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The Knife Thrower’s Wife Author Sheila McGraw is best known for her children's books, but she believes that life is too short to stick to just one genre With her new mysterythriller novel The Knife Thrower's Wife, she hops out of the kidlit sandbox and into the grownups' hot tub In McGraw's polished, lively, domesticsuspense novel, illustrator Julia Green believes she’s living the American dream in suburban Houston, until she begins having sleepwalking nightmares featuring her husband, Austin, as a knife thrower with scantily clad Julia strapped to his target And Austin’s aim is regrettably poorJulia paints scenes from her dreams, and in analyzing them, realizes that what her friend, Trix, said is true, that ‘she doesn’t see what is right in front of her’ Soon, as Julia questions her lifestyle and state of mind, her observations light the wick on an explosive cache of suspicions and repressed secretsWhen an unexpected tragedy occurs, Julia becomes the focus of the media and police, and she must cast off her submissive persona, find inner strength, and navigate treacherous waters to her longoverdue awakening

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • The Knife Thrower’s Wife
  • Sheila McGraw
  • English
  • 07 September 2017
  • 9781633634770

About the Author: Sheila McGraw

McGraw started her career as an illustrator and writer for fashion houses and magazines She transitioned to publishing when she was hired to illustrate the children’s classic, Love You Forever, which has gone on to sell than 32 million copies McGraw followed with 15 books, including several bestsellers.In 2006, McGraw permanently swapped Canadian snow for Texas sunshine She resides in a wa

13 thoughts on “The Knife Thrower’s Wife

  1. Jewel Hart Jewel Hart says:

    Highly recommended. The Knife Thrower's Wife is an incredible thrilling, mysterious and entertaining novel. I totally loved the tone of this book, while the plot is dark and takes us into hints of abuse and then murder, the accent is light and charming. You instantly like the damsel in distress; you root for her when she begins to poke her head above the firing line and stand up for herself. Sheila McGraw has woven female banter that makes you smile into this rather dark and thrilling walk through murder, along with the internal diagnosis of a broken woman’s thought process. Outwardly, Julia is an attractive, talented freelance illustrator, happily married, mother of two and living in Houston suburbia. Inwardly, the past has been squashed and the present is overshadowed by dramatic and memorable nightmares. And the future’s not looking so good.

    Not only does this tale have an awesome title and book cover, but also an adept, well-thought-out plot. Lots of details make it feel very realistic. I found all the characters well-structured and interesting. Her best friend and fellow artist Trix, was a great supporting cast member as were her twin children. The mystery unravels and culminates with a court case that was spot on and very believable. My favorite line: The mushroom analogy – kept in the dark and fed shit! This is an extraordinary mystery, suspense and thriller. Must read. 5 BIG STARS!!

  2. Ellery Bloom Ellery Bloom says:

    Sheila McGraw has crafted a deeply psychological murder mystery, but has written it with a light tone to soften the trauma of murder; I found this made it an extremely enjoyable read. I highly recommend The Knife Thrower’s Wife by Sheila McGraw to all mystery, suspense and thriller lovers. This book will certainly entertain!!!

  3. Ella James Ella James says:

    The Knife Thrower’s Wife by Sheila McGraw is a clever, edgy murder mystery. With a superb sense of drama and a spot-on psychological plot, this book was hard to put down. Highly recommended 5 star murder mystery, suspense and thriller. CLC

  4. Brantly Brantly says:

    I received an advance-reader-copy of The Knife Thrower's Wife. I could not put it down....This book was a lively read with multiple twists, and while parts are emotional (there are many knife thrower's in one's life) and quite dark, there is a humorous undertone that strikes a perfect balance. Narrator Julia is plagued by sleepwalking nightmares which are offset by hilarious flights of fancy. When she begins to examine what her subconscious is trying to tell her, she unearths betrayal and secrets, which force her to come to grips with the fact that her life in suburban Houston may not be perfect after all. The author, Sheila McGraw, is an illustrator and painter and there are references to art and artists throughout the plot. McGraw has leveraged her artist's eye in descriptions of scenes and people. There are also great turns of phrase, such as when Julia's friend tells her, You've been a mushroom -- kept in the dark and fed shit. And the same friend calls Julia's suburban house her domestic-detention unit. Ms. McGraw does an awesome job with visits to some of Houston's unique Night-Life-Jewels that are still around to experience....

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