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The Magic of Thinking Big The Magic Of Thinking Big Gives You Useful Methods, Not Empty Promises Dr Schwartz Presents A Carefully Designed Program For Getting The Most Out Of Your Job, Your Marriage And Family Life, And Your Community He Proves That You Don T Need To Be An Intellectual Or Have Innate Talent To Attain Great Success And Satisfaction, But You Do Need To Learn And Understand The Habit Of Thinking And Behaving In Ways That Will Get You There

About the Author: David J. Schwartz

David Joseph Schwartz PhD March 23, 1927 December 6, 1987 was an American motivational writer and coach, best known for authoring The Magic of Thinking Big in 1959.He was a professor at Georgia State University and also began his own work as a self help coach and life strategist Later, he founded his own consultancy firm focusing on leadership development called Creative Educational Services Inc.He became well known through his motivational publications and self help books, especially for The Magic of Thinking Big, published in 1959.

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    An inspiring book that will teach you to think beyond the mundane, every day, status quo The enemy we call average threatens to take away the hopes, dreams, and meaning in our lives Strive for excellence in everything you do If you want something you ve never had, you ll have to do something you ve never done.

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    I know several people who feel that this book has changed their lives I m not certain I can make that claim for myself, but this was the first time I d heard of the three failure diseases Procrastonation, Excuse itis and detail itis I think at some time or another, I was guilty of all three Now I tend to catch mysef in the midst of them and think a ha Stop that.

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    This book changed the way I look at the world, and will remain a powerful reminder of the great things that can be accomplished with the right attitude.

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    I have to admit, I have read this book about 8 times I make it a goal to read this book every six months because of the powerful influences that come from Dr Schwartz I read this book initially in 1999 and was taken aback by how powerful the thinking process is As a result of applying the book, I was able to get a better job, attain certifications in my field Computers , buy a house

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    A Review of The Magic of Thinking Big by David J SchwartzThink success, don t think failure The mantra of believe in yourself is the premise of this book The copy I have read was first published in 1960 This was one of the books I found in my grandfather s bookcase and one which I kept after he died This is second time I have read this book with many years between the readings I know t

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    I m a Yorkshireman from the north of England we subsist on a steady diet of tea and disappointment This book contains good advice but as a grumpy northerner I still found it annoying.You can buy the book here I m a Yorkshireman from the north of England we subsist on a steady diet of tea and disappointment This book contains good advice but as a grumpy northerner I still found it annoyin

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    I came away from this self help book with a few useful helpful tidbits, namely in the stay positive, love what you do and work hard categories However, as helpful as the book was in the 1960s for millions of people, I don t think I represent its ideal audience Because, in order to truly gleanthan just a few tidbits of advice from this book, I imagine you would have to subscribe to the thin

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    It s a really nice book well crafted for the persons of any age Sometimes you get stuck in your life and you reach a conclusion that there is no way out now That s where motivation comes to play you consider some phenomenal work that can inspire you and burn a light of hope deep inside your heart.These books are not extraordnary, the ideas and opinion are the same what we use to talk everyda

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    On the one hand, this book had some good advice about things like thinking positive, treating people well and setting a good example On the other hand, the author s misogynistic views on women is prevalent throughout the book and is really a sign of when this book was written the 1950s Women cannot be successful business people they are allowed to work menial jobs or be wives, but nothingI d l

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    I got the recommendation for this book from Anthony Robins in his famous book Awaken Your Giant Within , and he quoted lots of sayings and mentioned them in his book Then I decided to read it as soon as I could Although, it s shorter than Robins s book but really it s an amazing book, full of essential concepts and secrets I recommend everybody to read it deeply and apply it s concepts

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