan a

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    I must admit I hated this at firstit reminded me of James Joyce a bit too witty and temperamental for my taste However like Joyce, the metaphors and little witty quips and smart ass remarks along the way caught me up in the meatier parts of the writing I honestly enjoy reading this novel and just wish t

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    yeh great Scottish novel 30 years in the making of one week in the life of a Glaswegian drunk who visits his pregnant wife in hospital between visits to pubs and to friends Set in the 60s as the Gorbals are demolished it is funny and energetic and full of fantastic word play A rich and absorbing read, heavy with

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    yesterday I scratched ma arse Today I didnae.Brilliant book

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    Torrington s tome reminded me of something right out of the Beat era A Glaswegian from the Gorbals district is letting the end of the 60s pass him by as the neighborhood is slowly dying Savoring his pubs, his friends at the local movie house, and despising his in laws, and indifferent to his wife who is waiting for their child to be

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    Set in 1960 s Gorbals, this is a week in the life of Thomas Clay, who has taken a year s sabbatical with a bad back , to write his first book.The Gorbals is in transition, the slums in which Thomas lives are being demolished, and the high rise flats are being bulit.In the course of the week, Thomas gets drunkthan once, visits his pregnant wif

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    A blurb on the back says this novel is somewhere in that hinterland where Damon Runyon meets James Joyce I think I might throw in a little J.P Donleavy as well When I read a Glasgow author it always takes me a while to get into the rhythm and dialect, but I am always rewarded for sticking with it There s plenty of humor and pathos as Tam stumbles throu

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    Bit of info on the author he was 57 when he won the whitbread book of the year in 1992 He was not in his seventies when he wrote it, as he died at the age of 72 in 2008 Also he was between 25 35yrs old in the sixties.

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    Swing Hammer Swing won the Whitbread Book of the Year I like whitebread, but scientists with Twitter feeds say it s no good for ducks or swans The latter can t moult and the young are unable to fly This book does fly, but doesnae go very far It s the Gorbals, Scobie Street, when all the houses were falling down and the less well healed populist sent on their way The ne er

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