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The Smash Up DNF'd Bleh I think Ali Benjamin should stick to writing kids/middle grade books. A family is upended when their smalltown life becomes the latest battlefield in the culture wars in this ofthemoment novel for readers of Meg Wolitzer and Fleishman Is in TroubleLife for Ethan and Zo used to be simple Ethan cofounded a lucrative media startup, and Zo was well on her way to becoming a successful filmmaker Then they moved to a rural community for a little tranquilityor so they thoughtWhen newfound political activism transforms Zo into a barely recognizable ball of outrage and MeToo allegations rock his old firm, Ethan finds himself a misfit in his own life Enter a houseguest who is young, fun, and not at all concerned with the real world, and Ethan is abruptly forced to question everything: his past, his future, his marriage, and what he values mostAmbitious, startling, witty, and wise, Ali Benjamin's debut novel offers the shock of recognition as it deftly tackles some of the biggest issues of our time Taking inspiration from a classic Edith Wharton tale about a smalltown love triangle, The SmashUp is a wholly contemporary exploration of how the things we fail to see can fracture a life, a family, a community, and a nation

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