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Rob Roy An Historical Novel As Gripping As Scott S Ivanhoe It Is A Tale Of Adventure In The Th Century, Set In The Scottish Highlands, Whose Hero Is The Legendary Maverick Outlaw Rob Roy Macgregor Included Also In The Pages Author S Introduction, Notes, Glossary

About the Author: Walter Scott

Librarian Note There isthan one author in the GoodReads database with this name. Sir Walter Scott was born on August 15, 1771 in Edinburgh, Scotland Scott created and popularized historical novels in a series called the Waverley Novels In his novels Scott arranged the plots and characters so the reader enters into the lives of both great and ordinary people caught up in violent, dramatic changes in history.Scott s work shows the influence of the 18th century enlightenment He believed every human was basically decent regardless of class, religion, politics, or ancestry Tolerance is a major theme in his historical works The Waverley Novels express his belief in the need for social progress that does not reject the traditions of the past He was the first novelist to portray peasant characters sympathetically and realistically, and was equally just to merchants, soldiers, and even kings.Central themes of many of Scott s novels are about conflicts between opposing cultures Ivanhoe 1819 is about war between Normans and Saxons The Talisman 1825 is about conflict between Christians and Muslims His novels about Scottish history deal with clashes between the new English culture and the old Scottish Scott s other great novels include ,iOld Mortality 1816 , The Heart of Midlothian 1819 , and St Ronan s Well 1824 His Waverley series includes Rob Roy 1817 , A Legend of Montrose 1819 , and Quentin Durward 1823.Scott s amiability, generosity, and modesty made him popular with his contemporaries He was also famous for entertaining on a grand scale at his Scottish estate, Abbotsford.

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    No truth in plaids, no faith in tartan trews,Camelion like, they change a thousand hues I remember when I was taking a Jane Austen survey class in college that while doing some research I came across this great quote she wrote about Walter Scott as a novelistWalter Sco

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    The protagonist in the novel Rob Roy is Francis Osbaldistone an unappealing moniker not the title character The famous criminal, he was a cattle thief has been written about many times before but who has ever heard of this man , makes a better name, Rob Roy too Francis a spoi

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    This book was death And it wouldn t end I just could not get past the language in two ways 1 Get to the point Sir Walter Scott apparently decided that there is no reason to use one word when five will suffice For instance, rather than saying that a character was hungry because he at

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    Walter Scott s most popular book along with Ivanhoe and the reason for this I think is obvious, especially to those who like me have readthan two books of his Not that his other books are less good, and that this book is so much exceptional, is just that all the elements that make the grea

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    First a warning the movie Rob Roy has little to do with the novel Rob Roy, except that they share the titular character I was 250 pages into this book before I finally realized this was the case I wouldn t want the rest of you to make a similar error The story is a bit complicated The book jacket

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    The Wikipedia article for this book describes part of the plot as In between hours in the library with Die, he converses with Andrew Fairservice and learns much about goings on at the Hall It does feel like hours, even when reading The characters discuss politics, the situation, love, life, business, et

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    To say the truth this book is a bit difficult to read as the plot takes shape pretty slowly and the complex ways in which Sir Walter Scott narrates the tale adds to the difficulty The Scottish dialect which the book uses also will take a bit of time to get used to But still i enjoyed reading this book very muc

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    This was very well narrated, but not very interesting The story is mostly about Frank, a young man who is raised with too much money He s sent to the ancestral estates near the Scottish border where he gets into a bit of a mess which takes him into Scotland That s about halfway through where I got lost simply because

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    Rob Roy is my first Walter Scott novel, but I became a quick fan as I was entangled in his writing style, which focuseson verbose and intricate language than it does on a straight forward plot I m sure this style would be a turn off to many readers, but it was right up my alley The descriptions are lush when they need to be

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    This wasn t quite what I was expecting I ve given it four stars as I really like Walter Scott and I enjoyed the style However Rob Roy himself is a marginal character It is through Frances eyes we see the story and I found him to be a bland and not especially engaging character His observations on other people were acute and well d

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