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The Many Species of Laughter Jim Radcliffe has made it all the way to the top Why does it feel like the bottom? Is acting in Hollywood comedies sapping his creative juices? Is his troubled teenage son a constant reminder of what a shoddy job he's done as a father? Could it be that his second marriage is turning out to be even complicated than his first? Or has the specter of his mother's suicide finally caught up to him, as his sense of forward progress in life flags? To rekindle momentum, he sets out on a road trip to get back to his standup roots, doing popup comedy shows The trouble is, it's getting harder and harder to crack jokes In Miami, he suffers a mental breakdown Instead of seeking psychiatric help, he goes on stage and offers the crowd a night of spiritual honesty

About the Author: Nathan Lund Eastman

I love writing and take it very seriously I want to write books that are thoughtful, well paced, entertaining to read, and most of all some reflection of my mind and heart Also, I find many books to be too writerly My aesthetic temperament is middle for the road in this respect I love well crafted sentences, and subtle poetry in prose, but I also like writing that moves and doesn't seem hung u

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