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Chewy Marmot (Marmtunn Series) Chewy Marmot has never ridden on a skyship before, or taken a funicular inside of a mountain He doesn’t know any wizards, or talking pigs, or that he can actually manifest fantastical foods just by imagining them He certainly doesn’t believe that the world is full of magic it is, and that it’s governed by a giant lotus flower that’s about to die All he knows is that his Spring is off to a really bad start He’s failed a really important test, he has no friends and his crush loves nothing than to embarrass him Not to mention there’s a dark and ugly cloud hovering over Marmtunn, and it won’t go away When his grandfather dies, leaving him to take care of a cabin in the Mind Mountains that no one even knew existed, it’s the last place he wants to be He’d rather be at the helm of a sailboat out on the lake Realizing he must prove his responsibility to his father in order to redeem himself, Chewy sets out to the cabin, only to find that when he gets there nothing will go as planned He'll have to rely on his new friends in order to escape the tricks of Mind Mountains and avoid being captured by the evil Marculf, a gargantuan wolverine with freakish claws and a whole army to do his biddingA long chapter book written in three parts:Part IAn Unexpected JourneyPart IIThe WolverinesPart IIIThe Lotus FlowerPerfect for solo readers age , and a wonderful book for adults to read to childrenThe narrative slowly unfolds as Chewy prepares to leave the comfort and safety of his family mansion to discover the magic and enchantment in territories unknown Filled with action and adventure A real page turneronce you're drawn into Chewy's world you'll find that each chapter leaves you hanging It will be hard to put down!Great for Reading to Kids!Written in the Classic Style, You'll be Absolutely CharmedYou Won't Want to Leave Chewy's World!A Very Long Chapter Book for People Who Love to Read