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Mockingjay My Name Is Katniss Everdeen.Why Am I Not Dead I Should Be Dead.Katniss Everdeen, Girl On Fire, Has Survived, Even Though Her Home Has Been Destroyed Gale Has Escaped Katniss S Family Is Safe Peeta Has Been Captured By The Capitol District 13 Really Does Exist There Are Rebels There Are New Leaders A Revolution Is Unfolding.It Is By Design That Katniss Was Rescued From The Arena In The Cruel And Haunting Quarter Quell, And It Is By Design That She Has Long Been Part Of The Revolution Without Knowing It District 13 Has Come Out Of The Shadows And Is Plotting To Overthrow The Capitol Everyone, It Seems, Has Had A Hand In The Carefully Laid Plans Except Katniss.The Success Of The Rebellion Hinges On Katniss S Willingness To Be A Pawn, To Accept Responsibility For Countless Lives, And To Change The Course Of The Future Of Panem To Do This, She Must Put Aside Her Feelings Of Anger And Distrust She Must Become The Rebels Mockingjay No Matter What The Personal Cost.

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    SPOILERS AHEAD What the f Words can t begin to express my disappointment I bought Mockingjay the first day it came out and I

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    I m never very good at predicting outcomes Nothing I could ve predicted would have been quite as good as this Although I did get close

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    Update 11 28 14 So, of course I had to read it again after getting only half of the story from the Mockingjay movie Unsurprisingly, cried and cr

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    WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF AN ENDING IS THAT SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF AN ENDING IS THAT Ok, short summary This is day 3 of my Hunger Games binge after

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    3.5 starsWell, hmmm I m not sure how to react to Mockingjay I didn t love it and I m not sure it satisfied me, but it was a disturbing read that will stick with me

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    This just in the movie adaptation, Mockingjay Part 1, was absolutely outstanding I ve seen both of the other movies for this series, and while I enjoyed them greatly,

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    i NEVER thought i d ever rate this book below a 5but here i am.and the only reason i gave it a three even is because the first two books of the hunger games were just SO GOOD they brou

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    SPOILERS Ugh I was just thankful that I decided to be grown up and not wait until midnight to get this book and then stay up all night reading it I kindled it early this morning and ignored my k

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    B 78% Good Notes Rather than tell an interesting story, it s meant above all to repulse us into reflection on the cruelty and horror of war.

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    This review has spoilers BitchesWhat were you doing when you were 16 Checking your boobs each morning to see if the Boob Fairy had paid you a visit Sneaking out of the house to the park down the street where you an

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