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Snow Falling on Cedars Gripping, Tragic, And Densely Atmospheric A Masterpiece Of Suspense San Piedro Island, North Of Puget Sound, Is A Place So Isolated That No One Who Lives There Can Afford To Make Enemies But In 1954 A Local Fisherman Is Found Suspiciously Drowned, And A Japanese American Named Kabuo Miyamoto Is Charged With His Murder In The Course Of The Ensuing Trial, It Becomes Clear That What Is At Stake Is Than A Man S Guilt For On San Pedro, Memories Of A Charmed Love Affair Between A White Boy And The Japanese Girl Who Grew Up To Become Kabuo S Wife Memories Of Land Desired, Paid For, And Lost Above All, San Piedro Is Haunted By The Memory Of What Happened To Its Japanese Residents During World War II, When An Entire Community Was Sent Into Exile While Its Neighbors Watched.

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    You know that guy who s at every party, the one who loves to hear himself talk and tells long winded stories while the unlucky few who got caught in his gravitational pull nod politely and and start eyeing the exits Yeah David Guterson is That Guy His book has a really intersesting subject a few year

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    Accident ruled every corner of the universe except the chambers of the human heart There are books that are to be read with all your senses, Snow Falling on Cedars is such a book Here you fell and read about prejudice and star crossed love, flashbacks of war times coupled with recollections of the dramatic Jap

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    From the age of 18 to approximately 22, I went through my blue period This era was marked by dateless Friday nights, dateless Saturday nights, Soprano less Sunday nights The Sopranos not having gone on air yet , and a long flirtation with hipsterism During this time, I watched relationships end with such arbitrariness t

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    When I found the word cedars 7 times on a 2 page spread, I shut down The language is simple maybe I m supposed to perceive it as deep, mysterious, or simply written in a beautiful way, but I just found it dull I was so tired of hearing about snow and cedars I think it had a trial in it, and a Japanese fisherman, and some discrimi

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    It s 1954 on an island off the Washington coast and Kabuo Miyamota is on trial for his life Kabuo, a struggling commercial fisherman, has been accused of killing another fisherman, Carl Heine, over a land dispute It s easy to see why he might be convicted There s motive, opportunity, and a pile of circumstantial evidence There s also a lot

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    None of those other things makes a difference Love is the strongest thing in the world, you know Nothing can touch it Nothing comes close If we love each other we re safe from it all Love is the biggest thing there isI believe that this suspenseful novel would also appeal to fans of To Kill a Mockingbird.

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    Dense, plodding, dull, and lifeless The plot is buried under a mass of irrelevant description and pointless detail Guterson painstakingly describes every object, every person, every place, every building, every change in the weather, and the entire life history of every character who appears in the novel, in great detail and at great length Take out all that

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    Kevin Ansbro, author of Kinnara, reminded me of this book having just read The Translation in Love Although both stories are differentthe history is heartwrenching of how the American and Canadian Japanese were treated during and post WWII I just saw that the author has a new book of short stories coming out Snow Falling on Cedars was a beautiful book I must have read

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    Published in 1994, and set in 1954, Snow Falling on Cedars is an atmospheric novel with a strong sense of place It is set on San Piedro, a fictional island off the coast of the state of Washington As the story opens, Kabuo Miyamoto is on trial for the murder of Carl Heine, a fellow fisherman Miyamoto is alleged to have resorted to murder in order to settle a land dispute that da

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    This book is many things historical fiction, police procedural, courtroom drama, and love story It is a densely written, character driven novel set on the isolated island of San Piedro in Puget Sound, where the hatreds, bitterness, and wounds of WWII have not completely healed almost ten years after the war s end The story opens in December, 1954, as Kabuo Miyamoto, a Japanese American fi

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