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Fresh And Surprising Survivor Song May Be One Of Tremblay S Best Beautifully Detailed, Viscerally Frightening, And Deep With Emotional Resonance Dan Chaon, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Ill WillA Riveting Novel Of Suspense And Terror From The Bram Stoker Award Winning Author Of The Cabin At The End Of The World And A Head Full Of GhostsIn A Matter Of Weeks, Massachusetts Has Been Overrun By An Insidious Rabies Like Virus That Is Spread By Saliva But Unlike Rabies, The Disease Has A Terrifyingly Short Incubation Period Of An Hour Or Less Those Infected Quickly Lose Their Minds And Are Driven To Bite And Infect As Many Others As They Can Before They Inevitably Succumb Hospitals Are Inundated With The Sick And Dying, And Hysteria Has Taken Hold To Try To Limit Its Spread, The Commonwealth Is Under Quarantine And Curfew But Society Is Breaking Down And The Government S Emergency Protocols Are FalteringDr Ramola Rams Sherman, A Soft Spoken Pediatrician In Her Mid Thirties, Receives A Frantic Phone Call From Natalie, A Friend Who Is Eight Months Pregnant Natalie S Husband Has Been Killed Viciously Attacked By An Infected Neighbor And In A Failed Attempt To Save Him, Natalie, Too, Was Bitten Natalie S Only Chance Of Survival Is To Get To A Hospital As Quickly As Possible To Receive A Rabies Vaccine The Clock Is Ticking For Her And For Her Unborn ChildNatalie S Fight For Life Becomes A Desperate Odyssey As She And Rams Make Their Way Through A Hostile Landscape Filled With Dangers Beyond Their Worst Nightmares Terrifying, Strange, And Sometimes Deadly Challenges That Push Them To The Brink Paul Tremblay Once Again Demonstrates His Mastery In This Chilling And All Too Plausible Novel That Will Leave Readers Racing Through The Pages And Shake Them To Their Core Survivor Song

About the Author: Paul Tremblay

Paul Tremblay is the author of DISAPPEARANCE AT DEVIL S ROCK and the award winning A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS His other novels include THE LITTLE SLEEP Henry Holt , NO SLEEP TILL WONDERLAND Henry Holt , SWALLOWING A DONKEY S EYE Chizine Publications , and the YA novel FLOATING BOY AND THE GIRL WHO COULDN T FLY co written with Stephen Graham Jones, as P T Jones He is the author of the short story collections COMPOSITIONS FOR THE YOUNG AND OLD Prime and IN THE MEAN TIME Chizine Publications His essays and short fiction have appeared in the Los Angeles Times and numerous year s best anthologies He is the co editor of four anthologies including CREATURES Thirty Years of Monster Stories with John Langan Paul is a member of the board of directors for the Shirley Jackson Awards He lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts, has a master s degree in Mathematics, and has no uvula You can find him online at www.paultremblay.net.Paul is very truthful and declarative in his bios He once gained three inches of height in a single twelve hour period, and he does not have a uvula His second toe is longer than his big toe, and yes, on both feet He has a master s degree in mathematics, teaches AP Calculus, and once made twenty seven three pointers in a row He enjoys reading The Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher aloud in a faux British accent to his two children He is also reading this bio aloud, now, with the same accent He lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts and he is represented by Stephen Barbara, InkWell Management.

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    NOW AVAILABLE months later, i am still in quarantine, wondering if all of this has been an extremely ballsy publicity stunt by paul tremblay to promote this book WELL PLAYED, TREMBLAY when is a zombie novel not a zombie novel when paul tremblay s writing it I was kind of joking when I said zombies, but no

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    Things I have learned while reading this book in no particular order 1 Never leave you door open while bringing in the groceries2 People who force their way into your home are dangerous3 Rabies sucks4 Paul Tremblay has done it againMassachusetts has been overrun by a rabies like virus that affecting both ani

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    I m not sure if I fall under the glutton for punishment umbrella or if I just really enjoy apocalyptic horror, but I have been reading all of the horror books that should make me uncomfortable during a worldwide pandemic If you are the type who won t be able to sleep after reading a book about people getting si

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    HAPPY RELEASE DAY TO PAUL TREMBLAY AND SURVIVOR SONG Now available 4.5 stars rounded up THERE WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER BE A BETTER TIME TO READ THIS BOOK.After the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is hit by a super contagious strain of a rabies like virus, the entire state goes into lockdown.Hospitals are overrun, publ

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    I enjoyed this book it kept me turning the pages by continually ramping up the tension There are two strong female characters that are easy to cheer for The story is an odyssey where the two women have to get from point A to point B during a viral pandemic Because what s happening out in the world I was hesitant to r

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    In the coming days, conditions will continue to deteriorate Emergency services and other public safety nets will be stretched to their breaking points, exacerbated by the wily antagonists of fear, panic, misinformation, a myopic, sluggish federal bureaucracy further hamstrung by a president unwilling and woefully unequi

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    Beware Paul Tremblay is not interested in writing stories readers can walk away from unscathed Survivor Song will leave emotional trenches in your heart long after you ve finished trying to ugly cry and read at the same time Cemetery Dance review coming soon

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    4.5 5 stars SURVIVOR SONG consists of the fastest 320 pages I ve ever read Nats, Natalie , is waiting at home for her husband to return from the store This is no ordinary trip, however In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, there is a virus loosea fast acting rabies virus that turns its victims, animal and human alike into rab

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    4.0 StarsSpoiler Free Video Review book holds all the trademarks of a classic Paul Tremblay horror novel and fans of his work will not be disappointed Compared to his other horror books, this one most closely follows the narrative structure of Cabin at the End of the World with a similar level of action and suspense Once again T

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    This is not a fairy tale It is a song The man comes with the sounds of barks and unintelligible sentences crashing through the doorway into the space of Natalie and Paul s home They will fight him to protect one another and their unborn child, but because of the man s size and manic determination, he will win Bite and bite and bite

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